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Following the Trail [Solo/Event]

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Heliohapt was never her favorite place to be. It was too hot, too dry and the desert itself seemed foreboding like it would suck the life from you given the chance. It was an ancient yet stable civilization, heavily supported by trade and thriving from the fertile oasis on which it was initially settled before it became a sprawling metropolis. She had previously taken to settling in the capital of Reim for several months, combing the city as well as she could for information on the local slaver’s circuits. It was tedious work and the half-fanalis had to be on her toes most of the time considering how enticing her people were to slave traders.

The coliseum was one of the city’s more popular focal points, attracting tourists from all over. Fighting rings themselves were fairly commonplace in areas that embraced slavery, but Reim’s was the most expansive by far as it housed both elective fighters and slave gladiators. The man-on-man battles held her attention at first; being a fighter herself she was naturally interested in the observation of other fights. She didn’t like the coliseum monsters as the humans that “challenged” these beasts were never really there for a fight, only as sacrifice. Seeing an uncanny number of brawny red headed gladiators made her uneasy as well. She frequented the coliseum despite this, but never found who she was looking for.

Her brother had been taken nearly eight years ago; would she even know what he looked like now? Still, none of those men she had seen in the ring could have been him. She’d know him when she saw his stupid face. He had a tell; a mole on his back but as most of the men wore armor she couldn’t be sure. But she never approached the slaves, much less their owners to see if any had known her brother. The information would spread too quickly through the slave’s grapevine and undoubtedly to their masters. A fanalis woman was looking for her captured brother? Even as her own skill as a warrior grew, she could be an easy target for a powerful slaver.

When she had caught wind of large slave auction taking place in Heliohapt, the red head nearly dropped everything to cross the desert herself. She waited until the information became more public, circulating among the masses in order to help cover her own trail and ensure that the information she had was correct. Slavers and prospective buyers from many parts of the world would trek there, hoping to make some money or sell some of their excess.

She traveled by wagon under the guise of looking for more work and the west provided new scenery. The merchants she had ridden with demanded a rather large sum which the young woman had balked at; she was used to riding for free considering she could provide protection. Apparently the price hike and something to do with the Heliohapt slave auction but she couldn’t complain as she’d rather run low on funds and have a safe journey than try her luck in the harrowing desert. The merchants were fair to her though, they had provided her two meals a day as well as water. The lead merchant’s young children were curiously fond of the halfling. Heliohapt natives, they liked her stories about the northern Reim mountains and the flourishing country of Balbadd. The half-fanalis hadn’t minded their company as they were well behaved.

Lifting the flap of the wagon out of her way, Ayero dismounts from the wagon. Exchanging a nod with the head merchant, she waves lazily to the children that call after her and departs into the city. The muffled crunch of the sand underneath her shoes was something she’d have to get used to, much like the Heliohapt sun.


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