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Catching a Killer [Job/Solo]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou



ey, Jingyi! Come over here!" Barked a voice, causing Jingyi to come to a pause in her walk. Looking over her shoulder, the girl quickly realized that it was an officer speaking to her. With haste, she walked towards the man, stopping and saluting after reaching him. Once she put her hand down, the man began to prattle.

"The authorities are having trouble catching this one man, so they had requested our help. And don't worry about pay, they have a reward up for him," Officer Kiem stated as he sighed softly, "It's a sick man who's been going around targeting women. They found around 5 bods so far," he continued, his eyes narrowing in obvious disgust. Jingyi watched as he crossed his arms over his chest and shake his head. She didn't open her mouth to reply, sensing that he had more to say. Not only would it be rude if she cut him off, but she didn't want to see his response to it.

"I want you to go out there, down at Gremory Lane, and look pretty. He'll show up and attack, so be on your toes. And, please be careful. The man, coward and sick as he is, is a strong one," Kiem finished after giving her a warning. Once he was sure that she had absorbed all of the information given to her, the officer waved his hand in "shooing" motions so he could return to his work.

Jingyi meanwhile just dumbly nodded her head before turning on her heel and walking towards the front door. Escaping the building, Jingyi supposed that she may as well start on the job now before any other lady got hurt. With that thought in mind, the girl exited the military base where she was currently stationed, Nature's Scorn and Windcutter strapped to her side.

After almost an half-hour of walking, she reached Gremory Lane, a back-alley street defended by tall buildings. Despite the strong light out, the lane was rather shady and dark. Looking around, there wasn't much to see other than some trash bins and alley cats.

Stopping by a corner on Gremory Lane, Jingyi leaned Nature's Scorn against the wall, careful to not prick herself on the spear's thorn-like tip. She wouldn't mind if the thorns ripped apart the serial killer, but it would be quite the problem if it happened to her finger.

Moving her hand to Grasscutter's hilt, the redhead glanced around. Narrowing her eyes, Jingyi kept a wide eye open, watching for the man. She couldn't afford to be caught off guard, or it would obviously be her last. Wrapping her hands around her middle, Jingyi stomped her feet as she waited. She was always told that patience isn't a virtue, but she couldn't help but feel irritated. If the man was going to make an appearance, he may as well do it now!

Sighing softly, Jingyi squeezed close her eyes for a moment before opening them back up. She scanned the alley once more before leaning her back against the wall. To her side was Nature's Scorn, which she realized that it was just a bit taller than she is.

Pushing herself off the wall, Jingyi grabbed the weapon in both hands. Rubbing her thumb along the staff of the spear, Jingyi just sighed softly in disappointment.

Looking up from Nature's Scorn, Jingyi looked forwards before turning around and glancing what was once at her back. She couldn't spot anyone coming yet, but she was sure that he was coming. Maybe she was too suspicious? Too out in the open?

Walking down the lane, Jingyi disappeared around the corner and walked down the neighboring lane. The redhead walked around the area after strapping Nature's Scorn to her back. She spent a couple minutes in that way, walking around Gremory Lane but never leaving. Once she was "certain" that it was safe, Jingyi slowly walked back to the spot. Creeping around the corner, she spotted another woman now waiting, a cigarette lit in her fingers. She shook it, causing ash to fall before she took a long breath from it.

But something else caught her eye, a shine of light reflecting off something metallic and long. Squinting her eyes, Jingyi suddenly realized with a chill running back that it was a machete of some sort.

"Hey, lady! Get outta there, NOW!" Her shout caught the woman off guard, who quickly dropped her cigarette in surprise. She began to look angry, but the look of anger changed to fear once she looked behind her after a prompt from Jingyi pointing. The Serial Killer, seeing that his opportunity was slipping from his fingers, lunged out of his hiding spot. With a grasping hand, he tried to grab the woman's hand but just missed.

With a shriek, the once smoking woman took off towards Jingyi's safety. The redheaded girl in question started to run forwards, meeting the other lady head first and pushing her behind her. With a gesture, she pointed to the exit that was now behind them, which the woman quickly took, escaping Gremory Lane.

Now, Jingyi was faced alone against the Serial Killer. Despite the fact that his face was masked, Jingyi could tell that he was obviously really upset at not only her appearance but her assistance in letting his "prey" escape him.

"What now, big boy?" Jingyi inquired in a mocking question, her eyes narrowing as her hand reached for Nature's Scorn. With a guttural roar, the serial killer launched himself towards Jingyi, his machete raising in preparation for a Gutting Slash.

However, his attack didn't land since Jingyi expertly used her Exceptional Speed to get away from him. She then used her Perfect Balance, flipping away from the man and putting even more space between the two of them. She easily landed on her feet and got the privilege to watch the man almost shout in annoyance and stomp his feet. During his miniature temper-tantrum, Jingyi quickly unsheathed Nature's Scorn. Tightening her grip on the spear, her knuckles turned white as she prepared for his next incoming attack.

Turning his hulking body in his direction, like the wild animal the man seemed to be, the Serial Killer began to charge forwards. As he came close, Jingyi poured Magoi into the magic weapon, its magic circle starting to shine in response. Just as he was mere meters away from her, Jingyi stabbed the thorn-like spearhead into the ground, activating Piercing Growths. With an eruption, large thorns burst out of the ground in a linear path. Unfortunately for the Serial Killer, his momentum prevented him from stopping and he ended up running onto the thorns themselves.

He howled in pain as the meter long thorns stabbed easily through his shoes, no doubtly tearing the soles of his feet up. He stomped around, trying to get out of the pile only for the fabric of his boot to get caught to a thorn. He then toppled over, falling onto the spikes. The Serial Killer howled once more as the thorns broke through his shirt and skin, digging into the muscles in his back. Grabbing a fistful of thorns in his hands, the unstable man pulled himself out of the thorns, collapsing by their line. Blood was left on the thorns from where he both stepped and fell on them, with a patch of blood growing on his back.

Jingyi raised Nature's Scorn, the sight of what the weapon did making her uneasy. She knew all too well about the weapon's capabilities in battle, but it never did ease her. She never stabbed the magic weapon into someone while its function was activated, but if the fight continued, she was sure that she was about to see.

Jingyi poured more of her Magoi into the weapon before lunging forwards, aiming to stab the man as he writhed on the ground. However, he spotted the attack coming and managed to roll away. Just as the spear was about to stab the ground, an action that would have wasted her Magoi, Jingyi stopped it. Backing away, she realized that the Serial Killer had managed to climb to his feet. His legs were trembling, no doubt from the damage her thorns had dealt to him. His chest heaved as he breathed heavily before leaping at Jingyi once more.

His machete was aimed towards her neck, a fact Jingyi realized as she raised Nature's Scorn. Backing up, she dropped to one knee and jabbed her spear forwards, catching the man in the breast. Before Piercing Growth had a chance to deal its damage once more, Jingyi quickly pushed on the spear, knocking the man away from her person, though he managed to stay on his feet. But, that would not stay that way for long, since he began to howl once more.

In a spiral around the weapon, thorns began to erupt out of his skin, mangling the flesh. The Serial Killer dropped his weapon in favor for scratching at his skin, trying to rip out the thorns that were filling his body with pain. He quickly dropped to his knees, pulling out the spear and tossing it away. But it was too late for Nature's Scorn had already dealt its damage, and with a final shuddering breath, the serial killer had fallen forwards.

It was done. With trembling hands, Jingyi recovered her spear before nearing the serial killer. Hesitantly, she nudged his shoulder with a foot and was met with no response. Kneeling down, she inspected the body for signs of life before getting back up. It would seem that her job was done and all she needed to do was to turn him in.

Job Details:

Job Name: Bloody Rags
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: A serial killer is on the loose, attacking innocent people to get some sort of sick thrill. He has a steady hunting ground, go there and make sure that he's not a threat any more.

Enemy Name: Serial Killer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Serial Killer has a machete that does B-tier damage.
Gutting Slash – Serial Killer moves his machete in a horizontal strike across his opponent’s torso, inflicting A-tier damage.
Disarm – Serial Killer uses his machete to strike an opponent’s weapon, flinging it 15 meters away.
Bloody Jab – Serial Killer jabs his blade forward at to inflict B-tier damage.


Trait Name: Perfect Balance
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Must have a Physical Combat Class
Trait Description: Being nimble and flexible are valuable traits, but they aren't very useful without the balance to use them properly. The character with this trait is very in tune with their sense of balance allowing them to almost always land on their feet, perform advanced acrobatics, and balance on even the smallest of footholds.
Trait Effect: Can perform advanced flips and other acrobatics without the use of abilities. Can balance on almost any footing/surface.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now sprint as fast as a horse and can maintain these speeds for several minutes. At this level they are equal to a D-tier fanalis in speed.

Items Brought:

Catching a Killer [Job/Solo] D5f78eca7b358ceaaa02027ca5b49c08
Name: Natures Scorn
Tier: B
Type: Weapon [Spear]
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The spear is 2m long including the blade, which on its own is 36 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. The body seems to be made up of a sturdy wood leading up to the blade with vines wrapping around. The appearing to resemble a thorn in appearance.

  • Piercing growth - When the user invests magoi into the spear the next thing the spear is stabbed into causes a trail of thorns 3m long and 1m in height to extend forward dealing B-tier damage to whatever it pierces. If the spear is stabbed into a living thing the thorns grow from that limb damaging it by growing from them. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Catching a Killer [Job/Solo] IuasmHK
Name: Windcutter
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Four-Ring Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: Jingyi’s first sword has a blade that’s 103 cm, along with a hilt that’s around 15 cm. There is a long blade, with four rings lining one edge, with indentions in the sharper side of the blade. There's an eye-catching red tassel attached to the end of the hilt. When her brother had upgraded the rather old blade, he had given it a whole new look, to her surprise.[/center]


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