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Kára Fox [Catching the Chickens]

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox
Job Name: Recapture of the cazy chickens!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: You will meet a farmer in Reim who needs your help! He has a big farm with a lot of animals but for some reasons his chickens (20 of them!) have escaped from their cages! If you help him to catch them and bring them back to their cages he will reward you generously. However you cannot kill or even harm the chicken. You have to treat them carefully. The farm is very big and they could be anywhere. Have fun searching for them and beware, they are fast and some of them can fly a bit as well!

Kára Fox would wake up fairly lateish due to the training day the day before, containing of a singing event and the extensive training afterwards. 10am Kára Fox was awake and taking a shower when she got a latter posted underneath her door about a farmer needed a Fanalis help with something that required.. Speed..Patience and control of ones strength.

Dear Kára Fox i heard you are one for helping those in need without question and your actions are now attached to your feet, so would you mind helping me with my crises ..tell you more on your arrival.
Thank you....Farmer Bobby Winchester.

Kara would instantly finish having her morning routing, would get ready to leave...have breakfast down stairs and take a steady Jog towards the farm mentioned in the letter. Arriving at midday, though she could not find the farmer so took a nose around and ended up being followed by 3 chickens that feel in love with her amazing hair. Then suddenly you would see the farmer come out from a shed on right of the path Kara was walking along.

The farmers eyes would suddenly open wide.."You ou you actually came to help.....Thank you very much..." Kara's Eyebrow had risen as the farmer went on with more Thanks before she even started the job and she was getting a little board waiting for him to tell her what she needed to actually do "catch 20 Chickens safely ...".

After hearing what she needed to do, she turn around to the 3 chickens following her already, and smirked with a evil grin, with her eyes sparkling a red demonic shine towards the chickens, "Don't make me chase you" the chickens who were not scared of Kara but just found her more wonderful listened to her, and simply walked into the chicken cope...3/20.

Kara would go into a sprint around the entire complex not catching the chickens but working out where they all were hiding/located, though due to a bit of luck 15 of the other chickens had feel in love with Kara and simply walked into the cope in respect of her wonder leaving just 2 left, though these 2 were very sneeky launching a chicking catapult firing eggs at Kara though all eggs missed, along with giving away the 2 chickens location, and Kara would sprint for them, and pick up the 2 chickens softly, just enough so to stop them getting loose, but not so much as to hurt them... and would quickly put them in the coup and bowed to the the farmer on a quick job well done... He would offer to pay her she refused and darted off before getting paid...but the farmer was very stubborn and mailed her the money instead .....Misson was over and Kara decided to have a bubble Bath.

Kara would go have dinner at a local restaurant on her own ordering fried chicken and chips, with a nice drink on the side...when a friend shows be continued.

515/500 word count


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