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Shadow in the light (training)

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1Shadow in the light (training) Empty Shadow in the light (training) on 29/05/20, 05:33 pm

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
The elderly assassin was reflecting on his life this past year in this coastal country of Balbadd. He had been through a lot including a new powerful form and even infiltrating the recruitment process of the infamous shadow organization known as the Spiders. Now as if triggered  by these past months, images began to appear in his mind, blurry as if looking through a haze.  It was of a younger Silva, probably of his forgotten years. He was using illusion magic to sneak into places and assassinate contracts or to escape the law. He was viewing these memories he was beginning to remember the magic spells he used and such. However, even though he was remembering these spells and new type of magic he didn't actually know how to do these as his body had long forgotten these abilities. He would have to attune his body and rukh back in alignment with the Silva of the past.

In order to do this he would by starting out with some meditation in a secluded area outside of the city to get close to nature. He would bathe in sunlight hoping that this would help him focus more on light magic. He would focus on light magic and the formulas that would be required to use it. he would spend the next couple of days just sitting there in the wooded area trying to better understand the magic. After awhile and beginning to get a better understanding for the magic he decided to move to the next step which would be to try to build up his magical stamina or reserves. He would do this by creating a field of lightning magic around his body and continuously releasing the magic. In doing this he should be able to increase his magic reservoir and to help him be able to better equip himself to use light magic. This technique of training was of course quite a bit dangerous. With a continuous output of magic it runs out quickly and if you are not careful then it could lead up to death or seriously hurting yourself. He would spend a week of this, spending almost all of his magic then resting and eating to restore his magoi then repeating the process over and over. He could feel his magoi growing bit by bit as he continued with his exercise.

Finally he was moving on to the last step which was trying to actually use light magic. He would do this in a similar way as to the building magoi step. He would start by trying to to envelop his hands in a thin veil of light. The first couple of days this was vein as nothing would happen or just a quick flutter of light would appear. Later he could get a little bit of light and after another full week he was able to get a bright amount of light and hold it fr a couple of minutes without it fluctuating. He would smile at the end of it as he had finish with this training hoping he could put it into good use soon.

WC 523/500

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