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Path to Glory [Solo/Event]

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A red haired figure contemplated silently the dead night town of Heliohapt. The crowded streets, blooming and overflowing with activity in the day were dead now. The large crowds that gathered in the central plaza, the bazaar and the many other landmarks of the country of pharaohs slept now in a dream of slumber that almost seemed gloomy. It was late into the night, and the stars shone in the radiant pitch black desert sky. The sounds of the night animals were the only thing that kept company to the man that contemplated the majesty of the sleeping city. Farah had finally made it to Heliohapt, the land of Pharaohs and riches. He had heard about the wealth that came from the local metal mines, and he could now testify to it after spending a single day in the place. The red headed fanalis rested back against one of the walls of tallest building in Heliohapt apart from the Black Pyramid.

Farah had heard the recent rumors about the dungeon that had recently rose. He had come to Heliohapt to see it with his own eyes after all. The power to conquer nations and shape history slept inside that same building. The red haired adventurer couldn't help but simple daze in the sole concept of it. He was ready; he was now free and had made his mind up. Farah had recently obtained his freedom in the Coliseum of Reim. He decided he'd go to Heliohapt to research more about Caim, the dungeon that appeared from no where. However, that was not the only reason behind his travel. He had heard the town was full of opportunities that could make him stronger, and that was what he most cared of now. The fact that a dungeon had arisen had brought dozens of strong adventurers, aiming to be the first ones to conquer the dungeon. It was now evident that he would be able to test his strength and gain more power. However, this was not all to the Fanalis male. It was indeed the fact that Heliohapt was close to the Dark Continent that brought him here. Ever since he left Reim as a slave he decided he'd find once more his blood. Finding Fanalis was what he cared about now. Wanting to know their stories, their past, and shaping a future together with them like the countless stories his father had told him when young when Fanalis lived together and in peace...

He was ready to make his mark in the world. But was the world ready for him?

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