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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Basic faction Info

Bleeding Fangs Vault Bleeding-fang-symbl

Type: Political / Social Hybrid
Status: Invite Only

  • Entry: Prove your worth big or small to this faction, and be invited in character. Alternatively you may just receive an invitation if you are already well known and trusted.
  • Departure: To leave you must provide in character a proper reason as to why you are leaving, and if you are a high ranking member you must find a trustworthy replacement to continue your tasks if one is not already ready to be provided along side a note to your higher up as to why you are leaving. Getting kicked out is possible though this is normally only through death and is caused by the member betraying or disobeying the laws of the faction, alternatively if you are just in it for self gain you will be kicked out but if you are killed or not is all based on what you did.
  • Activity: This may vary based on your position in the faction though standard low tiers must do one task per month relating to the faction or a donation of any level. Higher ranking members usually are required in addition to this, to go to meetings to preform progress reports in character.

Description: This faction aims to help better the world and each other. They hold the goal to ever explain outwards in territory and member count to add to their faction. Members when proven trustworthy are seen as family and kin and are treaded as such. Members are expected to treat each other with respect and to protect and help one and other. The goals are to keep active and things fun while also expanding out their inventions past where the world once knew things and to market them so they become more common for others. They wish to help their allies by any means and to destroy those who hurt their people or allies. This faction is a to be a community and one that can run on its own if needed but to do so active members are needed. If you wish to just join for self gain don't expect to stick around for long.
Leader: Dalia Fedcono (Alt Name She Goes By: Lara Duskborne)

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono


  • Custom Title
  • TBA
  • TBA

Transaction History

  • ( 08 | 23 | 2020 ) The faction was created and 50,000 Huang has been deposited ^
  • ( 10 | 08 | 2020 ) 25,000 Huang has been deposited ^
  • ( 10 | 08 | 2020 ) Purchased a Custom Title for 50,000 Huang v
  • ( 11 | 14 | 2020 ) 150,000 Huang has been deposited ^


Click To Bank

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Plot Tracker

Please inform me if you have any threads you would like added here by telling me what it falls under, or what is about, the link, and the date the thread was posted.

Main Expansions / Set Ups:

Research Development:

Specific Branch Development:

Odd Jobs:

Faction Member Important Threads:

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Members Of The Faction

Branch Heads

Important Jerks

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Miscellaneous NPCs

  • 100 Assorted Npc’s From Dalia’s Crime Lord Job - Their positions and authority vary.
  • A small group of 10 exslaves working as fellow miscellaneous factions duties.
  • A small group of 10 exslaves that work as cleaners for the main base.
  • A group of npcs gaurding the town their base resides in.

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Current Resources

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

New Member Handbook & Rules

Welcome to the new member Handbook & Rules. This is being reissued due to a mutual agreement among the members to change the goals and workings of the faction as a whole. We now strive to help the world advance, control crime through directing it in a healthy manner, and to build our faction as if it was a family, kin. We strive to keep our members safe, help them progress, while progressing our own faction as a whole. We have new goals for each branch now and in addition a new Branch all together aimed to help our members further their skills more alone. Please return these books to the front desk of the base if you do not wish to keep them it saves money that way and avoids making our employees have to pick them up while cleaning. Remember respect love and protect your fellow members.

Branches Of the Faction

  • Drug Trade - This branch is dedicated to regulating drugs around our territory. Drugs will always be out there of any variety no matter if it is outlawed or not. So here we try to oversee others using them to ensure they are less likely to die from abusing drugs. This faction though also primarily deals in medical based drugs and tries to further that advancement as well as with poisons and other alchemic things.
  • Slave Trade - This branch is dedicated to loring in slavers and killing them while freeing their enslaved people. Using their money they have to give the ex slaves money to work with once they are free and to fund this branch itself this branch is meant to try and save people and offer them a place and job with us, a path to their home, or any other safe location we can to ensure they do not just get recaptured the moment they are freed beach into the world.
  • Assassin Work - This branch is very cut and dry to the public but also to the people who work them could use them for  slowly and stealthily taking out pillars or seemingly less important people so when one touches the walls the supports are all gone and everything crashes down. We will likely avoid killing people of the world who are innocent and good and instead target those trying to attack them to keep them safe. This faction also is usually assigned to deal with ex members of the faction or the factions enemies that pose a risk or by other means need to be killed.
  • Political Workers - This branch must integrate themselves in political and legal workings of countries without anyone noticing their reasonings behind it no one should ever notice them until needed or unless needed to enter into a situation as the voice of the faction to those countries. This is to allow us to know the situations of countries, work out alliances with them, and if needed even give them information on opposing countries with questionable deeds. One could almost call these workers as spies that hide in plain sight of the politicians.
  • Mercenary Work - This branch focuses on random ods and ends contracts as needed and usually sick to ones that aren’t focused on doing our right harm to good people but there are exceptions. This branch though focuses on protection of the faction as a whole and  where protection is needed. This branch is our head of defense, our front line fighters. The branch heads usually must be strong and powerful to protect their own branch members but this branch is still our first line of defense.
  • Territory Management - This branch focuses on finding new territory to explain and claim while keeping up to date with our current territory. They are in charge of maintaining our buildings and towns and making new ones and expansions as needed. This faction tends to work in hand with the mercenary branch to clear out dangerous lands to make it safe for our faction to spread over to them. This branch also keeps an eye on our current space to make sure we do not over book our available housing to our members.
  • Resource Management - This branch focuses on managing and adhering new resources. This being through crafting or our right raiding dungeons caves and other such things to gain more. This faction also is to help market our products our people make who do not fit in any other branch. This is over all our merchant branch for our members that like to make items and invent new things. Or those who like to make business deals and make sales on items. The head of this branch also works with the leader of the faction to decide our finances are spent and approves what items we have passed out and to who.
  • Training Management: This branch focuses on the training of everyone in the faction and anyone else in need of it that is approved for it. This could be anything from battle skills to crafting skills, or social skills. This faction even holds classes for children for school and anything else. This faction is to ensure our members and those who are approved are educated in any way they need and to directly help newer members get better and more aware of how things work with us. You will likely see these members doing training threads with others to help word count.

Ranking System

The following are the ranks that are in the faction, everyone requires some activity that correlates to the faction to be done once per month even if it is paying a small sum of Huang. Please note to get to higher ranks you must be active and ready to help further the faction as well as work towards making it a nice environment. We want to make this an active faction that not only aim to make long strides for the world and its development but also to make this a community that is ever growing, and able to make large fun threads of our own plot even on our own if desired due to all our active members and community.

Please remember this as you do things and know your activity and determination to do more will make you more viable for promotion in rank not your ooc rank and skills alone or you just paying money alone. :

  1. Moms / Dads (Branch Heads) - Tasked with being the heads of a branch, watching over their assigned groups and branches, you may send requests to Children ranks that have no branch yet to join your branch. You are to ensure they are relatively safe and on task and given proper resources for the task required of them as needed if you have no Uncles or Aunts already doing so. You are the highest ranking members and control everything in the faction together as a collective. You are to make sure your part of the members are active, have things to do, have fun, and come up with cool new ideas and or jobs for your branch. People will not wish to join our faction if there is nothing fun to do.

    You must ensure that you are the leading example of what your branch is in terms of being trustful and skilled at what you do. Please keep track of what's been going on with your branch and be ready to report every 2 months. This being due to the Faction heads will be in character meetings to discuss updates to the factions and progress reports or more often as needed. This may vary based on if there is one or more meetings already in place. This is all to ensure each branch knows what's going on as a collective and so that the overall leader can keep track and plan things out for every branch to do as a collective.

    As things get more lively there will likely be Faction private mini events that are led by the branch heads for the members, and talking about possible new big events for non members as well as the official site staff run events which must be paid 300 K to do. Once per month you must post something to further the faction once per month either this be a small task in a plot based thread or a job, or even just donating some amount of money.

  2. Uncles / Aunts - You are now a highly trusted member of the faction that is highly skilled at what you do. This rank allows you to supervise others in what they do and jobs they make. You can make small repeatable jobs all on your own now and for other faction members to help them grow stronger and to grow the faction more. Larger jobs though still need approval from your branch head. You may also at this point suggest things to your branch head and to the joint branch heads sub branches of the faction that correlate to the branches that you feel need more attention. You may be given even special jobs dedicated to you and a group of your choice.

    You may of course make suggestions and if needed you may even be brought into important meetings with your branch heads for whatever reasons you both may need. You at this rank are to work with your fellow Uncles and Aunts to help and supervise the rest of the faction when your Branch heads can not. At this rank once per month you must post something to further the faction once per month either this be a small task in a plot based thread or a job, or even just donating some amount of money.

  3. Children - Once you reach this rank you have proven yourself trustful enough and skilled enough to be given more direct tasks and will be able to be recruited or choose a branch you wish to be centered on. You may still do jobs from other branches but if they are not from your branch you must talk to that branch heads Uncle or Aunts or higher first. You may now grab jobs of more worth to your branch and talk over making jobs for your branch to do with the supervision of an Uncle or Aunt or higher. You at this rank must post once per month you must post something to further the faction once per month either this be a small task in a plot based thread or a job, or even just donating some amount of money.

  4. Family Friends - You get this rank upon joining unless recruited for a specific role based on your past accomplishments or ‘knowing somebody. You do usually the tedious work that most others don’t have time for that isn't too dangerous but still needs to get done. This could be from any branch unless you legitimately think you would do more harm than good or told by a branch’s 2 highest ranks. You must post something to further the faction once per month either this be a small task in a plot based thread or a job, or even just donating some amount of money.


  • Respect - All those in this faction at any rank must respect one another, or at least attempt to do so if they are given respect in return. You don’t have to be nice by any means but being rude and not respecting that in which the other provides or holds as a person is not tolerated, You will not be kicked out for this unless it's a repeat offense but the person(s) that have been disrespected my teach the offender a lesson so long as the lesson does not result in death.

  • Allies And Enemies - Allies listed in the similarly named section are not to be killed by any means and take priority when assisting others, and on duty so long as it does not conflict with a previously assigned task. Enemies will typically have a sub area next to them on what to do with them if you come across them. You are to follow these protocols by any means so long as it does not conflict with your current assignment, though if there is a kill order and your mission has not been stated to be important you may stop your current assignment to kill the target. If nothing is written on how to handle them do not do anything until you ask an Uncle, Aunt or Branch Head.

  • In Faction Killing - Anyone in the faction may not be killed or attempted to be killed until permission is provided from one of the top two highest ranks in your branch or higher, If it is an Uncle or Aunt that is in desire of being killed the Branch Head of the given Branch must be asked, if you do not like a rejection of the kill permission a meeting of the Branch head leaders may be called and you can argue your case. Interns unless stated otherwise is fair game if they give probable cause, this cause must be of an extreme level though to kill them without permission. It is one thing to see them die in battle, but another to see their allies do it.

  • Betrayal - If you betray this faction by any means, you will be targeted for a kill order and kicked from the faction. Any and all resources given officially as a job resource from the faction will be taken from you one way or another. We do not tolerate betrayal.

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Current Territory And Standings

Bleeding Fangs Vault Territory-renown-map


Minor Standing - Little To No Renown

  • A hostile take over of some standing owners of a small crime ring is this location has been done.
  • TBA
  • TBA


Minor Standing - Little To Minor Renown

  • Calling Cards have been placed to spread word after the deaths of some other drug dealers.
  • A hostile take over of some standing owners of a small crime ring is this location has been done.
  • TBA

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Allies And Eneimes

Protected, And Officially Allied

  • 3 Southern Ocean Side Towns In Kou, One Of Which They Run The Trading Of.
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Protected, But Not Allied Officially

  • Menat Firdaus
  • Jahangir Nikotor
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Branch Updates

Drug Trade

  • An Attempt To Find A New Head Is Actively Being Attempted.
  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA

Slave Trade

  • The workings of the duties of this Branch as Drastically changed and altered.
  • An Attempt To Find A New Head Has Been Attempted And Failed
  • Updated Tasks And Goals

Assassin Work

  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA
  • TBA

Political Workers

  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA
  • TBA

Territory Management

  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA
  • TBA

Resource Management

  • An addition to duties has been made.
  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA

Training Management

  • New Branch Made
  • Updated Tasks And Goals
  • TBA

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Befanged Language Guide

This thus far is still in progress of being crafted and these teachings are well guarded and only taught to Uncles and Aunts or above. When able and talking about anything dealing with official business of the faction or writing things in such a manner it is required to use this as much as possible to help safe guard details for possible spies. It can be used in combat too to give orders without giving away planned strikes. If you use it in character you can either use the symbols here or write it out but make it clear that you are using this language. If you use the given text here to say things in character if you are talking to someone else who knows the language you may want to add in the translation for them so they don't have to decode your text to see what their character would likely know already.

Sounds Of The Language

[ Sounds Reference ]


Note: χ should be the one with the swoopy hooks coming off it but forumotion doesn't translate those well its the Uvular Fricative one.

b t ʔ m ɲ ŋ ɾ ɸ z ʂ ʝ χ ʋ


ɪ ɐ ɛ ɔ o

Basic Starting Words

Person: ɸɪʋ
Animal: ɸɛʋ
Object: ɾɪʋ
To See: zɔʔ
To Sit: tɪŋ
To Give: ɲoʋ
To Fight: χɔχ
To Help: bɪχ
To Hide: tɐŋ
To Follow: zɪʔ
's Possessive: ɲ
I / Me: ɸɪ
You: ɸɛ
They: ɸɔ
Male: ɾɪ
Female: ʂɔ
No Gender: ʝɐ
Both Gender: χo
We / Us: ɸɐ
A Group: ɸo

Words For Remembrance Day

To Honor: ʋɛχ
To Make: ʝoɲ
To Vow: mɐŋ
To Live: ʂɪʔ
To Fullest: ʔɔχ
Present Time: zɛtɔɾ
Incapable: bɐm
Multiple: tot
Who: ɸɔ
Are: ɾɔ

We honor those who made us who we are now. We vow to live to the fullest for those who no longer can.

We To-Honor Person Multiple To-Make Us Who we Are Present-Time. We To-Vow To-Live To-Fullest To-Give Person Multiple Incapable Present-Time

"ɸɐ ʋɛχ ɸɪʋ tot ʝoɲ ɸɐ ɸɔ ɸɐ ɾɔ zɛtɔɾ. ɸɐ mɐŋ ʂɪʔ ʔɔχ ɲoʋ ɸɪʋ tot bɐm zɛtɔɾ."

Words For Important Phrases


"Those who bite, must be bitten back."
They Who Bite, Must Be Bite Past Return

"For my kin."
To-Gift I-Possessive Kin

"For my faction."
To-Gift I-Possessive Faction

"Betrayal has resulted in your death."
Betray Past Result You-Possessive Death

"Death is never the end if one keeps fate in hand."
Death Is Never End If Person To-Keep Fate In Hand

"Your journey ends, so your next may begin, may it be glorious."
You-Possessive Journey End Present-Time, So You-Possessive Next Able Begin, Able Object Be Glorious.

"We may drift apart, but we will always be one."
We Able Drift Apart, But We Always Be One.

"I promise my heart, and my soul to you, and promise to protect yours."
I Promise To-Gift I-Possessive Heart, To-Gift I-Possessive Soul You, I To-Help You-Possessive.

"Love may hurt more than pain, but love never fades away."
Love Able Harm Greater To Pain, Love Never Fades Away.

"My loyalty for your loyalty."
I-Possessive Loyalty In-Return You-Possessive Loyalty.

"May I hold your company again, and you mine."
Able I To-Hold You-Possessive Presence Repeat, You I-Possessive.

Written Words


Building Sentences

The language follows for sentences follows the order of Subject Verb Oject this meaning you always state the subject first, what they are doing as the verb next, and the object or the correlating object / subject they are doing the verb to last.

"I am going to the store"

I being the subject of the over all sentence aka the thing that is about to do an action. Going being the verb the thing in which the subject is preforming. While Store is the object is which the verb going is being correlated to

Things such as descriptive words always come after the thing they are describing such as Time phrasing, Adjectives, Possessive markings and Gender Suffixes ( Which are used to show the gender of usually sentient and living creatures or at least how the user sees the person or thing for weebs it is similar to sama kun chan etc. these though are not used to describe yourself when using the word like I doing so would translate to "I female will fight" But is placed with any yous to help distinguish you are talking about [ I fight person male ] -> ( I will fight that male ). )


I Soon Hide  -> I will hide
Person Female Pretty -> That girl is pretty
Person Male Possessive Person Male -> That guy's man
Person Male  / Person Female  -> That man / That woman

It is placed directly after what it is describing to help show what you are trying to describe exactly. If there are multiple things you are using to describe somehting you would decribe then in this order. Gender Suffixes -> Posessive Markings -> Adjectives -> Time Phrasing

Possessive markings when spoken are the only descriptive word thus far that merges to the end of another word when being used. Think 's in English usage.

Example of a sentence and how things could be used:

I am Dalia Fedecondro, Go defend that girl.

Subject [ Your Name ], Verb Object Gender Suffix.

I/me [ Your Name ], To Help Person Female

"ɸɪ Dalia Fedecono, bɪχ ɸɪʋ ʂɔ."

Written Text Example TBA

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