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The Last Light of Ra (Chain)

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Job Name:Within the Shadow of Ra
Job Rank:D
Job Location: Heliohapt [HIDDEN TEMPLE OF RA]
Job Reward:3000 Huang & 50 XP
Job Prerequisites:Must be: Bastet Bloodline, Member of The Central Temple of Ra, Or Special Invitation
Job Overview: The country of Heliohapt has been thrown into Chaos. Without a true leader, the society has become a plagued Shadow of itself and is doomed to subvert to Lagi. Cleopatra one of the last remaining High Priestess will not submit so easily. She holds the last Defence, a Temple hidden beneath what had been the Central Temple of Ra. Cleopatra must take count of the survivors and as a leader prepare for the ressurection of an empire.

Job Name:Gold Sand Palasade
Job Rank:D
Job Location: Heliohapt [Hidden Temple of Ra]
Job Reward:3000 Huang & 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Bastet Bloodline, Central Temple of Ra member, Special Invitation
Job Overview:With such extreme dangers on the outside world security is of the utmost essential. Within the now Hidden Temple of Ra there are still a few Priests and Apprentices. It may be possible to increase security if the Apprentices knew the spell. Cleopatra must teach Gold Sand Palasade to the remaining survivors.

Job Name:Visions I
Job Rank:D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Reward:3000 Huang & 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Bastet Family, Special Invitation
Job Overview: Cleopatra is affected by a sudden and intense vision of her son Jahangir. Sensing his presence and current actions in Heliohapt. With this sudden happening the universe has restored some of her faith, and now she must prepare for the return of our son. Cleopatra decides to take council and gather information on sacred weapons and tools to arm her son.

The Sun had set over Ra, the sands were no prisoners of the Shadow of the abyss Chaos. It is a calamity that the gods had strike against the Country for their sins and the sins of others. Like a true nightmare, or a prophetic armeggedon the Country had been destroyed and where it once stood was now the den of demons.

"How could this have happened", Cleopatra did not cry over the state of the world for long. It was just a matter of pride, how could she have been sitting idly as her home was destroyed. When the world erupted even The Temple of Ra, which was one of the illustrious and most magnificent sites of archeology in Heliohapt; had been utterly destroyed.

"I must create sanctuary", Cleo had been having this thought for days. She had only but so much information on this Lagi, and the Dark Hand and it's city Tarturus. She had known very certainly that whatever this accursed magic was it was foreign to this land. Her ties with the many cults and influences in Heliohapt was solid. There was none that would dare harm the Temple of Ra. It was against their way of life.

Cleopatra nonetheless moved as aptly as she could given the circumstances. She moved everyone into the lower chambers, hidden halls and rooms built underneath the Temple. There was bodies of bunkers built expertly beneath The Temple of Ra and the ruined Temple above them served as great cover. She had many things to do to sustain the lives of the refugees.

To begin with she needed to know every single priest and apprentice. There had to be an accurate head count. Every would get oriented and order would be established. Cleo smiled a bit Luckily she was already Commander in Chief. Cleo left her private quarters and entered into the underground system. She located the survivors and and the next priests in line and with confidence and power she began instructions.

There were 200 of them, all of the survivors able enough priests and Apprentices with a connection to the Rukh. Magicians. With that amount she split them into shifts and teams and on a cycle they would be responsible for powering and sustaining their home. Food and Light would all be created through magic. Breaks shifts and cycles would give adequate rest for the survivors. The last thing she would need is security but that would be another time. She prayed to Ra.

After a few hours of instructing and making rounds she returned to her quarters and rested her eyes. As she did memories of her family flooded her mind. Everyone of them including Jahangir who had been lost from her. She was lucky to have most of her children underground with her but what would become of their home if this Lagi succeeds. She had climbed the ranks of influence fighting her whole life for a place and some peace. The entire thing took her from herself today. This entire day was still a nightmare she needed to end.

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