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Scouting the Perimiter [D-Tier Job/Solo]

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Kirby had made it deep into the desert, and was on his third day of rations. He had two days worth remaining, and had managed to replenish his water at a watering hole a couple days back. He was looking for a place where he could set up camp, though it was a very harsh environment under the desert sun. Kirby had grown up in Heliohapt, as an orphan, and was used to the desert, but not to this degree. Kirby took a drink from his jug of water in his right hand and wiped the sweat from off his forehead afterwards with his left. He continued to trudge forward under the harsh sun.

A wind blew across the dunes, as dry as the heat of the day. Kirby's cloak fluttered in that wind, revealing his face momentarily. His spear, taller than he was, was strapped to his back with an easy to remove strap on his clothing. In the distance, a sight made its appearance; it looked to be an oasis. He did not, for a moment, get his hopes up. He had been through three or four mirages already, and figured this too may be a mirage.  As he approached the oasis, the scent of water on the air hit his nostrils, and a grin was revealed from under the hood. He continued to walk forward, his steps now no longer being dragged across the sand. There were trees at the oasis, though Kirby was unable to identify them, he saw that there were Date Palm trees and Peach trees beneath them.

Kirby was finally upon the oasis itself, and was able to confirm that it was, in fact, real. He hoisted the heavy pack off of his back and began setting up a tent beneath the trees. The shade and protection from the elements that the trees helped provide made it an ideal place for camping. Kirby assembled the tent, and drove the stakes into the ground with a hammer, which were set through a series of rings that were connected on the four corners of that very tent. It was large enough to hold his meager belongings within it. "Ah." He spoke to himself in a happy tone. "I have to make sure that I can live here safely. This is probably the only place for water within quite a few kilometers."

Spear in hand, Kirby began circling the encampment in a spiral motion, moving outwards. There seemed to be a few creatures here and there that scattered at the sight of his approach, but nothing that seemed terribly dangerous around. He continued to move out further and had gotten far enough away that he could just see the oasis from where he was. Satisfied with his search for trouble, Kirby began moving back to the oasis. As he turned, movement caught his eye. A shifting in the sand, about eight meters out, immediately caught his attention. Kirby paused, placing his full attention on the spot as he leveled his spear towards that location. A large creature, some sort of scorpion, shook sand off of its back as it faced towards him. The creature's tail was moving back and forth.

Kirby laughed, allowing some of the tension leave his body. It wasn't that he wasn't worried. No, it was more that he needed to calm himself. He hadn't much experience fighting in real life; only in his dreams had he fought monstrous creatures. This particular one wasn't so bad, only coming up to just above his knees. Kirby swung his spear in a copter-like motion above his head before leveling it once again towards the creature. Letting out a breath, he charged forward.

The creature's tail shot out towards Kirby, who side stepped the stinger even as some of the venom dripped dangerously from it. Before Kirby could actually close in on the creature, the thing attempted to pincer his left leg with its right claw. Kirby quickly moved his spear, using his TaiChi Defense to redirect the claw up and over. Again, the tail came out to sting Kirby. Kirby, however, was still moving after he used the circular motion to block the stinger earlier, dodging the attack. Kirby quickly initiated a Rapid Thrust  at the beast, poking the thing's shell and loosening it greatly.

As he did so, Kirby noted another shifting of the sand as another two scorpions made their appearance. He quickly back-stepped, and began putting distance between himself and the 3 creatures. Keeping a wary eye out towards them, he was surprised to see them suddenly turn on each other. The creatures were fighting to kill each other; or at least, the two remaining ones fought to kill of the one he had weakened. "Hmm. Desert life must be hard, if they fight amongst themselves as well..." He already knew the truth of that statement, as he had been walking across the hot sands for the past three days. Yet he did not believe that he would ever resort to cannibalism, which the creatures were doing right in front of his eyes. They had dispatched the scorpion he had wounded earlier, and were now working to eat the thing. "Now's my chance, I guess."

Kirby shot forward and used a Sweeping Blow, managing to catch the creatures off guard and decapitating them.  He took his time and cut off the tails, bringing them with him. Maybe they would have some use in the future...


These events take place 10 years prior to the death of Ramses Massri VII.

50/80 Stamina.
900+/500 Word Count.
Abilities Used:

Name: TaiChi Spear Defense
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 Stamina Initial/Sustain
Weapon Type: Polearm
Class: Defensive
Duration: 1-2 post
Cool-Down: 2-3 posts
Description: Kirby's polearm diverts the energy of an attack with a circular motion, blocking up to C tier of damage from the attack at a speed of 10 m/s². Due to the circular nature of the technique, a second defensive parry can be made at a speed of 10 m/s², that voids an additional C tier of damage in a subsequent post.

Name: Sweeping Blow
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Polearm
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts.
Description: Kirby makes a sweeping attack backed with his strength across a 130 degree cone that is up to 3 meters away from him dealing C tier damage to anything in its path at a speed of 15 m/s².


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