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Dinner For All [D-Tier job/Solo]

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Kirby wiped the sweat off his forehead and stopped walking for a bit. He was exhausted while dragging the corpse of the creature behind him for so long. He took a swing from his water and continued walking, as Bomani did not wait for him. As the two climbed a dune, Kirby saw quite a sight; a camp of twelve or so tents with an assortment of various supplies all about the area. "This is where we will be staying for the next few days while you learn the ways of our people, and learn of the Pact of Harmony."

Kirby took in a deep breath and exhaled. Scanning the camp he took note that they had a very tidy setup that looked almost militaristic. A sudden headache rushed through his mind and Kirby held his skull in both hands, dropping to his knees. The pain was terrible; it was the first time he had experienced such a headache. A scene flashed before his eyes; soldiers camping out in some wetlands. There were pickets with guards set up around the perimeter, all equipped with armor and swords in groups of two. It was raining, hard. There was a meeting taking place in a slightly larger tent than the others, off to the side of the center of the camp. A muscular man stood in front of a map, drilling strategy into the other soldiers standing around the table. It was a meeting that was taking place. Kirby felt a strange affinity with that man giving orders...

"..kay? Are you okay?" Kirby's flashes disappeared. They felt just like the dreams he occasionally had, feeling real as if he were living in them. The headache subsided, and Kirby looked up to Bomani, who had been shaking him and asking if he were okay.

"Yea. Just a headache." Kirby said, shaking it off and standing back up. Bomani was still concerned about Kirby's situation, but said no more as they walked into camp.  He motioned for Kirby to leave his dinner at the door before entering into a tent. Following him in, Kirby was assailed with a strange fragrance.

"These are the washing facilities. Put your clothing off to the side and use the oils, sand and cloth in order to cleanse yourself." Bomani instructed, showing Kirby where each of the items were and what to do when he was done, also showing him a change in clothes. "While we try to portion out the water, you have permission to use a single bucket to help wash out your hair."

Some time had passed, and Kirby felt refreshed. He walked out of the tent and Bomani was waiting for him. "You've slain a desert creature..." The man was stern, and looked as if he were judging Kirby. "What for?" Bomani motioned to Kirby to follow him.

Kirby was surprised at the question, but shrugged as he walked forward, noting that the creature in question was missing. "Gotta eat, you know? What, do you guys only eat plants out here?" He was skeptical about the feasibility of that, considering that they were in the desert, and spoke somewhat defensively. Surely, this man couldn't fault him for trying to survive?

Nodding, Bomani looked pleased, as if that were the answer he was looking for. "Good. And no, we eat meat as well. But it concerns me that you've chosen such a large prey. You cannot possibly eat this alone, and much of the meat will go to waste..." Another test, it seemed, from the Desert Guardian. He motioned for Kirby to stop as they reached a large tent in the camp.

Kirby stopped walking forward, and explained himself to the man. "Well, I planned on trying to smoke it into jerky for later, but I wouldn't have been able to treat all of it easily..." Kirby paused, thinking. Well, there was a way he could handle this, all the while gaining favor with the Desert Guardians. "Why not share it with everyone, then?" Surely the people here could hunt for themselves, but Kirby figured the gesture of trying to use the meat efficiently and the gesture of sharing with the tribe would go a ways with giving him some leverage on their approval.

Again, this is the answer Bomani seemed to be looking for. "A generous offer, Kirby. These two will help prepare the creature." Bomani motioned around the corner, where a mess table was made and there was a fire-pit nearby. Two female tribesman were setting up various apparatus in order to facilitate the cooking and preserving of the meat, though the creature itself was as of yet untouched. They had waited for him to make the offer before actually digging into it.

Kirby understood the sentiment, and also understood exactly what was being tested of him. The tribesmen of the land took great stock in the holiness of life, and of the need to preserve it. They did not want anything to go to waste. The two women introduced themselves to Kirby, who reciprocated, and the three of them went to business dressing down the creature and preparing it in various ways. They cooked enough of the creature to feed the camp that night, with some leftovers which would be turned into jerky...

These events take place 10 years prior to the death of Ramses Massri VII.
80/80 Stamina
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