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An old fool [Mission]

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Having moved closer to the capital as the day of the coronation came closer and closer, Jian had somehow found himself in the middle of a bar on a particularly wet and cold night. 

This wasn't exactly what he'd thought of when he'd decided of coming to Reim - This county was famed for its beautiful weather and its amazing climate, and yet the one time he visited it rained? That was... unfortunate. Were he a pessimist, he would think this was god's piss falling down outside the building. 

Thankfully, the bar that he was currently in was warm, and pleasant, and served decent ales at a reasonable price. It might not be much, but it was something to warm up the miserable night that surrounded him. The only problem was the old man that was sitting next to him, telling him stories about the war. 

"Back in my day, those Kou Jeks tried to make the world around them its little toilet, telling everyone around them who the big bad empire was. But I stopped those bastards so I did. Were I still in the army, those Piattos wouldn't have dared interfere with our nation the way they have."

The man, so intent on blaming everything in the world on the shoulder of the Kou Empire, seemed to be forgetting that the man he was talking to was from Kou. He had an arm around him and was acting as if they were old drinking buddies; were it not for the fact that he seemed like a fighty drunk, Jian would have taken the fool's arm off him 

It was pretty obvious judging by the way he was dressed, so why was it so difficult for this guy to understand? Or, was he talking like this because of his origins? He didn't know, but as long as he was given booze, he simply didn't care.

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Within twenty minutes, the old man had successfully pissed off nearly everyone in the bar. Those from Kou like Jian and a man dressed in what he knew from great personal experience to be the soldier of the Kou empire's military, those from Reim by making them feel sad and nostalgic for days long passed, and basically everyone else by being noisy and rude. 

It seemed like the bartender didn't take kindly to the man's actions and the mood that he was instilling in the bar, as he gave Jian a sympathetic look before saying

"Hey, kid; hate to bother you, but could you take your drinking buddy home? He looks like he's had more than enough."  Drinking buddy? This guy had been spouting racist terms against him for almost half an hour, and the bartender knew that for a fact. He didn't want to spend more time with him than absolutely necessary. 

That was, until said bartender slid over 3,000 Huang in 1,000 Huang pieces. "For your help in making everyone else's night a little bit better." Well, the old man clearly couldn't make it home alone and what kind of a selfish man would he have been to let him do that long walk solo. 

"Come on, you Giallo bastardi - on the way, I'll tell you a story about the time that I killed a prince on my own." Okay, he was definitely doing this on purpose. 

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