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Dinner and a Future Show [NoM/plot]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Blood wasn't always thicker than water, but it was certainly the vilest of venoms, from the snake of generational corruption. For the senate families of Reim have been far and few in between in subjects in which they could agree, but for centuries they grouped to hold power. For none was that more true than those who supported the shadow of slavery. Their lands, their names they would do anything to hold onto it all. That included feeding off the masses, exploiting the nameless, and forcing them to champion chains. Despite this, it was still strange to see them sitting around silver clasped cups with sherry.

Of the 300 senators, 52 of them sat at the sturdy, ornate oak table, covered with silk of violet and aurum. Upon its dressings sat roasted pigs, vegetables cooked in butter along with fine loaves of bread, desserts, and fruits spread across for them to all pick at. It was rich spread, but as eye-grabbing, as it was, the sinful amongst them would have eyes turned towards the north end. Even those stuffing their faces would be locked on their host.

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"I hope everyone is enjoying their meals" the man would say behind a mask of lies. Remus was happy to be swaying the Reimans, but he cared not for their peace.

As minor cheers and grumbles would come from stuffed mouths he would say with a voice of smoked honey "We have all had the same desire for some time, and with operations on the western front being dismal I'm sure we can all agree on a plan of action." A pause would follow before his dull ruby eyes would shine with passion thought lost.

Continuing he'd say "You don't wish for your lifestyles to end, and I don't wish to lose a thriving business, so operation big top will begin. We will distract the military further with strongholds on the east, but on the west past, the rocky hills of Ibania is what our charade will be protecting. Using a traveling circus, and jovial jamborees we'll transport and trade our goods. Too much have you cared about making your means commonplace, for a future in the mist. Protect your little slices of heaven, I promise I won't steal them. Reim will go after the old institutes, so we will let that bait sustain as long as we can, once the trade is rebuilt it'll be impossible for them to root you out. "

Even if they did manage to get caught, how many people were willing to tackle the swaggering senate families? It was a problem that would have no solution if his deceitful flowers blossomed. To build a show and spectacle about his trade, hiding it in broad delight. It was devilish, the backing and the method alone were enough to cause trouble. Truly he didn't care if it failed, just like his spell in Zahid, he loved to cause havoc, misery. The abhorrent aging man meandered momentarily before resuming his meal.

Plenty had begun to think things over, it was hard to destroy a spider's web. As the threads tugged and trapped them, their discussion, their egotistical ways, would be the things that sowed their demise. Either way, this spider was going to feast on this great republic, Whether it be through their people or their conflict. For them, they only saw a man offering a thread to hold onto a semblance of the life they held dear. For him, he saw not a group to target, but just another thread in the web of terrorism.

"Drink up my friends, it's' going to be a long night, an interminable night indeed his words would resonate, a soft sense of terror hiding behind a thin sanguine smile.

Dm notes: Special jobs and job update for Reim coming soon

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