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The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot]

Zuzu Mansur
Noir Ecryola
Jumanah Necowl
Solomon's Proxy
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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah slowly opened her eyes to see a dome around her protecting her and a few others from the wave, her eyes growing wide before looking at the black haired woman who was protecting them all asking them to bear with it. “Thank you.” She said softly slowly getting up watching the blood wave pass over them safely. She noticed someone else with them but didn’t think to look at who it was. Why would anyone she knew be here of all places after all. She focused on the things before them though. The blood and barriers would fade off leaving nothing but bodies behind. So many lives forfeited… some willingly some forced but in the end all dead. She looked up to the sky as the blood started to rain down on them all holding her palm out feeling the blood trickle across it.

It felt like rain somehow despite its contents. She whispered out “Water and Life magic… Blood magic” She wasn't sure if it was the realization, the shock, or if something in her just broke as she let out a slight chuckle as she lowered her hand. “Peel back the layers, to see how it fairs, against the non benevolent…. Blooooood Tyrant….” She thoughtfully and softly sang. She let her arm fall fully like a limp noodle silently standing there now. Something so simple of magic made so dangerous and deadly for so many. Magic was truly both beautiful and terrifying.

She looked on at all of the rukh flowing from the ground to the sky feeling blood pooling up from her hair now finally pouring a bit down her face under and over her bask barely avoiding her eye. So many black Ruhk were everywhere… She looked from the rukh to the voice that revealed itself as a young woman far off in the distance. She screams and lash out despite being so broken and beaten from her failed attempt. She almost felt bad for her. The black rukh flooding over her like a flock to its kin trying to embrace it in its dark embrace She held up a shard of some sort crushing it… She had seen a shard like that once before. Her mother had given her one like it on her birthday before her accident.

The one she was given was much brighter and reminded her of white Ruhk but if it was the same thing… She would have to make sure to get that shard back when she returned to her peoples old lands. She saw some gear on the ground that she could get if she ran fast enough but turned away from the woman and her possessions. A devil of a  woman or not… she would not take her possessions when she was in such a state. She could only imagine the feeling she herself would hold if she laid dying on the ground and someone rushed forward to steal her staff or mask. She looked over to see the black haired sorceress attacking the woman once more with her magics she likely still angry…

Jumanah though she just felt numb… and somehow a bit amused that this all came likely from 2 simple magic types… She herself though starting to walk away. This battle was over for her. She couldn’t assist any further… and that woman was now long past defeat as likely more people would try to strike her down. She stopped though at a body on the ground and slowly kneeled down removing her mask in respect of the person who used to inhabit the body. Blood trickling now more over her bare face as she gently caressed the dead body’s face tilting her head to one side. Is this what her people became after everything…? It was sorta funny how not even in death the body looked in peace. Like even now they still looked in immense torment.

She gently slid her fingers to its eves gently closing them then slid her fingers over their features to their lips to make a soft smile pushing up the corners of their mouth. She then gently moved their arms over their chest before returning her hand to their cheek smiling softly to them. “No you can rest happily knowing you fought well...and can now sleep soundly. Your fight is over. Rest” She said gently as tears from her eyes flowed down with the blood from the sky the two swirling together as they ran down her face. Death seemed less frightening in this moment… something that shook her to her core for so long… just felt simple… welcoming… a gift to those who fought all their lives so they could now rest. She slid her mask back onto her face standing up slowly.

It was time to finish her journey, get stronger, say goodbye to her people, get the shard… and destroy any bandits that got in her way. And if she died along the way? She smiled up to the sky. She’d say hello to her people and her family and thank the world for gifting her with the right to finally rest. She didn’t plan on dying but if it happened… she was ready. She then walked off and away from the battle gently humming a tune.


( 2,277 / 2,000 Words )




The battle was over, Lagi has inflicted a considerable amount of Damage on Tenza and his dragon also managed to survive the encounter. Everything was as it should be, the finishing blow was finally upon them. However, when the armor was gone, Lagi saw Tenza for what he truly was. Or better yet, he saw her for what she truly was. The woman was beaten, bruised,  and had the look of pure anguish. Lagi didn't really understand what he was looking at, transforming himself back to look more human so he could get a good look at her face. If she looked at him as well, Lagi wouldn't necessarily have the look of a man who has defeated a great tyrant.

He looked sad, something that even his dragon noticed as it ran over with A tier speed and lowered it's head next to Lagi.

"Tenza, you are me, and I am you. In the future, they will wise up and gather to defeat me as well.  In those moments, I'm trying to imagine it through you. I can smell it, the fear, the uncertainty. Your hands stained with blood and your soul filled with sins, have you ever asked yourself.....if even you deserve mercy? "

Lagi then picks up the blood brooch and puts it in his pocket. At the same time, he would see Tenza take out a shard that seemed to glimmer in a strange light. It looked familiar, Lagi had a couple of those shards himself.

"Interesting, even you have one. I have three myself. What is it I wonder? What does it do? Maybe you know, but I doubt you would tell me if you intend to use it against me. Hmm... tell you what..."

Lagi said in a matter of fact tone.

" You can keep your dignity,  you don't have to ask me to save you or spare your life.  I would want you because I find you interesting, I would want to see you again as a reflection of what could happen to me.  If I was to protect you, heal your wounds, and let you walk away, what would you do?   Your brooch is gone and your forces are decimated, and after an "enemy" has shown you mercy, what will you do?  Will you use that shard to somehow end my life?  Nevertheless, I want you to show me something, I want to see what happens beyond mercy. "

In the meantime, Lagi could hear in the background with his danger sense that Noir was generating powerful energy.  However, Lagi decided that he wanted to forgive Tenza, his act of defiance towards his image and the despair towards the path of Tyrantry he could not break from.  This was a choice because it was the only way he could move forward, and every step was more painful than the last.  That's why he wanted to see Tenza's evolution past her survival, he wanted to see what she would become after her defeat.  Will she remain who she is? Or will such an act change her life forever?

"Use the shard to try to kill me, or whatever you want.  I made my decision,  make me regret it if you desire."

With that command, Longzufu sustained a crystal barrier and created a 30-meter dome of crystal to protect both Tenza, Lagi, and himself.

The dome was to tank the Drago cimatico as Lagi decided to heal Tenza's wounds as he remained a couple of feet away.  A Black tentacle resembling a hose came from Lagi's body as he used outer cell repair and sprayed it on Tenza, scaling it to heal her from A-Tier Damage.

The crystal dome shattered from Noir's magic, but those inside were unharmed.  

"No more! It's Over!"

Lagi screamed towards the others at the top of his lungs in their direction. Lagi didn't know the intent of her magic, but he refused to take that chance.   Since A tier healing, especially in the cell repairing factor can heal limbs, at the very least, Tenza would have her leg back.


Crystal Barrier
Name: Crystal Barrier
Class: Beast Tamer (Longzufu)
Type: Defensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks:  After saying crystal barrier, Longzufu starts the process.
Scaling:Strong Guard: For every 10 stamina paid, an additional crystal layer of the same protective specs is added to the dome.
Sustain: 1
Cost: 40 Stamina
Cool Down: 4 Posts

After saying Crystal Barrier as a command, the dragon initiates this move by generating a crystal dome x and x meters in length and width, with the dimensions of all capping at 30 meters.  Longzufu first grows this crystal from underneath by keeping available limbs touching the ground. The growth itself starts from underground and encases an area like a dome. The crystal dome can block 1 A-Tier, 2 B-Tier, 4 C-tiers or 8 D-Tier abilities before breaking. If sustained, the dome repair's itself or longzufu can create another dome to protect itself and its user/allies.  

^ for 10 stamina

Name: Outer Cell Repair
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer (Orie)
Type: Supplementary
Range: Mid
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie must be inside of Lagi.
Scaling: Medic - For 10 more stamina, Orie can heal damage 1 rank higher than this ability.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Stamina

    Orie can fire off a 7 meter fan spray  in length and width thats generated as an autonomous 2 meter tentacle hose  from Lagi's body to a point within 5 meters of Lagi, to heal B-tier damage over 3 posts after contact with the goop.


^-Scaled and discounted- 20 Stamina cost



Used 1 Salatis:  Name: Salatis "The Warrior Drug"
Tier: B-Tier
Material: (Wossycin Herb + other mixture substances )
Description: An anabolic steroid made to increase the efficiency and performance of stamina related skills. If taken in a thread, a total of four abilities will have their cost halved. This effect will end after four posts and only will only apply to stamina-based abilities.

42 is the new base so half of that for sustain is 21 stamina for bloody honeymoon
Jumping bean was scaled 4 times so that's 70 stamina /2 for the 35 stamina pricing
Crystal barrier ( no scale) 40/2 for 20 stamina

Salatis 4 slots used
Bloody Honeymoon (Stamina Portion)
Jumping Bean
Crystal barrier
Outer Cell Repair

Traits used

Trait Name: Danger Sense
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: N/A
Trait Description: Protecting the host's body is the first and foremost function of a symbiote due to the fact that their relationship is dependent on each other. With the recent evolution that Orie has experienced, one of the ways she keeps her host safe is by alerting the user of any lifeforms that enter a certain range and provides heightened senses as well.
Trait Effect: Through Orie, the user is able to sense and determine the location of all living beings within a 10m radius. However, non-living entities are unable to be detected. In a 40 meter radius, the user is able to hear noises as quiet as a whisper and smell scents that are normally scentless.

Beast Traits:
Trait Name: Land Demon
Trait Tier: A-tier
Trait Requirement: Jade Dragon
Trait Description: Longzufu, as a dragon, is an apex predator. His body, large and powerful, can move at incredible speeds.
Trait Effect: This beast is capable of A-tier movement speeds (or the equivalent of a B-Tier fanalis) on the ground.

Magoi 340/400
Stamina  282/430


The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 CrChE3t

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur


The waves of blood receded, leaving the plains dyed a foreboding red. While those scarlet-robed ladies watched, they realised that colour would not wash from the stones in their lifetime. This land would remain red as a reminder of the battle, and the greater unrest washing over the world.

    Yet those women had a more pressing problem at hand than the future colour of the plains - the injuries Zubaidah had sustained. She was still breathing but it was short and shallow, her lungs heavy with the taxing use of magoi. The constant vibration of Heru-Ur’s wings were only serving to disturb her internal conditions, so Powehi ordered a hasty but calm descent. Once upon the ground, Amnet applied a soothing salve made from Heru-Ur’s [To Heel], encouraging Zubaidah’s external injuries into repair. But her lungs were still weighed down by the invisible weight of the magoi coursing rampantly through them. As such, Amnet called upon her [Sense of Nature], scanning her vital signs, and found the location of greatest stress. With the patience and delicate touch of a lacemaker, she cast [Aid/Seal] and began the slow process of mending Zubaidah’s internal injuries. Tissue bonded with tissue and blood returned to arteries, restoring colour into those pale cheeks.

    But with her vitality came Zubaidah’s resolve - unbending and reckless. As her eyes fluttered open, her blurry vision made out Tenza’s shard and her eyes flashed over that familiar image of the darkened world. With one look at that black shard, her goal was set and her mind filled resolve - the resolve to prevent the tragedy Tenza might create.

    Teeth clenched and muscles flaring, Zubaidah shakily began standing up. She found her feet, supporting herself with a spear, and took a single step with great difficulty. Her ankle ached and her foot nearly gave way, but she refused the help her companions tried to give. Then she took another step. It hurt. It hurt like hell. Yet she kept walking forwards, each and every step gradually getting faster and surer. It still hurt, but less so. She had felt pain greater than this. She was already getting used to the pain. Legs shaking and fists balled, she kept walking towards Tenza. Her stomach juddered with the force of the dragon roaring into existence and her ears echoed as it crashed into the crystal dome, but she kept walking. She walked past the black-haired magician, picking up the poleaxe forgotten upon the ground, her resolve steeled.

    Then she stopped walking.


    Was she smiling or crying?

    ‘How long has it been?

    Was that joy or sadness behind her voice?

    ‘It’s been long enough, I know that...

    She could not break her feelings down into simple attitudes of ‘like or dislike’ and ‘good or bad’, there was a volatile mixture of emotions upon seeing him again, but she was certain about one matter:

    ‘You’ve changed.

    Her eyes brightened as they met his own, but there was a deep sadness behind them. A brief smile too, melancholy but genuine, before she set her gaze upon Tenza. Seeing the woman behind the crimson guise alongside her old mentor, Zubaidah knew what she had to say,

    ‘You hid beneath that mask of blood all this time because you were afraid. You feared the possibility of weakness, that those you ruled would find a chink in the armour, so you put on that bloody mask and hid away your true self from the world. But we all have our weaknesses - no one is invincible. That’s why we work together, using our strengths to compensate for others’ weaknesses while they do the same for us.

    ‘But you didn’t have anyone to lean on, did you, Tenza? The tribespeople weren’t working with you, they worked under you. They never truly accepted you, whether they were jealous of your power or hated your violence. They were always searching for your weakness - that chink in your armour - so you kept putting on that mask, losing yourself in the role of the bloody tyrant. But that isn’t you, Tenza. That is simply a role you were playing. I want to know who you are.

200/200 | word/1000 | 315/315


The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 Xaj4qc7



With the barrier up it was a safe call at least for now. It looked so beautiful inside. To think someone could make such a thing. He still had a ways To go if he truly hope to get this strong. Hr would look on as the blood flowed passed them all. The bodies even in it hitting the barrier was something to not smile at. Seeing that the ruler of these Lots had no place for mercy in his heart this all. Seem to be a disaster in the eyes of Ghost. Who heart truly was in a sad and bad state of mind after seeing all of this. This could only make him wonder about one thing. Do people of higher power truly care for power who are weaker then them? That was a question he been searching for since his journey had even began to unfold itself.

Soon enough the sea of blood would start to rattle away. As the remains of the dead came about. Soon he would see someone breaking the barrier down. How odd was that as it was meant to keep us safe. But it look like people had other plans of their own. Looking around the battlefield he still could not believed what had happen. The dead all was on the wrong side of the ruhk. As it filled the sky with its dark light. He would stare into the sky as he saw this happening. Indeed ot was a strange happening a very strange one for him. As he looked around he would see other folk here as well. Even viewing two people picking up certain weapons. Which was strange as well. But all in all it was life. People tend to take things that is not theirs that was facts.

Looking on he would hear yelling and even more yelling. Ghost would look up to realize he was in yet another barrier or something like it. As he looked on he would see Noir going after a woman who was revealed to he Tenza. Not only that he would also see a fee people getting close to her. More or so trying to talk to her about mercy. That is when he slowly walked up to them. Looking on he would simple say. "MERCY IS A CHANCE AT A SECOND CHANCE. Those who are given a second chance tend to do better the second time around. Allow for her to cone with me. I do believe I can aid her in a second chance." He would look to Tenza and smile at her then held his hand out." Come with me to a better future to a better tomorrow to a better you." Ghost would be dead serious on helping this person out as be knows she can do better in life especially on the light side of things. Even if she chooses to stay within the dark side of things. Ghost truly did believe he was in the right.


Walked over to get Tenza on his side.
Looking at the bloody axe.


Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break." -H.G. Wells

Never judge someone by the opinion of others.”
“Don't let your opinion sway your judgment.”-

Be Bless Be Fill With Bliss And Well Wishes




As Ani moved she had waited for an impact to come she never felt herself being stopped, but instead things felt odd as she knew that the focus had been shifted. In the first few moments, she was a bit confused in her blindness, but it was then that she heard voices guiding her to her target. Though it was not the cries of her allies or her birds even, the calls of Tenza herself that brought Ani ever closer to the bloody tyrant.

Picking up on her name and the way she spoke Ani was quick to make her next decision. Gritting her teeth within her armor she suddenly shifted slightly to the side as she kept her thundering steps going forward. "They may have missed your head, but I will destroy the very earth you walk on!"

With her own proclamation, Ani kept her crashing monsoon going as she poured her strength into the attack. It might've been hard to be a bit precise with her lack of sight, but Tenza's voice had made her location all too easy. With the size of her armor and weapon, she knew that her weapon would be large enough to hit most things in the area and the momentum she carried would aide her in carrying the destruction she had wished. With her arms swinging down a little she moved in with a vigor she hadn't felt since her last fight in a battlefield such as this.

Driving her Crashing Monsoon into the ground where Tenza stood Ani carried the power of her full momentum added to the weight of the armor. Her attack carried not only her intent on removing her enemy, but also her desire to boast her power to the people of the plains. The battlefield was a theatre after all with the climax placing the battlers in their roles based on how they carried themselves and their image through the fight. It was her intent to make this her moment to display her power just as others had.

As this had happened her wyverns and her soldiers would go about cleaning up the battlefield, bringing mercy executions to those near death, or those unwilling to surrender as the Wyverns and soldiers would claw and stab them as they flew through. Though per Ani's own commands and practices set beforehand her Shadow Glass Elites would give people the chance to surrender and if they accepted to also offer them a place as a soldier of the Azure raiders. Tenza had inspired loyalty through fear, so why couldn't Ani and her men use their power to poach away those who were to be abandoned by their Tyrant.

Magoi: 170/240

Post Details: Sustaining Crashing Monsoon, striking with the combined power of ability and Momentum gained from 4 stacks of rainbow wings passive and size of armor. Wyverns and Glass soldiers executing dissenters and attempting to recruit those who are willing to surrender to them.

Ability used:

Crashing monsoon
Tier: B-tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive | Magoi Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be running to start using the ability.
Scaling: Size
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 magoi |15 to sustain

    While the user is charging forward they infuse their polearm with magoi as they are doing a running charge, creating a gust of magoi around their lance and body  thats 3 meters in diameter and trails behind for two meters for as long as they charge before hitting and crashing into the target to deal A-tier damage.

Items brought:

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 VW4EEUy
Name: Ku
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Polearm
Magic Type: Meteor Magic
Appearance: A golden lance that’s 1.5m long. It has a wide bottom fans out 1m to protect the user’s fist and sharpens to a point. A third of the way up the blade is stylized to reveal a glowing red crystal. The handle is another 2 meters long and thin, extremely light when compared to the rest of the weapon. It ends in a diamond butt that’s 3x2 inches big; as for the magic circle, it’s located on a small red gem above the red crystal.

  • Upon activation of the Magic Circle, rock and heat begin to gather around the tip of the lance. It solidifies into a brutal comet powerful enough to leave A-tier wounds. However, the user can instead choose for the comet to be launched in one direction as an A-tier projectile. Costs 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain.

Sonic mask:

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 L_5FDA2DFD82_34666
Name: Mask of Whispers
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool
Appearance: A metal mask with intricate markings that is 12cm in height and width, the magic circle is on the forehead.

  • Faux Whispers - Feeding magoi into the mask causes green rukh to gather around the user's throat briefly. The user then gains full control over all aspects of their voice within a 10m radius of themselves. They can mimic the voice of others perfectly, make their voice sound loud in the ears of all within range, or whisper into the ears of a target within the range. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Armor Of The Last Sentinel:

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQ-cfcuwVsIITGSHDWxV6AH0a9ZCksLzCWudMGf9Nl911QMI7r7&usqp=CAU
The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 76e324562eff9ee0f3a1663dfa0da6dd
Name: Armor of Last Sentinel
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magical Broach/Armor
Magic Type: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Appearance: Taking the appearance of a two part silver brooch and chain only about 6cm wide with a crown on the main piece of the accessory and the total length of it with the chain being 30cm. On the symbol of the crown a glowing magical symbol can be seen once the tool is activated.

  • Sentinel’s Stand- By activating the magical tool the user causes the magic item to fill with intense power gather all possible metals to form a thick stocky suit of armor making them 20m with a weapon up to 30m in height mimicking the weapon they were previously holding in shape and damage only. The giant construct is considered a walking A-tier shield. Lasts 4 posts. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

  • Metallic Wrath- The user acitvates the magical tool once again, causing their attacks to explode outward in a 10m diameter around the impact point, causing shrapnel to damage any living things struck by it dealing damage equivalent to the weapon. Lasts 4 posts. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

  • Sentinels Seal- By activating the magic tool once again they can transfer all of the metal from the armor around a target location up to 50m away, forming a dome around them up to 30m in diameter. This lasts for one post and sacrifices the armor but resets the durability of the wall back up to an A-tier shield. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Djinn Vessel:

Gamigan Metal Vessel

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 Cc4262e209a97abbb9b800576a185719
Djinn: Gamigan
Theme: Asura
Type: A Bell Earring.
Appearance: a 7 cm long bell made of bronze covered in an ornate design of flowing curls with imagery of proud warriors possibly from life framed in metal outlines of their shape and form, with a diameter of 5 cm, inside is a metal clapper that looks like a closed fist with silver nails.

Gamigan Weapon Equip
The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 5CYOHzQ
Djinn: Gamigan
Form: Levitating Arms
Theme: Asura
Chant: "Brandish, Gamigan!"
Cost: 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Appearance: A large set of golden arms that from the tip of the middle finger to the silver scarfing back that lines the floating end is 3.6 meters long with a general arm thickness of 30 cms with .5 meter long palms and 12-centimeter nails made of ebony metal.

  • Gamigan's Touch - When the user attacks with their Djinn weapon they can choose to before they attack to turn it into heat damage or cold damage, which is equivalent to the equips current damage. If they choose to use cold or heat damage instead of a normal attack the damage spreads outward 3m from the impact point.


The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 Project_dark_conceptart_SjF8X
Name: Shadowglass Squad 2/8
Tier: A
Damage Required to Defeat: A (Each)
Description: Obsidian is usually too brittle and heavy to be practical as a material for weapons or armor. However, some skilled smiths found a way to work with the material and through advanced metallurgy, Shadowglass was born. This team of elite heavy infantry soldiers are fully equipped with shadowglass weapons and armor.

Name: Shadowglass Sword
Tier: A
Type: Greatsword
Material: Shadowglass(Obsidian infused steel)
Appearance: 1.8m long greatsword made from Shadowglass.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now outrun most mounts and maintain their speed for an hour. At this level they are equal to a C-tier fanalis in speed.

Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect: The character can now perform feats just as breaking down walls and large stone structures with their bare hands and deal B-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a C-tier fanalis.

Trait Name: Shadowglass Relief
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: The special armor these troops wear boasts extreme resistance to heat and flames.
Trait Effect: Immunity to heat damage below B-tier. A-tier heat damage is halved.

Cleave - The user raises their greatsword overhead and then chops downward with B-tier force to cleave a target in two.

Bulwark - Using their large greatsword as a wall between themselves and an incoming attack, the user stabs their weapon into the ground and braces its backside with one hand. Defends up to B-tier damage.

Charge - A vicious rush crossing 5m during which the user swings their greatsword horizontally. Deals A-tier damage and smashes apart most front lines not specialized toward defense.

Volcanic Formation - Requires at least 5 of the 8 squad members working together in unison. The five or more soldiers must surround the target first. Once in position, all of the soldiers simultaneously thrust their Greatswords towards the enemy, but none of these are meant to land. The point is to create an shell of blades surrounding the opponent to prevent them from moving. The swords will deal A-tier damage if the target is knocked into them, but the main method of dealing damage is meant to come from their King Candidate by taking advantage of the target's halt in movement.

Beasts Brought:

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 LuMr2QQ
Name: Dragotsennyy
Tier: A-tier
Type:Legend beast
Species: Harpy-Wyvern
Appearance: The harpy-wyvern is bigger slightly bigger than a horse with the intent to be an agile partner and mount good for most situations. From its head to its bird tail it's 2.5 meters in size with a longer tail behind it at 3 meters used for balancing during flight. With a wing span of 7 meters, it can create an impressive sight in the air as the partial bird, partial reptile has a fierce snout with sharp fangs lining the insides of it. The only thing being more intimidating than its teeth are its 35 cm talons.
Beast Traits:

  • Trait Name: Eusocial Queen
    Trait Tier: Omega
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern | Wyvern queen
    Trait Description:  Eusocial creatures are creatures that live in a societal structure in which there are many infertile females and one larger child producing queen who holds complete control over their colony allowing them to have many workers and soldiers. Though in the case of needing to start a new colony a queen can choose to create a new queen whether it before colonization or in the case that she would die.
    Trait Effect: Allows the queen to bring two A-tier Harpy wyvern soldiers with her into threads. Harpy wyvern Soldiers are exactly half the size of the queen and browner in color. They have all the same traits as the harpy queen at one tier lower except for the trait Eusocial queen. In the result of fatal damage the beast may expel a queen egg which will hatch after three posts, if fed b-tier food for two posts it will rapidly grow to a full size queen and if not it will stay a baby for the remainder of the thread. The replacement queen cannot control wyverns brought into the thread by the previous queen and the replacement queen is to young to expell a queen egg should she take fatal damage.

  • Trait Name: Avian apex
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: Due to the selective breeding involved with the species it's wings and body are perfectly suited for all forms of flight.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to fly at high speeds with great maneuverability, it can fly longer than most speed fliers but it still likes to take rests during long trips

  • Trait Name: Land Tyrant
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: It's body while perfectly suited towards flight is also a monster on the ground, the partly reptilian creature seems to move and hunt just as well on the ground as it does in the air like a bird.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to move around on the ground with great speed and control moving at speeds comparable to that of an A-tier fanalis.

  • Trait Name: Relentless Tracker
    Trait Tier: B
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The nasal cavity of this wyvern is perfectly suited towards finding prey and never losing track of them.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to pick up and discern scents from miles away, it becoming easier to seperate other scents from another the closer the wyvern gets to the source. Can be thrown off by scent hiding abilities of the same tier or higher.

  • Trait Name: Complex vocal chamber
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The wyvern's vocal system contains a complex organ allowing it to make complicated calls varying in tone, pitch, and even capable of making it sound like multiple birds calling at once.
    Trait Effect: The beast is able to register sound-based abilities.

  • Trait Name: Oral Bacterium
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The inside of the beasts mouth is almost like a pitri dish as the symbiotic relationship of them allows the beast to utilize various bacteria for Offensive, Defensive, or even healing capabilities.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register Bacteria based abilties.

Rainbow wings:
Trait Name: Wings Of Blinding Momentum
Trait Tier: Omega
Trait Requirement: SOS Trait
Trait Description: Through the magic of the shard the user has gained a natural aura around them, that flows into rainbow wings when the user gains momentum, making it a beautiful and blinding flight.
Trait Effect:For each post of movement in combat and out of combat up to 4 posts the user gains momentum. For the first two posts, the user's momentum lets them move as fast as a consistent blur. After posts 3 and 4 the user is now a blind blur of light, but turning at most more than once would reset momentum. Needs to stay consistent in movement. At the fourth post exactly any action besides movement ends the charge but allows escape almost certain. Does C-tier damage per post to the user after the fourth post if not reset.


The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 CqM1zND

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 1ZZ5IgG

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 LO0Knk3



The agitated flock of rukh began erupting at its climax. Their dance turned into a fight as the force from the breaking shard began to draw in all of the darkness, all of the rejection and depravity. He only added to the influx of rukh, he had been drawn here by the dark flocks, but any of those there could see, could notice the rukh coming from around Jiryu. A hot spring visit turned into a conflict.  "My my, I guess this what I get for wanting to add some more hot springs!"

His eyes would stare at the young Tenza, the sanguine-painted savage seemingly foaming with rage. How depravity gripped her, how she cast out fate believing she was great than the great flow itself. It was foolish, but the situation made him smile, he had some work to do.

Tsk tsk! His mocking noises reverbing through the red plains. In his hand he would twirl a Kiseru, puffing not the pipe before pointing it towards the ground as it parted his lips. "I think with all of this blood you could all use a nice hot bath! Airatifu Ayanobin Aruchinin!"

With his words, the ground underneath the Bo clan's dragon leader seemed to bubble. In an instant, the humidity seemed to double, and now even tripling as a giant form of water and steam cracking through the earth. CRAAUSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!It wasn't just a geyser, it was a mighty serpent of scolding water. The air hissed, exploding with intensity as ivory plumes erupted. He had no intention of killing, but even if crashing iron crushed Tenza there was the worry of the shard trembling in her hand.

As the great geyser beast soared higher into the sky scolding vapor shaped into a hazy dragon shape. It aimed to reach the comfort of his master's presence. Curling around, like a scarf the construct would stand protective by him. Resting over his shoulders as its burning breath would roll over, draping Jiryu in a translucent veil.

Once more words would part his painted lips. His elongated ears perking back. "Well that should've freshened every buddy up now, hopefully, no one made any poor decisions!" His tone would stay light and airy, hoping to bring some levity to this massacre field. Even as an awkward smile would stretch across his, unnoticeably twitching in worry as he continued to joke. "They say you should wait for the smoke to disappear, but I'm hoping these fumes fooled me hehe.."

He was glad they couldn't see his proper expression, as steel blue eyes fixed through the steam locking with a smoldering scarlet. The state of Tenza still seemed to be a mystery as it waved unmovingly. She had the chance to reform, he noticed the good of others trying to guide her as well. One thing was certain, even if she was dead, even if she willing to change or run away he knew with undeniable certainty that her shard had cracked.

Magoi: 740/780

Ability used:

Airatifu Ayanobin Aruchinin (Altered translation: Rising Dragon Hotspring}
Tier: A-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must point their wand a location and then shout the name of the spell in order to command and move the rukh.
Scaling: Constructs- For every 10 magoi invested and additional steam dragon is made
Sustain: How many sustainments have you done so far? Starts at 0 and goes up with each additional use of the ability.
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 40 Magoi | 20 Magoi

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Blood, blood had been spilled, treated as if it was a tool all throughout this battle. Life's essence had more than fully painted the land, it pooled in the battlefields craters, dripping over once verdant grasses from atop the few spindling trees. Drip Dripp Dripppp! The dripping of the blood drops echoing as attacks filled Tenza's sight. As it's crimson hue tinting her vision as the deafening KRAOARAARORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR of the cymatic dragon closed in. As crystals would stand tall in her defense her teeth began to grit as rage began to sizzle. Pushing up, frothing her blood from a slow simmer rolling more and more. Words only faded in as the king walked up to her, the sounds of her beating and bubbling heart filled her head. Only increasing further in full rolling boil of rage he Requiem repaired her leg..

"ENOUGH!" she screamed, her voice shaking the battlefield with her anger. Surrounded, by an impending impact from behind, countless, demeaning offers from those who knew nothing of her. From people who knew nothing of what the Bo Clan stood. She would cackle, shouting out her rage-filled requiem and her foes requests.

"You speak as if you know the Bo Clan as if you've lived through my journey. You all believe in your different fates and silly paths. I've leaned on my men! On my women! With their lives, we took more land than anyone believed a no-name clan could in 5 years. Some may have been wary but they knew their lives are fuel for the cause! We reject your fate, or anyone else's, we reject any path! Grabbing a nearby blood-soaked blade she continued as Ani's attack was surely soon to impact. "We take and use what we can even if its others, and I definitely don't need to submit myself to any of you! I made the mistake of not bringing more! WE THE BO CLAN ARE POWERFUL IN OUR FERVENECY! "

Her ramblings would continue, as the shard had reached its point beginning to give. The rising steam from Jiryu's washing her, in the last action they would see from the Bloody Tyrant. SHCKKKKKK! The blade in her hand had been brought down, removing the leg that had been healed. She would say "If I'm to see any of you on my side it will be under the blood dragons cause, I trust their lives to be enough to defeat you, but for today I'm controlling my path's direction for certain! I AM TENZA BO, THE ONE WHO WILL LEAD THE BO TO OUR SANGUINE PARADISE, AND TODAY I SHALL LIVE!!" With the words the geyser burst up, swallowing her with her red eyes glaring in the steam followed by the meteoric crash of the Sentinel Armor into the earth.

Upheaved, turned and damp earth covered the battlefield. It would be a few years before the animals would likely return to graze as the damage began more visible. The veil of smoke beginning to clear revealing the land showing its carnage, the leg of Tenza seeming splattered. It was possible she went with it, her body couldn't be seen once again. This time there was no putrid, obsessive filled speech from defeat. Just silence across the desecrated plains lands, walking through carved land to gather what may have been left.

The magi failed to stop her, Lagi now had her armor in her grasp but failing to gain her along with Zubidiah and Ghost. The last of three had the Bloodaxe within grasp, and the chakram was still up for grabs as well by one of the others still to gain their reward. They could act amongst themselves, discussing, or decompress. It wouldn't prepare them for what was to come, for a week later a letter would arrive.

Dm Notes: Zub and Noir I'll dm you the codes for the items please make sure to confirm in your closing posts.

            Dear Traveler, thank you for answering our clans call to take down this vicious monster. The Bo clan still seems to have some strong fighters positioned in tribes, clans, and other villages. We'd love for you to come to our village, celebrate and meet one of our own who wishes to meet and potentially join you. However, I would be amiss to not tell you about the opportunity that helping one of these other villages offers in reward. It seems there's strange crystal objects that Tenza has plucked from some small villages. If you take on one of these strong challenges you potentially could grasp one of these yourself.

Dm notes: If you go to the village that gave you the letter you will be rewarded will a B-tier plot NPC with a trait to upgrade it into an A-tier plot npc eventually. To claim it just create a thread going there and post it in staff notifs. If you choose to help another village you must make a thread with the Tag [Bo Clan] in which you take on a DM'd A-tier NPC. You may take this one with another person if you are lower-tier but there can be no more than three taking on the challenge. If you choose to do this your end reward will be A-tier XP and a shard.

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Upon seeing Lagi blocking her attack, Noir gasped in surprise, but why? That woman had to be stopped, no matter what...She had killed even her own army… if anything, she had to be knocked out as soon as possible. But she felt a rage inside herself, which felt… strange, she hated it, this kind of rage would make her take a rash decision if she didn’t try to calm herself down. So she took a deep breath as she kept staring at both Tenza and Lagi, bracing herself just in case she had to fight them. Her red eyes changed color into her usual golden orbs, as a result of her succeeded in subduing her anger. But that woman kept on rambling… talking about foolish things. She was stranded...and that shard on her hand made Noir worried, so once again, she would be ready to knock her out, no matter what it takes.

However, Noir could feel something happening… coming from under Tenza herself, but it didn’t come from her, she was certain, it was someone else’s doing. In a blink, Noir saw a giant form of water and steam cracking from the ground… before… ended up getting a shower from that hot water. She was dumbfounded and her golden eyes would follow that hazy dragon, flying back to its conjurer although the haze was blocking her sight and she couldn’t see clearly because of that.

...But a lot of things happened too fast… she was not focusing on Tenza and the moment she turned back… that woman was gone, but she could see Tenza’s leg splattered. ‘What just happened…’ She was confused and tried to understand what was happening just a while ago, although a light pat on her shoulder snapped her out from her thoughts.

The older magician would be standing beside Noir, before lifting up a Chakram, “Here you go, keep it, little Noir. It will make a good souvenir.” Shousui gave the Chakram she picked up to Noir with a cunning smile. With a nod, the magician took the Chakram and stared at it, thinking that perhaps this was one of the weapons that Tenza used before… but she was curious about that magician… so the black haired girl would try to use her exceptional speed to approach the place where he was standing,

If he was still there, Noir would ask why he killed Tenza like that...but there was something more within this man that made the magician curious, she didn’t know what was it, however it felt different from any ordinary magician. If he wasn't there anymore, Noir would take her leave along with her companion, taking along the memento from the battle, the chakram, with her.


Notes: Taking Chakram~


The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 G5OZoqx



With Zuzu now appearing once again, it was felt with a mixture of emotions that Lagi couldn't address at the moment.

"Did you think long and hard about what you would say to me after missing for a year? I'm already taking over Heliohapt in your absence. Meeting me there as a member of the dark hand, or the opposition to my newfound purpose as the king of beasts, is a decision that I can't make for you. But I will say this, there is purpose in the lives that I take in order for the lives of the few to prosper now, I am not the same you met long ago. That man was a human, he was flawed. "

If there was something that Lagi wanted to accomplish, it was finding out information about the true nature of the shards. He had no idea what they were and how they worked, but Tenza dying would just put the idea of it back to the unknown. As a matter of fact, Tenza trying spite Lagi and cutting off her Leg was only met with a grunt of pure annoyance.

"I was giving you some dignity to stand on your two legs if you really wanted to face your end. You would spit in my face and rather stand on one, so be it. However, I want that question answered Tenza. What is the true nature of the sh-"

Before he could even finish his question, too many things happened at once. Other people trying to appeal to the morality of Tenza, people trying to kill Tenza, and another attack from a mysterious magician trying to subue Tenza. This was all in unison with the crack of the shard and the only thing Lagi decided to do was sustain the crystal barrier to protect Longzufu, himself, and Zuzu.

When it cleared up and Tenza was nowhere to be found, Lagi hopped on Longzufu.

"Meet me in Tartarus a couple of months from now, we need to see where we stand in our friendship. I''ll pursue tenza."

The dragon roared as it started to dash off into the distance with A rank speeds. But will Lagi ever catch up to the bloody tyrant?

Who knows...



The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 CrChE3t

The Bloody Tyrants Siege [Job/Raid/Plot] - Page 2 LBbFjDO

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