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Puppy Training [Solo|| D-C Tier]

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To say patience is a virtue would be an understatement. With out a large amount of people dying right now it has left many of the priests to amuse themselves with their side jobs. And his involves dogs.

Ammon had to shake his head at the rowdy triplets. Born from a nobleman's bitch who is as spoiled as it comes. It seemed the same could be said of these three. Rotund butterballs of cuteness.

He was tasked with training them and whipping them into shape to be sold. Which was harder said than done when they are spoiled. He has to start with dominance.

Taking out some dry, salted meat. Ammon made sure they were watching. They came running up begging for it. He growled and held it out of reach. Still they begged.

"Down," He said pushing their paws of his lap. He did this several times until they just sat there tails whipping up a whirlwind behind them.

Ammon bit into the meat and starting eating. They watched til it was gone then whimpered. One desperately trying to see if it was a trick by once more begging. Ammon showed the pup his hands and it took a few likes before joining its siblings in moping.

He would have to start every meal like this to show his dominance and superiority so they would be more likely to listen. With that said he took out their meal for the day and tossed the pieces of fatty meat on the ground. They ate it hungrily without waiting for his signal.

Ammon sighed but let them have it this day. Patience was a virtue and the pups would learn to listen. And that in doing so would earn them treats and praise.



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Enun stood beside the pups. They still had a smaller frame but they had grown considerably in the past month. The different patterns of there fur was showing now each as unique as the dog.

Each still had their weakness. One did not like standing still his tail constantly wagging. Another would beg in more unique methods now from bowing to posing like in prayer. The third was just simply lazy if not under a command it would lie down.

Ammon sat there eating in front of them. The one bowing his head but remaining in place as commanded. It had taken a lot of work to get them to this point. They still were not perfectly trained but were ten times better than they had been.

They had also thinned out thanks to his training and exercise of the pups. Teaching them to fetch without tearing up or eating items had been difficult. As well as them staying in place while watching others eat.

Somehow he had managed though. The pups now could be sold. Probably only to be further trained as weapons or herd dogs. He didn't doubt each ones life would be quite different than it is right now.

It was only going to get harder for the three from here on in. Ammon hadn't prepared them for the cruelty of the world. It was simply not something he could bring himself to do. They would learn soon enough however he was sure of that.

"They are ready," a questioning voice asked. The servants gaze turned to the dogs.

"Yes they are. Your master will find them all pleasantly obedient," Ammon responded and stood.

"To heel," he commanded and all four stood behind him ready to follow at his heel.

"Impressive for only a months work. Here is your payment," the servant said tossing him a small but dense bag.

Ammon nodded in response as he caught it. He gripped Enuns collar with his other hand.

"To heel," he commanded again motioning to the servant. The dogs looked to him a moment and then followed his motion going to the servants heel. Enun felt the restraint on his collar and remained where he was.

The servant nodded and began walking leading the triplets back to their true master. Ammon had to say he would miss them. He became too attached too easily sometimes it seemed. No matter however. The void would be filled again probably sooner than later when his services were requested.

For now however it was back to the temple. He let go of Enuns collar and tied the bag of coins at his waist. He walked away Enun following at his heel.


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