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Fresh off the boat [Solo/Event]

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez

Diego, along with Trixie, had boarded a boat from Magnostradt to a port city on the coast of Heliohapt. Some of the crew, afraid of Trixie running wild on the boat, had requested that she be confined to his room during the voyage. Diego had acquiesced to the demands, but was crushed to see Trixie cooped up in such a cramped room for a week. Diego had gotten along with the Captain after he had overheard Diego telling Trixie a story one night. The Captain, Sicero, had been impressed with how animated Diego had been telling a story to a cat. He especially loved the voices he used for the different characters. A couple nights, Sicero had invited Trixie and Diego to his room to share drinks and stories.

Before they disembarked, Sicero told Diego of a man named Telmur who lived at the north of the town, that could take them to Heliohapt. Sicero said that the man had owed him a favor and that Diego's stories were a fair trade. Diego thanked him greatly and promised that if they ever met again, he would treat Sicero to some drinks and stories. Sicero laughed heartily at that and wished him well on his journey, making sure to scratch Trixie behind her ears before they left.

As they wandered the streets of the town, Diego was awed by the way they designed their homes and decorated them. When they found Telmur's home, he was even more astonished to see camels. Even Trixie spent time smelling the strange creatures and they didn't seem to mind her. At first, Telmur had seemed cautious of not only Trixie, but Diego as well. After hearing Sicero's name and that his debt would be paid for this favor, he opened up and seemed friendly enough. Telmur asked about Diego's story and unsure of how much to say he gave him a brief overview. Diego mentioned growing up on the plains outside of Magnostradt and how the Iowasa tribe had been killed by a man called Jagang. Diego explained that he was on a journey to find Jagang and get revenge for his tribe. He also expressed a desire to meet friends, help people and possibly find a beast tamer while at Heliohapt.

Telmur had never heard of anyone called Jagang, but promised that he would see Diego safely to Heliohapt in the morning. He offered him a room for the night so he could see if anyone needed goods transported before they left. In the morning Telmur had found endless amusement in Diego's awkward camel-riding.

When they entered the magnificent city of Heliohapt, Diego was speechless. Telmur provided a brief tour and then said farewell to sell some of the goods he had brought with. He also warned Diego to take care in they city and not to be obvious about his search for Jagang. Some people living in the city earned their living by selling information and with Diego being new, the whispers would travel quick. Diego nodded and thanked the man for all his help. With Trixie at his side and his feet finally on the ground, he led them off to see what the city had to offer.


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