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Moving Away! [Mission|Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Job Name: Moving away!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: You will walk through the streets of Reim without expecting something special to happen! However after a while you will meet an old nice lady. Once you have talked to her a bit she will ask you for a favour and offer you a good payment. Of course you agree and she explains to you that she is soon moving to Magnostadt. However since she is old and alone she needs someone to carry all of her belongings to her carriage. You will do that to her and find all kind of mysterious things. This will also take the whole day and you will probably be pretty exhausted afterwards but you will get your reward nevertheless!

A young man by the name of Adrastos Thanatos, clad in black, awoke inside a room of an inn that he was staying the night in. The sun, casting its fiery embers across the sky, was just rising, waking those who slumbered underneath her watchful eye in the country of Reim. His silver eyes adjusted to the steadily increase of light as they gazed upon the long forgotten view of the sunrise. Reim was his birthplace, the home of his mother, but under no circumstances would he consider this place his home ever again after the fateful night that changed his life forever. Now, Magnostadt was home, and the only reason he had for being in Reim was to take a break from his lessons at the academy.

With a great heavy sigh, Adrastos stood and walked out into the rousing streets of the city, leaving his 203 cm black staff by his hammock so he didn't have to carry it around - he had no place to carry the staff other than his hand since it matched his height exactly - and didn't think that he would be having to use his spells for any particular reason that day if he was just going on a casual morning stroll. The streets did not take long to become filled with the bustling business of merchants and buyers, but all Adrastos could do was tense and briskly stride to escape the closing bodies.

Once away from most of the chaos, Adrastos glanced at a little old lady outside of what he could only assume to be her abode. She was a tiny thing with her back hunched over, but even smaller still as she struggled to carry a large heavy crate. Sweat poured down her wrinkly, pale face until she dropped the crate and sat down beside it, her labored breathing apparent to even his own ears.

Adrastos, acting like the kind gentleman he wanted to be viewed as, stepped over to the old woman. "You okay, miss?" he asked, kneeling before her with a mask of genuine concern smeared on his usual emotionless features. The old lady looked up at Adrastos with a weary smile. "Yes, yes," she replied. He could tell from the weariness in her voice that she was not fine. "What are you doing, if you don't mind me asking? And, why is there no one helping you?" The old lady knitted her eyebrows seemingly confused for a second until she looked at the crate beside her. "Oh, I'm moving. I have to pack all my belongings so that I can head to Magnostadt." Adrastos nodded. He knew Magnostadt well, or at least decently enough. "I'm on my own now," she sighed. "My husband died a long time ago and my children are no longer with me. Nobody wishes to help a frail old lady like me anyway." There was a moment of silence between the two of them until the old lady spoke again. "Actually," the old woman said, "I could use some help. I'll pay you for your aid." Normally, Adrastos would not help unless he benefited from it in some way, so it was lucky for the old lady to offer him payment, but he also had nothing better to do. With a stern nod, he stood and picked up the crate to place it in the carriage.

Adrastos would never had guessed the amount of trinkets and mysterious items she had just by looking at her. She had an abundant collection of rugs in a variety of colors ranging from the simplest of patterns to the more complex designs. There were many boxes of jewelry from other countries besides Reim, many decorative vases that reeked of ancient origin, and who knew how many more objects she had stashed away, hidden from plain view. With the amount of luggage this woman was taking, one would think that she was packing a whole town with her to go the Magnostadt.

The hours had dragged on throughout the day, but soon everything was packed and ready to go for the old woman's journey to the country of magicians. Adrastos was weary from the work he had done, but wasn't going to complain. He just couldn't wait to go back to his room, have a nice, warm meal, and sleep. "Thank you, young man," the lady cooed as she pinched his cheeks while he sat down, enjoying a small cup of water. "This is for your troubles." She took one of his hands and placed a pouch containing the payment inside. Once he finished his water, Adrastos stood. He thanked the lady for her generosity before heading off toward his room to sleep in his hammock after a long days work.

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