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Training at home [Dominance c--tier to b-tier training]

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It was time once again time for an important part in Ani's growth as an animal tamer. It had been awhile since she went on a camping trip to increase her skills as tamer. And where else would be a better place then her home Heliohapt. The last time she did this was back in Reim where she had become stronger before going to Balbadd. In Balbadd she went through a dungeon and learned many valuable lessons that she wouldn't soon forget. In fact these lessons would be helping out with her training since she knew what she was needing to work on. So she set up a plan on what she was going to have to do. Ani knew that she was getting better with commanding Hoyo so she believed that she needed to work better on her coordination. After all she was planning to learn to fight, so that way their work together would be more fluid and beneficial to her. Though one thing she had only recently started thinking about was that she should get another beast to help out with their dynamic. She was most likely gonna handle up close fighting with Hoyo, and was thinking that it would be handy to have a ranged beast, or one to help defend her while she fought.

Considering everything she was planning Ani went about planning a pretty successful training camp for the both of them. She made proper arrangements with her friends and some traders to set up a perfect training camp near the coast so she would be able to transition from water practice and practice in the desert. Unluckily she was unable to procure any live animals for practice, but that was fine with Ani anyways since she didn't want to harm any beasts unless it was to protect someone. Including beasts and people. Ani had set up three weeks of training before she would approach the dungeon. Though she made sure to leave a few weeks inbetween so that way she would be able to finish some last minute training, or purchases so that way she would be perfectly prepared. The first week of her training was going to be focused on land combat, while the second week would be about practicing on their coordination when it came to the two of them swimming around in water. After all Hoyo was amphibious so incase they would ever need to fight together underwater she wanted to be prepared. Though the most important third week was going to be training was going to be about bonding.

Soon the day came, It was the first day of their training camp and Ani was excited bringing only the essentials to survive. First off Ani sat at the center of their camp and set up a fire pit before they would begin any of their training. Once that was done she set up a bedding space for her and Hoyo to cuddle in at night so they wouldn't freeze to death in the desert night. Though it would be nothing to Ani she was afraid of it hurting Hoyo who was after all cold blooded. Once Everything was set up Ani walked over to the designated are for their land training. Her mechanic friend set up a variety of spring loaded traps and targets that would pop up so Ani could work on coordinating Hoyo's attacks and attacking with him. Soon the training began and the two practiced repeatedly trying to hit the targets and increase their time at doing so. After the first week was over Ani had improved quite a bit and had succeeded in lowering the time it took to destroy all the targets in their training zone. Though she hadn't reached what she wanted she was happy that they still improved quite a bit, and she didn't have the time to extend training time.

After a short day of rest it was time for the aquatic training that Ani was looking forward to doing. Though the bonding was definitely going to be her favorite part in general. Once she had changed into her swimming clothes which consisted of a white sling top, and matching white tight female swimming shorts. Hoyo soon arose from his nap and the two waded into the water slowly before Hoyo went ahead of her diving into the water. Letting out a soft giggle she swam into the water before diving underneath with him and began to follow his movements. She continued this for the rest of the day only coming up for air, and eventually stopping for sleep and then food. The rest of this week went similar to this, but eventually they focused on more of fishing in the ocean through their synced movements and it proved to be effective. This training had went well, but it was finally time for the most important section of training it was time for the bonding portion. She was honestly excited for this part and had set up a variety of fun activities for them so that way she would be able to increase their bond.

When the week began Ani started off by packing up most of the training equipment before walking over to Hoyo seeing that he was napping. Rubbing his belly softly she sat down next to him with a soft smile on her face. "That's my boy." She said with a soft smile as she remembered everything they had been through ever since she had gotten him and began her long career as a beast tamer. It sort of made her wish she could spread what it was like to have a beast. She knew that animals were mistreated and she wanted to make the world a better place for them. Though soon enough her thoughts were interrupted by Hoyo who woke up and wanted to play, and they did. In fact the rest of the trip was them playing so they could feel closer to one another. On the last day after playing she went through the two sessions one more time to see if the improvement had stuck. Though to Ani's surprise they had actually improved due to the bonding. This trip had been a huge success .

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Training at home [Dominance c--tier to b-tier training] 1ZZ5IgG

Training at home [Dominance c--tier to b-tier training] LO0Knk3

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