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The Leopard Man Enters [Solo/Event]

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Ilirran Iskam

Ilirran Iskam

Ilirran had just arrived to the Capital after hearing rumors of a fighting competition. He had spent the last few years wandering the Desert of Forgotten Souls, making a living being a sword for hire. During his last job, he had been traveling with a talkative merchant. The merchant mentioned the Capital was hosting the Strongest Man Under The Sun tournament, which was his reason for visiting, hoping to sell his wares at a higher price.

Accepting his payment, he left the merchant in search of information about the tournament. The imposing nine foot Imuchakk with a leopard head, a six foot broadsword strapped to his back, moved through the streets, people parting before him. He found a tavern near the city gates and approached the bar.

The bartender raised a brow at the man, shaking his head, "We get all kinds these days. What can I do for you?"

Ilirran glared at the bartender, "When is the tournament and where can I find it?"

The bartender waved his hand, "It's in a few days, it'll be outside the city gates." He pointed to a sign on the wall nearby, but Ilirran just blinked at it. "Can't read, eh? Oh well, just be outside the city gates in three days time."

Ilirran nodded, sitting on a stool, "Give me ale." He threw down his sack on the table, the few coins jingling as they landed. He downed his ale and signaled for another. Ilirran hoped to find strong people at the tournament, he hadn't had a battle in a few days and he was antsy to met steel against steel.

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