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Catching beasts [ Zoo trouble , Job/Solo]

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Job details:
Job Name: Zoo Trouble
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Local animal protection place was having a trouble with several rampaging Leopard that escaped out from their cage. Catch all the leopards and take it back!

Enemy Name:Leopards (x4)
Needed damage to take down:C
Description:Leopards can sprint at 10m/s
Claw attack – Leopard can send a sharp claw attack at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage
Bite – Leopard can bite the target at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage

It was a normal day for Ani whom had been quite happy to have gotten to sleep in her own bed back at her own home once again. Despite having only been home for a day Ani had been looking for jobs to do. The reason being was that she was going to be entering a dungeon soon enough. so she had planned on earning extra money and using the opportunity to try and become stronger for what was coming up.She had a little trouble the last time she had went into one so who knew what kind of trouble she would face in this one. Either way it was a good idea for to try and become stronger, so this all in all was a good idea. She had set up a notice that she was looking for a job and this morning she had received a reply that there was an available job. After reading the letter she had learned that it was a job for people whom had been caring for leopards. Animals, what a perfect Job for Ani to tackle what else could be a better job for a beast tamer. Once she had confirmed what the job she grabbed her stuff and left the house with Hoyo.

Ani was dressed in interesting clothing as she made her way through the Heliohapt streets on her way to meet the employers so she could be informed on the situation. She was wearing leather shorts, a leather banded top, her summer cloak, and her metal mask to finish it off. It was slightly peculiar, but overall it matched her physique and her personality. Though she garnered a few looks from both people staring at her because of her attractiveness and people who were staring because of the peculiar clothing. Though there was little time for people to stare as she was walking at a fast pace towards her destination. Soon enough the young Imuchakk had made it to the meeting place, a pet shop. Once she walked inside she got a gist of the situation. A young worker was in the middle of cleaning the cages when they had escaped from their temporary cage until the cleaning was supposed to be finished. Though luckily for Ani they had tracked the beasts to a bar where they were wrecking havoc upon the patrons and smashing the tables and chairs.

She soon said goodbye to the owners and told them to bring workers to the site, so that way they could take the beasts with them once Ani would be finished knocking them out/ It shouldn't be too hard Ani thought. They were only leopards and Ani had fought much more menacing beasts in the dungeon along with ones she had seen during her job as a beast tamer. She was quick however afraid that they might be harming civilians, or that someone might have attacked them and murdered them which would be very bad for Ani whom had been hoping to make a decent amount of money from this job, along with the experiences. Walking as quickly as possible Ani soon enough reached her destiniation, but she did not go into the building just yet. She stood there for a moment looking back behind her. She planned to wait for the staff members from the pet shop to show up so that way they could immediately take care of the leopards after she knocked them out. Lucky for Ani they soon showed up after her with a cart that had a cage on it so they could lock them up and bring them back to their home so they could be safe.

Once she was syre that everything was in place Ani walked into the tavern looking around for the leopards that were obviously inside there. They had wrecked the entire bar scratch marks being everywhere, bottles being smashed, and wet paw prints made from them stepping around in the liquor had been left behind from where they had walked. Hoyo sniffed around looked wondering where they could be. Ani searched without moving much incase they came through one of the doorways when she wasn't looking at it. It was then that Ani thought of a great plan to find them and prepare for the upcoming attack. She motioned to Hoyo telling him to use his electrolocation. Soon enough Hoyo sensed for the creatures using his ability. he soon found them all four walking from a door in the back. Ani jumped infront of Hoyo and began to channel Magoi into the mask she was wearing before releasing a ghastly howl at all four of them to knock them out instantly. While this dissapointed Ani somewhat it made her happy to see that she wouldn't have to hurt them anymore then she already had. Of course since she loved Animals she wanted to refrain from hurting them anymore then she had too.

With the help of the shop workers Ani picked up the leopards and soon brought them out of the bar setting them into the cage one by one. Once they were all set into the cage Ani closed the door and locked it before informing the bar owners that the pet shop planned to compensate them for their losses. Once she had done that part for them also she jumped onto the cart so she could watch over the leopards as they were brought back to where they belonged.

The cart ride was a short one, but it brought them to place away from the shop, and instead they were at a large caged off forest area that was artificially made for these animals. Ani helped unload the leopards into the area before letting out a happy sight seeing that they'd be living in such a nice place from now on. Though she learned they were going to be transferred here anyways as part of a program to protect exotic beasts such as this. After a short conversation with the owners Ani was payed and went along her way.

WC: 1013/1000
Magoi; 110/150

abilities used:
Name: Electrolocation
Tier: C
Cost: 20l10 stamina
Beast Type: Support
Class: Supplementary
Range: 15 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts + sustain
Description: Using his natural ability of Electroception, Hoyo concentrates and senses the natural electricity all living things give off that are within fifteen meters of him at 20 m/s.

Name: Ghastly Howl
Tier: C-tier
Cost: 20 magoi + 10 to sustain
Element: Sound
Class: Offense
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts + 1 for sustain
Description: Ani uses the power of the mask to fire off a powerful shriek that is 10 meters in diameter and travels at 15m/s to deal c-tier damage to anyone within 20 meters.


Catching beasts [ Zoo trouble , Job/Solo] 1ZZ5IgG

Catching beasts [ Zoo trouble , Job/Solo] LO0Knk3

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