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Foraging for Food [D-Tier Job/Solo]

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1Foraging for Food [D-Tier Job/Solo] Empty Foraging for Food [D-Tier Job/Solo] on 27/09/14, 08:24 pm


Bomani had left earlier in order to inform the rest of the Desert Guardians of Kirby's involvement and agreement to undergo the ritual for the Pact of Harmony. He was told that he could not hunt anything in the oasis. Not wanting to garner the enmity of a tribe's worth of people so far away from civilization, and due to his curiosity of the whole thing, Kirby figured it would be best to follow those instructions. This meant, however, that he would have to hunt out in the desert, using the sun as a guide for his directions.

Resigning himself to a long day of hard work under the scorching hot sun, Kirby grabbed his spear and set off into the desert, making sure to bring his water jug along as well. His clothing fluttered here and there as desert winds picked up and dropped off. Kirby was very alert during his movements, keeping a keen eye out for changes in the environment. He was not only looking out for desert creatures, but sudden sand storms that could cause their own sort of problems.  He spied out into the distance an outcropping of rocks. Figuring it to be a spot he could look out across the desert sands from, Kirby made his way to the stone.

Step by step he approached, but when he got within fifteen meters of the outcropping he saw a small movement of stone. He froze and squinted his eyes towards where he saw the movement. Was the desert playing tricks on him, or was there something more to this cropping of stone than what was first let on? Kirby leveled his spear towards where he saw the movement and began to advance ever so slowly. While the movement he had thought he had seen was slight, and it would make sense to focus more on that spot in order to determine any irregularities, Kirby realized just how treacherous the desert could be. He kept himself aware of the entirety of the desert, not allowing himself to be fooled into missing something. His choice, while not a terrible one, almost cost him. Suddenly a creature jumped towards him, and he was barely able to dodge it in time.  Kirby had seen a sudden movement from where he was looking before, and rolled across the ground to the left as what originally looked like a boulder came tumbling towards him. On the ground, Kirby could now see the creature quite easily. It was almost two times as long as he was tall, and came up to his chest in size. The creature reminded him of the little lizards that the other orphans back in Heliohapt always liked to play with.

But this was no hand-held creature. And the teeth. Those looked pretty sharp. "You're a meat eater, eh?" Kirby said, happily. "So no hard feelings, right?" Kirby swung his lance about in a dramatic fashion, though the creature likely didn't find itself particularly impressed. It watched Kirby closely as it slowly began to circle him.

Kirby, in turn, watched as the Salamander attempted to circle around to his back. He was careful to turn with it as it moved and soon began walking himself. He did not want the thing having an advantage against him when they finally ended up clashing. At the same moment, they both paused and sized each other up. With a sudden burst of speed both Kirby and the Salamander rushed towards each other. Kirby was intending to spear the thing right through an eye.

His plan was soon foiled as the creature somehow spun on its legs while kicking off of one of its hind legs. Kirby saw that the thing's tail was coming at him from the right, and so he jumped up so as to dodge the creature's attack. The suddenness of the attack, however, was too much for him to react to smoothly. Kirby's footing was poor for a jump so, while he cleared the tail, he landed on his back with his spear lying flat on the ground beneath him. The tail went from a horizontal attack straight into a vertical attack, with the creature attempting to pound Kirby into the ground.  Kirby rolled, pushing off the ground with his hand when he could in order to dodge the creature's attacks. Dodging from left to right and back to the left again, Kirby was hard at work moving.

He had to get his spear back from the ground if he had any plans on fighting this thing on even footing. He waited for the best moment; the time the creature's tail had just landed on the ground and was about to be raised, before diving for the spear and running forward. It was close, as the tail came crashing down behind him, but Kirby had managed. Turning around, Kirby found that the beast had already turned towards him and was charging him at that very moment. Kirby began thrusting his spear towards the creature with a Rapid Thrust attack, attempting to strike at its face and front legs. It stood on its hind legs, dodging Kirby's attack, but Kirby did not miss the opportunity. With his strength put behind the attack, Kirby sent out a Sweeping Blow, which passed right through the creature's throat and sprayed a torrent of blood over Kirby. He saw the creature pause, as if at the apex of its movement. He realized that it would soon fall, and quickly dove to the side out from under the beast. The creature slammed into the ground and began to move sporadically. There was nothing it could do, however, as its death was already ordained through Kirby's hard work.

"You fought well." Kirby commended the creature, breathing a bit hard after the fight they had just gone through. "But a man's gotta eat to live. You know that, though, dontcha pal?" The creature had gone through the last of its death throes, and Kirby began working on draining the thing of its blood. The sticky stuff was all over him, and he was sure he stunk quite badly. Tying the creature up, he began dragging the thing on its back so as to keep the open would where he drained the blood from getting full of sand.

He had nearly came back to his camp when he was waylaid by the Desert Guardian he had met earlier, Bomani. "Don't come closer to the holy site like that." Bomani was slightly disgusted at Kirby's condition; the sticky blood had caked onto him after having walked through the desert for so long, and the stench of the dead creature did not help Kirby's current image. "Come. You must be cleansed before returning to the holy site. I'll have somebody bring your stuff to the camp." Bomani led the way on his horse while Kirby dragged the creature behind him. He had a feeling it would be a long walk to wherever Bomani was taking him.

These events take place 10 years prior to the death of Ramses Massri VII.
50/80 Stamina
1162/500 Word Count
Abilities used:
Name: Rapid Thrust
Tier: D
Cost: 10|5
Weapon Type: Polearm
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Sustain
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
Description: Kirby sends out a series of 1-5 quick thrusts at 10 m/s that deal up to D tier damage, no matter how many of them land upon an opponent. Kirby can sustain this series of attacks.

Name: Sweeping Blow
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Polearm
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts.
Description: Kirby makes a sweeping attack backed with his strength across a 130 degree cone that is up to 3 meters away from him dealing C tier damage to anything in its path at a speed of 15 m/s.


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