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Thoughts of a Magi [NoM]

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1Thoughts of a Magi [NoM] Empty Thoughts of a Magi [NoM] 08/09/21, 02:09 am

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

When villains and heroes both played their parts so well it was easy for action to start rising. Connie enjoyed a good play, this was a good one, with plenty of twists and turns. He enjoyed how the actors had started to improvise their lines and their own scenes as well. There was now enough darkness in the world that he could weave a proper curtain, the first thread was in Heliohapt. Now, Tenza would make another with her actions. Yet, each of his kings, in fact, any of the kings were capable of producing another black spot in the sky.

He swirled his wine, the breeze of salt waters would brush his nose. How could people avoid conflict? It was like avoiding roots in a forest, eventually, you'll trip. Excitement bubbled past his lips as he couldn't help but giggle.

Each rising warrior, each potential ruler, they were the keys to heaven. With so many stories being told at once how could any one person control them? That was his plan, while Jiryu spent time prepping the heroes he would have no idea how it aided him. After all, for the people to fall there needs to be a light to cast the shadow. Water would splash his face.

Maybe he shouldn't have been laying so low to the ocean, but he like a nice altitude flight. He could've portaled but these travels were the closest thing he had to a vacation. For he was going to witness the strife rising between Magnostadt and the plains. While the western world was busy, the contractor was going to get to work.

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