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An Emperor at Wits, and Renewal [Plot/NoM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The alabaster fingers of the earth with their forest-covered tips would reach for the sun as it began to rise. Past those steep mountains, in the early morning of Kou, only those in-flight would be awake. Cranes, geese, and sparrows streaking the bouquet of color that was the sky, dancing in streaks of maroon, sunflower, and ruby, with kisses of rose. Nightjars, jays, finches, and tits all getting up from the trees as herons danced above the crystal lakes. Brush like trees would stretch back as a great gust would great the valley, for the birds had a guest in flight with them.

A smoke dragon, of gold and oak, leading the charge. For this smoking beast was the pipe, and stave of the magic Jiryu. As dark clouds spotted the sky, with no cleansing he couldn't help but worry. The kings of the world cared and were powerful, but their strength was beginning to falter as more forces gained traction. It was time for kings to have more of their hands, thus he was on his way to visit the dragon, the Emperor of Kou. He had not informed Yoshiro of his visit, he was aware of the Emperor's ambition, he simply wished to assist. So soaring through each spindling spire, down through the plains towards the capital, towards the palace as the sun now colored the sun as it had in the morning, but now dawn was greeting them.

Jiryu would soar inside the doors, at the throne room gate, he would cheerfully say greeting him "Good Evening your Eminence, I hope you're not too late for an appointment! Tis rather rude of I, but I come bearing a gift and my apologies."

Tiredness had gripped him from recent strives in the nation, as the red and gold hall was barely lit by braziers he would signal the guards to open the doors. Yoshiro pondered the chance he was dreaming, yet the young man was clearly awake just stressed. He had known the voice from when warriors of black rukh had come to storm his nation. If this was a gift hopefully that meant there wasn't news of more people coming to try and tear apart his nation. Reconstruction was all he wanted, to secure a foothold so Kou could stay united.

"My dear Magi, Jiryu it's a pleasure I do hope your gifts will help prevent another attack on my cities or a cure for this plague?!?" as his face had graced the magis' eyes it would cause the great magician to worry.

Jiryu had heard of the nation's plights, he had some help for the disease but had mostly brought power, protection. Yet, these troubles showed on Yoshi's face, darkened purple from restlessness with hair slightly frayed. He was not broken, but he was working hard, planning, managing, its' toll had become a veil on him as the years began to pass.

Jiryu would say "I bring some wisdom to cure your plague, but I come to shepherd along the path to one of your desires, another djinn" his voice was nectar, proudly offering as he would hover closer to the throne.

Yoshiro's painted face of worry would gain dashes of red as he would ask "You offer sweets when my people vomit, first I wish to know how to help protect my people, to cure them!" his voice began to tremble, deepening with worry. He was growing more into his role, his nation, his people were his children and each death was his loss.

"We can try and follow how it attacks people, build up their strengths by understanding that. More importantly, we need proper care, requiring wealth thoust does not have but could get from a dungeon. I can educate thee Kou magicians to help deal with symptoms and lessen deaths, but if thou wish to increase the quality of life for thy people you must take a leap" a fervor would follow his voice, there was truth to it but how could Yoshiro abandon his people. Did the Magi's words provide wisdom?

Yoshiro would look, he was hesitant, looking back to the Magi he would provide his best answer "Please, give me a month, to gather and prepare my generals, to help my people. We know these realms can take parts of one's life, once Kou has its defense from the Rakghol Plague, then we can afford to have that time, so we can then bolster care and protect the people of Kou!"

His words were a decree, the magi understood that, he worried if his patience would cause even more strife, but planning could help protect them. With a bow, and a slanted smirk with glistening pearls behind it he would say "Ay your highness, at the next moons full grin I shall return so that we may depart, for these is a dark behind these conflicts, and we must all be prepared. "

Jiryu would fly out with the end of his speech, leaving more of a cloud on the Emperor of Kou. The young warrior was prepared to fight the troubles he believed to be behind his strives, but was there more to all of the bad luck plaguing Kou? Was it more than just the aftershocks of a civil war.

Dm notes: Kou Job Update, and Yoshiro to acquire second djinn within one month

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