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Fruits & Merchants [Mission|Solo]

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Myra rushed through the streets of the Reim Empire. It was early in the morning but many people and merchants were already awake, opening their shops. The people of Reim were very hardworking and diligent and that was just what Myra liked about them because she was a very ambitious person herself. It was the usually weekly market and they were selling all kind of different interisting stuff. The female Fanalis slowed down a bit to see what kind of things there were selling and if there was eventually some work for her to do. After a while of walking around Myra suddenly spotted a Merchant that was selling tons, literally tons of all kind of delicious food. Without thinking about it she jumped over to him and landed next to some small red fruits. “Strawberries are hard to get nowadays, especially in a place like this.” He said camly and looked over to Myra. “They are very rare and hard to get. They have the same color as your hair. Would you like to try one?” Myra nodded and took a big strawberry. She removed the green part and shoved it all into her mouth, munching it. Shortly after her eyes widened. “It’s delicious! This strawberry!” She looked up to him and smiled. “Do you have a job for me?” He nodded. “I have a farm with more fruits not far from here. However since I’m busy with managing this little store I need someone to get me new fruits so I won’t run out of fruits to sell, know what I mean? I would pay you and because you seem like a nice young lady I will also give you some more strawberries. Deal?” He stretched out his hand and Myra shook it. “Deal!” He pointed into a direction and explained the way to the farm. He would then give her a small carriage and many boxes in which she could store the fruits in. Sprinting now, Myra would shortly arrive at the farm. It was indeed heaven and there were many fruits to collect. She started up with fruits that were growing on the ground just like watermelons and pineapples. She loaded a few kilograms of them onto the carriage before she continued with those fruits that were growing on the trees. Oranges, apples, peaches and even mangos. During her working time she took some time out to sneak one of these fruits and eat them but she was sure the Merchant wouldn’t mind. After a few more she had went back to the merchant twice already, bringing him watermelons, pineapples, mangos, apples, peaches, cherries and even bananas. It was hard work after all but in the end he gave her a few fruits to eat and her reward in huang. “Thank you and good luck with your little shop.” She said calmly as she bit into an apple and turned around to continue to walk over the market. The sun was going down slowly and she would slowly walk back home.

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