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Siege (Trent/Job/Private)

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Siege
Job Rank:A
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Reward: 30k huang, 500 xp
Job Prerequisite: none
Job Overview: Angelus has been given control of about half of the army due to a recent promotion. His goal is to take a city in the Parthevian region that is controlled by a group of former Heliohapt Soldiers that left after the fall of the capital city. They became a group of mercenaries till they decided to help the people and formed a city out of one of the older ones that didn't have much of a population anymore. Since then the leader of the group has become a sort of lord over the city and he and his small army protect the citizens of the city that gathered for protection after all of the chaos in Heliohapt at the moment. The city is built to be fortified against enemy attacks from bandits and the like meaning that there is a large wall and only 2 gates to enter through the north and south with guards all around on the 10 meter tall walls. The goal at hand is to conquer the city.
Lord Babi:

Siege (Trent/Job/Private) 91afb910
Enemy Name: Lord Amhet
Enemy tier: A tier
Damage to defeat:A tier
Description: Amhet was a mercenary that has become the leader of a city. He is a kind and caring man for his people but cruel and cunning for those he deems his enemy. He is a abled tactician that has lead his troupe to victory many times in the past. He is armed with various weapons of that of an assassin such as chakram and whip blades, choosing weapons that suit the battle best.
Pillar Sekhmet:

Siege (Trent/Job/Private) 4d9d4d10
Enemy Name:Pillar Sekhmet
enemy Tier:A
Damage to defeat:A
Description:Sekhmet is one of the 3 pillars that serve as the unit leaders of the former mercenary group. They now serve as helpers with the day to day functions of the city as well as being advisors and protectors of the lord. Sekhmet in particular is an Archer who hides their face and tends to use a bow and arrow.
Pillar Set:

Siege (Trent/Job/Private) F4893610
Enemy Name:Pillar Set
Enemy Tier:A
Damage to defeat:A
Description:Another Pillar, Set is a beast tamer that had lost his arms at a young age due to his father who was a noble of helio. He ended up forming a close bond with his pet snakes that have since come to serve as his arms for him.
Pillar Babi:

Siege (Trent/Job/Private) Cd311a10
Enemy Name:Pillar Babi
Enemy Tier:A
Damage to defeat:A
Description:Babi is a former slave that was bought at a young age and freed by lord Amhet. He is a large 2.5 meter fighter that uses only his fists to fight, his strength just below that of a fanalis.

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