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Peculiar Petals: Attack of the Killer Beast! [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Assignment Name: Peculiar Petals: What A Monstrosity!
Assignment Rank: C
Assignment Location: Magnostadt
Assignment Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Asha, Florist Skills, Part III Complete
Assignment Overview: As Asha grows flowers and has a nice storefront ready for opening, a vicious creature emerges from the depths of the building. Why did nobody warn her about this? She has to defeat the creature or else it will ruin all of her hard work!

Enemy Name: Killer Hare
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: An absurdly large hare that feeds on flowers and plants. It dwells in the building, and has been for quite a while, as it ate through all of the plant-life that existed in Magnostadt's abandoned buildings. Now that Asha's rekindled the florist market in Magnostadt, it's back, and it's hungry. The Killer Hare moves at 12m/s.

Chomp: Killer Hare bites with its 30cm large (and long) front teeth, clamping down on the target and attempting to chew it for C-tier damage.
Super Hop: Going 7m into the air, the Killer Hare comes back to the ground with such impressive force that it strikes a 5m radius with C-tier damage (coming down from the sky at a 9.8m/s).

Asha stood outside the storefront she commandeered (not quite legally) from the thieves just a few days prior. She was apprehensive to enter the building, and deathly afraid of whatever monster, creature, or human might be in there wreaking havoc. She stood outside it for a while, trying to work up the courage to barge in and put a stop to the systematic destruction of her hard work and dedication. With one assertive step toward the door, she opened it quickly, darting around from right to left to brace for attackers or a surprise onslaught. When it was clear nothing was going to jump out of the shadows and tackle her to the ground and slash at her face, she walked into the house. The place was mostly in tatters, but it still looked relatively fixable--Asha thought the "worn wood" look would tie along nicely with vines and a rustic feeling. It seemed ancient, lived in, and almost part of the earth itself. Yet, Asha couldn't quite worry about business ventures at this point, there was still much to deal with in exterminating the menace that existed in the house. Going by pure instinct and deductive reasoning, Asha surmised that the mysterious force that rips through and destroys the foliage she works so hard to maintain will most likely appear when Asha creates and summons more lovely plants for the monstrous evil being to devour with, what Asha assumed, his seven mouths, each equipped with sharp, nasty teeth that sliced anything it touched in two. So, not caring to clean up, Asha arranged plants and books and other things and dotted the walls with all lovely arrangements just to share with the curious creature that she so despised (currently, at least). With everything prepared to her satisfaction, she walked upstairs to the still confusingly immaculate condition of it laid down on the bed, ready to fall asleep and wake up when the time was right.

A loud crash boomed through the house as Asha shot up in bed. It seemed the intruder has arrived, and knocked over her favorite flower pot! Asha quickly grabbed her staff and whisked away downstairs, running downstairs to see a...rabbit...illuminated by the moonlight, going to town on a bed of flowers. Asha was surprised, and honestly relieved, as she laughed to herself.

"Oh...oh my god...I was...I was afraid of that!? Ha ha hahaha!" She laughed, until the rabbit turned its body around to Asha and revealed its face to her. Her laughing abruptly stopped as she looked on in horror at the massive size of the thing. What she thought was a bed of flowers was actually his body, masked by the flowers he had mowed down and left strewn about in his wake. The rabbit flashed its teeth, to reveal very large, sharp teeth that he would most likely mangle Asha's body with and rip her apart like pulled meat. "I take it back. I take it all back. Crap." The rabbit growled, and Asha took that as a signal to run back upstairs and hide. She made it upstairs, and no sign of the rabbit existed, so she took this as an opportunity to continue being 'safe' in 'her house.' It wasn't until the floor next to her opened up in a loud crash to reveal the rabbit landing next to her, having ripped open the infrastructure of the house that she decided being a florist was all a pipe dream and that she should just give up on that dream right now--a vicious, murderer rabbit in her home when all she wanted to do was sell flowers, peacefully, may have soured that a bit. The rabbit growled at Asha, and she backed her way into a corner, until she realized it was, yes, still a bunny, and she shouldn't really feel that scared of the thing. The bunny lunged at her, revealing its large, daunting teeth and attempted to clamp its jaw down on Asha, but the rukh around Asha gathered at the direction of the hare, and her Borg deflected the blow before shattering around her.

"Nope! NOPE NOPE NOPE!" Asha yelled, rushing downstairs and outside, the killer bunny chasing rapidly behind her. She managed to make it outside, which was for some reason her plan, before the bunny leapt into the air, and stomped hard back onto the ground sending shock-waves all around Asha so significant it sent her flying into the air and knocking her into the side of a building. The blow definitely hurt, and she was going to feel that the next day, but now she was ready to pulverize this thing into oblivion. Not wanting to waste any time dilly-dallying, Asha cast Rgs'ah Alurdah at the beast, but not quite understanding the beast's advantage over plants, he managed to eat two of them, and dodge the rest. While she can't imagine the thorns in his throat felt at all satisfying, it didn't seem to delay the bunny's advance at all, and so when she saw it lunge forward at her, revealing its large, ostentatious, and obnoxiously large chompers, Asha made one last ditch effort to murder the damn thing.

"Why does this always happen to me! ZAHHAK!" She boomed, revealed the trusty serpent from her staff and lunged forward at the rabbit, its mouth slicing through the hare's body until it was cleaved in two. The life construct disappeared, and the bunny's bodies were now in the middle of the street where her shop lie. She stared at the body, and at the store, and thought about everything that has happened up until this point with regards to her dreams of owning her own flower shop and just shrugged. Deciding it probably wouldn't be prudent to leave two halves of a whole killer bunny body lying in the middle of the city, she reluctantly grabbed all of the pieces and tossed it in the "bad part of town," hoping maybe someone would find it to be a good meal. She returned to storefront and looked at the building once more, unable to shake her gaze from the building. She walked inside and looked around, observing all of the hard work she put in for not even one minute of actually owning a store. A wave of ideas and ways to promote her store came rushing into her brain, and feeling a new sense of reinvigorated passion, slapped the register counter and decided she was back on track.

"Eh. What the hell! I've already come this far..." She said to herself, and with that, began to clean up, getting ready to finally prepare for her grand opening of Peculiar Petals.

WC: 1116/1000
Magoi: 140/200

Abilities Used:
Name: Rgs'ah Alurdah
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 30m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Four 5m large roses adorned with 15cm thick thorns are magically thrown from Asha's staff at 20m/s at opponents for B-tier damage. Each rose hits for D-tier damage.

Name: Zahhak
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 25m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Asha creates a life construct in the shape of a serpent that is 15m large by combining the plant-life around her into one single entity. It moves at 20m/s in a straight path to coil around or bite an opponent for B-tier damage.


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