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Peculiar Petals: Executive Headquarters! [Profession/Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Assignment Name: Peculiar Petals: Executive Headquarters!
Assignment Rank: C
Assignment Location: Magnostadt
Assignment Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Asha, Florist Skills, Part II Complete
Assignment Overview: Now that she's got her blueprints and dealt with those pesky thieves, she can begin experimentation and work! Unfortunately, while she's got a nice "headquarters" set up, she hears awful, scary voices in the night that spook her out as she's raising different kinds of flowers.

Asha was toiling away in the "vacant" building she decided to use as a storefront, decorating it with her own personal charm, as she hummed nostalgic melodies around the house. It was a big day for her, as now that she "purchased" the "vacant" property, she could do "whatever she wanted" without random people coming in and "trying to kill her." She was very technical about all of the details, considering she did lie to the local constabulary about why she was in the house in the first place when she handed Lock, Shock, & Bolt over to the authorities to have them serve their penitence for all of their crimes. Not like Asha was wholly innocent herself, it's just she hasn't built up quite an illustrious record of crime in Magnostadt as the three bumbling thieves did, and fortunately she was free from suspicion and possible incarceration. The house seemed much more charming and filled with her own personal touches, adding in a bit of Balbaddan flair to give her store the "exotic charm" she thought would bring in more business--everyone was always look to experience something significantly culturally different, so it made sense to capitalize on that. She felt a bit uneasy for using cheap gimmicks like that to attempt to draw in business, but she also did not care much considering the main objective as of right now was to make as much money as possible.

After the store had been sufficiently decorated and furnished enough for Asha to feel comfortable and at ease in the store, she got to work setting up soil, and thinking of specific flowers, and all sorts of things in order to spice up her store with fresh merchandise. The front window was lined with an assortment of colorful flowers, appearing in order as if they were a rainbow that dotted the inside of the building. She created vines that artfully lined the store's walls, giving the staircase, parts of the door, and the walls around her a touch of ancient and distinguished charm. The counter where the clerk (herself) would stand had a lone pot of soil, with an animated sunflower that danced in the presence of light and almost looked like a happy little pet. There was a large bookshelf behind her, which she put a ledger, books on gardening, and other relevant materials suited for aspiring florists. Before long, her store was a garden in itself, and she could not wait to open up her store for the whole public. After having spent the entire day toiling away on making her store the best it could possibly be, she decided to walk upstairs, flop onto the bed there and drift soundly off to sleep, dreaming of reaping in gold and having a building full of people fawning over her beautiful flowers.

The next day, Asha awoke from a good night's sleep and walked downstairs, ready to double-check everything before her grand opening.

"WHAT ON EARTH--WHO--HOW--WHY!?" She yelled, completely distraught at the state of her store. All the flowers were mauled, ripped from the soil, and strewn about the store, leaving dirt and leaves and petals all around the store as if a wild tornado tore through the building. The vines she spent so much time on to be meticulously placed around the store have been eaten through, or just ripped off the walls and thrown on the ground. The pages of the books she placed in her back wall were tossed around the house and the books randomly dotting random parts of the house. Everything she spent so much time on making perfect, the entire day devoted to just that was completely wasted and her property completely ruined. She thought she was cursed because of the circumstances surrounding her taking 'ownership' of the building, but that couldn't be right. She was a magician, she'd be able to at least have some inkling of foul play due to magic if it happened. This was something else--something sinister--lying in wait to torture Asha's life until she left the store and quit. Jumping to conclusions, Asha decided it was some jealous person who caught wind of her plan and seeked to sabotage her so that she wouldn't become the successful small business owner she'd always dreamed to be. So, Asha cleaned up the house and set it up, exactly as it had been before. She bought more books to line the bookshelf behind the shop counter, and walked upstairs to 'sleep,' but in actuality was waiting to appear and strike the horrible villain who destroyed her beautiful piece of property.

It was extremely late at this point and Asha was still awake--and waiting--for the culprit to come and wreak havoc on her tiger lilies. She was just about to give up hope and fall asleep, assured it was just a freak accident until she heard the most horrid squeaking noise she had ever heard in her entire life. Asha was not yet brave enough to face any danger, especially ones that made sounds so jarring it instilled a fear within her so significant she pulled the sheets over her head and ducked under the covers. The sounds that came from the downstairs of her house last night were horrible--she could practically hear the plants begging for their life as the sounds of a ravenous demon-beast devoured everything.

"It's haunted this place is haunted I don't want to be a florist any more this is too scary I can't WHAT IS THAT NOISE" She thought, terrified to move at all for fear the beast would set its sights on her. After a long while, the sounds stopped, and her mind was put to relative ease. When morning came, Asha leaped out of bed, throwing on her clothes and gathering everything necessary before running downstairs to find her store in complete ruin. Not wanting to burden herself with the horrible realization that this happened, she took off from the store, vowing to boycott the trade of a florist until she could figure out just what the heck was terrorizing her store. She checked all the local news outlets and anything similar to see if there were similar break-ins. Nothing proved fruitful until she happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between two students in the main plaza.

"Hey, did you hear? Apparently a monster some professors experimented on escaped from the academy--it came from the underground..." A girl said, making Asha pause in her tracks and listen intently on what she was saying. The other girl just gasped in response to the girl's juicy bit of gossip, which inspired the girl to keep going, "Yeah...apparently its mouth opens up so wide that it can swallow adult horses whole, and its mouth is filled with so much disease that one bite leaves you poisoned and kills you within seconds. They say it feeds on anything magical...even magicians," The other girl gasped and clutched her body in horror, terribly afraid of the gossiping girl's story. Asha froze and could not get over the insurmountable fear she felt. She decided she'd put her dream of owning a flower shop on hold for a while--she was still young after all...but it still nagged at her that she was so close, and now so far away from her dream.

WC: 1230/1000


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