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Zadi vs. Fruits! [Job/Solo]

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1Zadi vs. Fruits! [Job/Solo] Empty Zadi vs. Fruits! [Job/Solo] Fri 8 Aug - 19:26



The Job:

Job Name: Mhmmm, Fruits!
Job Rank: D 
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: Everyone loves fruits! They are healthy, delicious and...hard to get? You will start out your day normally and maybe enter the market place where you meet a merchant. This merchant will ask you for help. He has a big food plantation not far away from here but he has no one to gather all the fruits from there! Could you do that for him? Of course he will reward you generously! And you can have some fruits for free as well. (Make sure you get at least 4 different kinds of fruits for him!)

It was the middle of the day and Zadi felt like getting something to eat. He hadn't had breakfast, so he wanted to make this trip to the local market in Reim to count for two meals. On the other hand, Syma had already had breakfast. She found a rat scurrying around the inn where Zadi and Syma were staying, making a quick breakfast while also exterminating a future infestation. Anyway, Zadi and Syma went to the local market and started to look around for something to eat. It was starting to get irritating as most of the food was greasy or just plain unhealthy. Candy, fats, meats, all sorts of other rotten foods. Meat wasn't that much of an issue...but more so that all the meat was "other rotten foods" as well. It was raw and slimy. Fresh? Probably not. Zadi made his way around the place, trying hard to find something to eat for brunch and something good to eat for Syma who needed lunch.

"Well darn. It seems most of the food today sucks! Woops, I should be quieter...erhm. So Syma, anything you see that interests you? Hiss hiss you say? Gotta disagree with you there. Healthy food for you this time. Gotta balance out that raw meat diet you've had for the past few days with some healthy fruits. I too have had a bad diet ever since leaving the dungeon. All those things I used as currency were totally valuable after all, hahaha! Well, anything that remotely interests you that also seemed healthy? Hiss hiss- No! I wasn't talking to my snake...I was...erm...puppetry! Yeah! Puppetry! Help? After insulting me for talking to my want my help? Huang? Free fruits!? Fresh and healthy for an insane person like me- HEY! Fine though, I'll help you out. I won't be long~"

After having been asked to help find some exotic fruits in the nearby oasis for a merchant, Zadi headed off in search of said oasis with said fruits within said oasis with said fruits...I'll stop. Zadi and Syma found the oasis and started to pick off some fruits one by one, examining them in order to get the perfect ones. Four different types with five of each type. Twenty total! After some time, there were only three good types to be found with five of each. There was just one more left that Zadi needed to find. That would be Zadi's brunch! So maybe six cause. Zadi was hungry after all.

After searching for an hour or so, Zadi was able to find something that looked to be a strawberry which he first ate and then collected. Zadi and Syma made their way back to the merchant who was overjoyed to see the "fruits" of Zadi's labor, hahaha! Sorry about that pun...won't happen again. Zadi was given his reward and headed off to the inn with another days worth of adventure under his metaphorical belt of experiences~

500+/500 words

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