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Gero Travel | Reim to Heliophat

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Gero Gu

Gero Gu

A True Dragon

"How many times do I have to tell you? I will tolerate no petty bickering in my presence. Conflict does not please me."

                                     General Info
                            Character Name: Gero, Gu

                                        Age: 50
               Link to Approved Character: Gero
                            Affiliation: Kou Army


Starter Skills:Skills

Reim to Heliophat by use of boat was what Gero had decided he was officially required to return to Kou Empire. However, first he must pick up his personal guard that his family had provided for him. His time exploring the continent rewards him with both experiences and time.

Yes time that it took him to fully master his trait he still had a ways to go however, he knew he couldn't complete his goal just with himself alone. He needed an army more importantly he needs more money. To support his ambitious to not only to restore Kou Empire but the entirely of world from the dark clutches of evil.

Every day many people both good and bad commit deems of utter evil some are simple white lies that grow to behemoth in size. Other are devious plot to control the weak mind and influence them for their own personal greed. Whatever the case may be Gero decide within his mind he would create an organization that would maintain the balance of the world.

Oddly enough his journey to Heliophat by boat was rigorous and took up a month to arrive just to arrive at the port. Prior to his arrival Gero either remain in his room or attended his duties with patrolling the vessel. Being a capable warrior earn Gero a spot on this merchant vessel that was heading to his destination. After required time of traveling which is one month Gero arrive to Heliophat rumors brought him here and business which the organization starting.

257| 257 Total Word Count


140/140 Stamina
60/60 Magoi


"Until the last arm I will fight for justice."

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