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Yummy Fruits! [Mission|Solo]

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It was a beautiful day in Reim and after Azuris had gotten up and dressed herself she looked outside the window. A lot of people were on the streets like usual and she decided that she would visit the market today. There were always a lot of things one could buy or just look at. Sometimes Merchants even had some work for you to do so you could earn money as well. Those daily jobs could be very useful and since Azuris didn’t had anything better to do anyways she quickly left her home and ran through the streets of the huge city until she arrived at the market. As expected it was filled with people. Merchants had all kind of things in their sortiments and people were looking around curiously, searching for a place to find the best things for the cheapest price. Azuris wandered around and looked at the different goods before buying an apple and nibbling on it. The merchant who she bought it from had a huge sortiment of different fruits and all of them looked fresh and delicious. Azuris kneeled down in front of them, thinking about buying even more of them when the merchant suddenly bend over and asked her something. “Excuse me, Miss? Are you willing to do a Job for me? Just for today, and I will reward you generously.” Azuris took another bite from her apple and looked up. He would then explain to her that he had a huge fuit plantation not far away from this place and he needed her to collect the fruits and bring it to him so he could continue selling them. Azuris was okay with the reward he offered her so she took a huge basket and went on her way. His plantation was really huge and Azuris had a hard time decided what fruits she wanted to get first. She started with the trees that were the closest to her, apples. She climbed up the trees and carefully plucked one apple after another, eating one here and then and placing it into the basket until it was filled. She would then bring the basket to the merchant and leave with another empty one. This time Azuris decided to go with watermelons. They were on the ground and much easier to pluck but they were way heavier – still no problem for a Fanalis. After she had brought them to the merchant she took the third empty basket and went back to the plantation where she plucked cherries from trees. The cherries tasted unbelievable good and she couldn’t get enough of them. After the basket was full she brought them to the merchant who gave her the fourth empty basket. Azuris returned to the plantation and plucked pineapples this time. Their aroma was amazing and she guessed that those tasted really good. She carried the fourth basket to the merchant while he continued selling all the things she had brought him. Afterwards he gave her the fifth empty basked and Azuris returned to the plantation. She decided to go with tangerines this time and after she had filled up the basket and eaten enough of them she returned to the merchant who announced that this was enough for today. He rewarded her as promised and Azuris left the market after buying a few cherries and tangerines so she could take them home.

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