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The Fanalis Corps readies its' Roar [Plot/NoM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Fear and confusion, a stench that the citizens of Reim thought they had escaped. Rumors, a vile fertilizer for society, growing contempt, anxiety, and anger. The actions of the senate, of those trusted with power, were a fair basis for those rumors, yet was it enough to justify the murders going on within the walls of Reim. How long had it been festering, did these sentiments exist before the wars, before the reformation. There shouldn't have been hate for the council, yet they were prime targets. Was there a thread that lead to some truth behind these actions? It mattered not, either way, they were vile. This was a nation of laws, of rules, no one no matter how corrupt, or how rich could escape the hammer of justice. These killings had to stop, and Octavius would make sure of that.

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Words weren't his specialty, but as a father to these fanalis, to the people of reim, he had to lend his voice to those consumed in worry. With a voice of thunder, and a tone of an inviting hearth, the head of the Fanalis Corps would provide another speech, hoping to ease the worries of Reim, of the soldiers and politicians that fanatically gathered around him. The ear-wracking cries rattling his brain, but his call would shut them all out.

"People of Reim calm yourself" he would say, gesturing for them to all calm. "I hear your cries, your worries, the fears you hold. Worrying that in the night, the day that nowhere is safe. Our killer flamboyantly claims to be doing things for the people, some of you here have even cheered for this figure as my eyes tell me. That's what this killer wants, for us to be in our fears or thoughts. But I promise, turn against us if you wish but we fought for our peace, we will protect it. I have no fear in losing my life, neither do my troops!" it was minor, but it was enough to spoke reaction. Was it to incite those who may be listening? Or was it to comfort the masses?

The days in which the patriarch protected only his own seemed easier, but this job was never any kind of easy. The people inside the public forum had a perfect chance to expose an attack, it may not happen today, yet this was but the start of the plan. The Brotherhood, Gao's army, and now this killer all undermined him. It was time that Reim had its day, even if that meant drawing out a murderer, using his own life. He couldn't risk losing one of the more influential members on the cusp of their reformation.

Standing upon his alabaster podium the general would speak once more "We will be holding weekly meetings, along with constant patrols. With the sanctity of our republic being threatened, we must stay vigilant. Our communities, big and small are what help us function as a nation. We have fought for our freedoms, for our peace! I vow we will find the menace who has threatened the values we hold dear as Reimans! We are great as the people of Reim, our love, our justice shall prevail!"

From his words a mixed cry would ring out, it had been a few moons since the last attack, would this work and cause another? Worry, ecstasy, fury, and distrust would rage rampant, a fog of mixed words, of screams. They were closing in on their target, Sly was looking for the chance to ambush their prey, but why not draw out any possible connections. Either way, Reim was moving forward, there was already the confusion of conflict amongst their people. The war in Heliohapt was a chance for riches, but was everything just going to inspire more splitting? He knew the military cared about gains, he only cared for the survival of the fanalis, of the young innocents. Each with their own goals what was Reim's future? Octavius hoped for a prosperous one, for their light to blanket once again. However, colossal was the shadow of those who desired to be great.

Their meeting would end, but his thoughts would not. Octavius would leave the auditorium, He would go into the council building, passing the marble busts of generals and emperors, leading to the southern balcony. While Reim was changing this old building would still hold memories of the past. The past did hold some possible answers, it wasn't in his best belief but should they start policing the people further? They had spies all amongst the people, Sly would be good at organizing such efforts.

As he would arrive outside he couldn't focus even with the view of the city. A flutter would garner his attention, what were birds doing roosting here again. "What do I need to roast for dinner toda-" stopping just short as he saw his guest.

The Fanalis Corps readies its' Roar [Plot/NoM] Unknown

"Well, here I thought you'd be happy to have some help, I was hoping to help you find another Djinn, you have been looking for one haven't you?" The playful voice of the magi would say, the rukh around him was so prevalent the fanalis would be able to see it. He had knowledge of Ariella, of the Contractor but only rumors of this man had touched his ears.

The playful Kinan would flutter down, walking across the dusted tiles as the sunset's light barely kissed his face. General Octavius would stand alert, but he had felt there was no malevolence behind this offer. His voice beginning to boom, he would simply ask "And what brings you here with these offers?"

With a sly smile, Jiryu would simply reply "A Flock of cursed birds is coming to taint your land, and you'll need more than just Andras, you'll need to purge thy vile diseases."

DM notes: Reim jobs update and patrol special jobs coming soon, Octavius to go after second Djinn.

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