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Chickens! [Mission|Solo]

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1Chickens! [Mission|Solo] Empty Chickens! [Mission|Solo] on 13/09/14, 09:52 am


It was still early in the morning when Myra was waking up from her sleep. She had decided to rent a very small “flat” if you can call it like that, with a small room and everything she needed to sleep here for a while. She was spending most time of the days outside anyways so it didn’t really matter how her property looked like. The sun was shining through her window and had woken her up. She yawned and stretched her limbs before she quickly took a short white dress and put it on. It was nothing special and was probably nothing worth as well, however it was enough for her to wear. She was going out barefeet like always. It was just in her nature no to wear shoes at all. She could run, jump, spring and kick people easier like that anyways. Myra was in a pretty good mood this morning so she jumped down onto the streets of the Reim Empire and looked out for a job to do. There was always something to do after all, the Merchants were busy and needed some help here and then and she could always need some money as well. After a while of just strolling around she got a little bit hungry and went into a small shop to buy something to eat  - rice with some chicken. While she was eating a merchant, middle aged man sat down in front of her and smiled at her. “Does it taste good, young Fanalis?” He asked and Myra raised a brow. “It does.” “If you do some work for me I will pay you generously and pay also for another meal. Deal?” She  nodded. Furthermore he would explain to her that he had a farm with chicken. 20 of them had escaped from their cages and she need to capture them. That sounded pretty hilarious to Myra but she was okay with doing that job. They visited the farm and Myra started looking out for them. The first 10 chickens were pretty easy to caputure because they didn’t expected someone to look for them anymore after a few days that they had been outside now. Some of them were also pretty slow, however the other 10 were slightly difficult. Three of them had hidden on top of the farmers house, however as a Fanalis Myra fortunately didn’t had a hard time climbing up and catching them and putting them back into their cages. The merchant watched her amused after she was hunting down another 3 chicken, without hurting them of course, and placed them in their cages. There were another two hiding underneath a carriage and the last two hidding in the carriage. After finding all of them she told the merchant about her success and he offered her another meal while paying her as he had promised. Myra decided to takte the meal home though where she would eat some more chicken with rice before going to bed. "Good night world." She said to herself and yawned before falling asleep.

500 Words


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