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Lonely Orphans [Solo/Request]

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Farah had been wandering throughout Heliohapt for a couple of days now. It was clear the city had lots of wonderful things and unknown mysteries to offer. It was almost as if one could sniff adventure in every corner. This kind of place was the perfect environment of Farah, the young red headed Fanalis that had arrived the country a few days ago. Even though there wasn't anything better in the world for him than a good fight and the thrills of danger, he wanted to do something different for once. Instead of finding a man that had a job for someone just as himself, Farah wanted to try new experiences. He looked throughout the local establishments asking for someone who looked a man to do a job of that nature. Whilst speaking with a local vendor, he mentioned that the orphanage had been requesting people that could cheer up the kids a little. They paid a small sum of money to everyone that gave the lonely kids a good time. Farah had free time on his hands, not a feat that had to be taken lightly, considering he was still new to the concept of owning his time. He decided it would be te best for him to relax and take some days off. He could even have some fun with this kids right?

The red haired man left towards the orphanage that requested volunteers. He was a man to enjoy every moment like a child, completely unfazed by the seriousness of the matter. He burst through the door like an earthquake, making a loud noisy entrance that resounded throughout the whole building. "HEEEEEEEY! ANYONE HOME!?" The owners of the orphanage quickly looked at the source of such ruckus. Farah however, didn't look nack at them as he placed his hands on his head and walked with a smirk. "I was told one could find mountains of kids over here" The few kids that had already taken a grasp of the visit chuckled at the mention. As he walked towards the center of a large room completely adapted to hold several dozens of kids a small figure pulled from the man's garbs downwards. Farah turned around with a "Huh?" just to find out a miniature girly figure. She was around 5 or 6 years old. "Mister... what is wrong with your hair? " It was evident that the girl had never seen the red head of a Fanalis. Both the owners of the place and Farah chuckled at the comment. "Well... that's what happens when you drink too much juice." The joke managed to make some kids laugh and finally come out of their hiding.

Farah spent the rest of the day with them, joking, playing, laughing and telling them stories of his life as a gladiator. In the end, everyone had a good time. After saying his goodbyes to the kids and promising he'd come back soon, the owner of the orphanage thanked him deeply as they handed a pouch of Huangs. Not bad for a break huh?


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