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Down with the flu I - D-Tier [job/solo]

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez


On their way to the market, Diego checked the job board. A man stopped his horse and buggy over as Diego was scanning the various postings. Puffing on a pipe, the heavily muscled man approached and looked the boy and his tiger over.

"I've got an easy job, if you've got the time." He pointed his pipe at Diego as he spoke. "My driver is sick and I need an order of ore yesterday. I barely had the time to come out here and post the job, I'm up to my ears in work orders but not in ore."

"Certainly!" Diego smiled, "I'd be happy to help."

The man smiled back and ushered him onto the buggy. When all three were inside, Trixie in the back, he headed to the forge to get back to work. "Thank you so much, say, what's your name?"

"The name is Diego, the bundle of fur is Madam Trixie." He held out his hand, "What's your name?"

The man shook his hand with a firm grip, "Ishaq is the name." He shared a few stories as they made their way to the forge. Diego listened to them and laughed at Ishaq's youthful adventures, running around Heliohapt causing mischief. There was a time when he had tried to impress a blacksmith's daughter by wielding her father's greatsword to beat up another boy who was chasing after her affections. After challenging the youth, the lad promptly stole the sword, beat him with the flat end upside his head and spit on him. Later that night, the lad made her a woman. Diego wasn't sure whether or not to laugh until Ishaq did.

After Ishaq got dropped off, Diego and Trixie laid course for the mines, following the map he had given them. They were to the south of the city and it took most of the afternoon to get there. The men were surprised to see a boy and a tiger picking up Ishaq's ore but agreed after he gave them a note from Ishaq. Diego helped them load up the ore and when they were finished, waved goodbye.

The sun had gone down by the time they got back, but the trip had thankfully been uneventful. Diego had spent the journey back staring at the canvas of bright stars in awe. The beauty of the world crystallized a peaceful moment for him as he pet Trixie with his right hand as he drove the horses with his left hand.

Diego unloaded the ore while Ishaq was hard at work, it took about twenty minutes to get it all out and sorted in the correct places. Then he took the time to untack the horses, brush them down and put them in the stables. He had finished when he turned around and saw Ishaq chewing on his pipe, with an approving look in his eye.

"You worked hard and earned your keep." He pointed his pipe to the stable, "Heck, I didn't say nothing about the horses either."

Diego shrugged and gave a brief smile, "They looked like they needed it." After a few minutes of talking, Diego headed back into town with Trixie to get some food.

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