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The King's Shadow on the Job [Spec Training]

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It wasn't even his second day and he was hard at work! While Lagi was speaking with the officials of his country, Bahir stood in the background. He was leaning against one of the pillars in the meeting room, behind Lagi. The way he was positioned was ideal for him: he wouldn't be able to be seen easily. There were a couple of the officials who just KNEW that the King's Shadow would be ever present and have gotten over the possibility. The others had no idea of Bahir's presence. The thought amused him. Surely, they knew of Lagi's hidden guardian by now? Oh well. The less to know of him, the better he supposed. However, the meeting was pretty boring to the Shadow. All they were talking about were policies for Lagi's animals and how to keep Azix's work force program in play. Two things that Bahir didn't know anything about.

Instead of paying the officials in the room any more attention, Bahir went back to his job. He kept his ears open and his eyes started to dart back and forth through the Emperor's meeting room. The youthful eyes and ears of the Fanalis spy were sharpened to the point where he could hear a new person in the area start to breathe. He praised the heavens for his youth, because his senses were still in their prime! Unlike the older of his kin who would be starting to diminish slightly. Just as he thought about how fortunate he was for his ears, they picked up on something strange. He turned his head towards a wall and saw nothing. He looked towards the other wall and still, nothing. The fanalis narrowed his eyes and a low growl emitted from his chest. The sound was soft and a very low frequency, so he knew he wouldn't disturb the officials or his Emperor. Bahir went back to looking forward, the sound had stopped almost immediately, but he didn't pay any attention to it.

A few moments passed by when he heard the soft opening of one of the windows. Bahir turned to see the window barely closing and his eyes widened. Dammit! The fanalis took no time going to the window and, lo and behold, he saw someone jumping to the next building. Without thinking, Bahir jumped out of the window in pursuit. The person landed and began running with Bahir two seconds after him or her.

Bahir was surprised with how quickly this person was moving. The fanalis still had caught up to the person, even with his race's aptitude towards being one of the fastest in the land. Could... could this person be a fanalis as well?! Why would they turn on the Emperor when he has access to the Fanalis Corps?! The thought of another fanalis being the spy angered our young assassin. He pushed himself to run harder, to catch up with the person, but to no avail.

Just as he was about to close in on the person, the other spy dropped down of the buildings. Bahir, accidentally, jumped over the alley in which the person dropped down. While in the air, Bahir looked down at the alley to try and see which way the assailant was going to go. how does this person know Remano so well?! Have they been here for that long?! Having seen which way the spy was going, Bahir immediately launched himself off of the building in that direction.

When he landed on the ground he saw the back of his prey run directly into a large group of people. "GRAWR DAMMIT!" Bahir grinned after his exclamation of frustration. He intentionally made it seem like he was going to give up, instead he found his way back to the roof tops. He stood at the top of one for a moment, looking for the features of his target. THERE! Just as he spotted the person, they were taking off items of clothing to try and ensure their escape. Too slow. He thought to himself as he used his explosive first step and instantly gave chase from the rooftops.

Bahir followed the spy all the way to the gates of Remano. What do you think you're doing...? Are you already reporting back? Hmph. Bahir stood on top of one of the watch posts at the gates of Remano as he began to change his appearance. Using The Disguise, the fanalis had become a tan, brown-eyed man with dark brown dreads. He also abandoned his clothing from Balbadd and donned the wardrobe of a Remano citizen. He moved down from his spot and began to trail the disguised spy. It looked as though he was being led to the Western front...
Word Count: 797/1000
Abilities Used:

Name: Explosive first step
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: None
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: This is one of the things Bahir is most proud of, having an explosive first step. With it, he can break into his sprint much sooner than other people. This ability allows for Bahir to skip pass the jogging phase and enter immediately into a run and reduces the phasing from run to sprint by .5 seconds.

Name: The disguise
Tier: C
Cost: N/A
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Social
Range: Self
Duration: Twice per thread
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: This is a very simple, but thorough technique. Bahir has become very proficient at creating disguises for himself. He is able to change the color of his hair, skin tone, and even his pupils at 20 m/s to give him C-tier camouflage to blend in with either the people/culture around him or his surroundings.

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The King's Shadow on the Job [Spec Training] XhmcID2The King's Shadow on the Job [Spec Training] ZvsP1Sc


After a few days of following the figure, Bahir was starting to wonder if he should report back to Lagi just yet. No. He couldn't abandon his prey yet. The person had obtained valuable, well... somewhat valuable, information from Remano and Bahir couldn't let this man get away. He had uncovered that the spy was a male, but his origin and race were still unknown to Bahir. This disturbed him to no end. He, obviously, wasn't from Imuchakk based purely on his stature. He was red-headed, but Bahir would refuse the fact that he was a fanalis, even though he had red hair and was fast enough to keep Bahir from catching him. Who... are you? Bahir watched the man while he made his camp. The Shadow refused to do anything similar so he wouldn't be caught. He was a far enough trailing distance to where, he could still see the man, but shouldn't have been able to be seen by a normal human.

Bahir took a moment to rest, as he watched the other man lay near the fire he made. When Bahir came back to, the sun had yet to rise and he could still see a flicker of the other man's fire. Bahir took this moment approach the other man. Using his Feath foot he prevented the sound of the sand crunching beneath his shoes. As he neared the man, he started to realize his fear more and more. The man had all of the features of a fanalis... the speed, the hair, the skin. Bahir could do nothing but sigh. He had to hunt down one of his kin... someone who was more like him than the Emperor he served or the nation of men and women that he was now surrounding himself with. Someone who knows how it feels to be like him. With a heavy heart, Bahir started to bind the man with the cloth of his cloak, being careful not to wake him.

The flame of the other fanalis's camp finally died behind Bahir and the sun started to rise. Bahir's prey slowly awakened and was startled at the sight he was met with. Bahir had cast away his disguise and stood there, waiting. The Emperor's Shadow was in his own flesh. Before the fanalis could speak, Bahir began his interrogation. "Where are you from, fanalis? And why on Earth would you spy on Emperor Lagi?"

The fanalis grinned and shook his head. "Wow. You ARE an idiot. I wasn't spying on Lagi." Bahir narrowed his eyes at this. Surely the man was lying? There was no reason for him to have been there if not for Lagi. "Stop lying!" Bahir kicked the man in the stomach. It wasn't as strong as he would have liked, but it was strong enough to get his point across. His frustration was already raised that he had let the man go this far, trying to figure where he was from. It was only heightened by the thrown insults and the fact that it WAS a fanalis spying on Lagi. "Tell me where you are from! Who are you reporting your information to!" Bahir drew his leg back and was about to kick the man again when his ears were filled with the information he wanted... but instantly regretted getting.

"Hakim. I report to Hakim. Your father." Bahir lowered his leg slowly and stared down at the man. My father..? How does he.. where... what.. The look of mixed confusion and joy on Bahir face caused the fanalis to laugh. The laughter snapping Bahir from his thoughts. "Explain damn you."

"Gladly! Your father has sent me to Reim to keep tabs on you. I, personally, think you're pathetic and a sorry excuse for a Fanalis AND assassin. If he could see you now, he'd be so ashamed. I'm trained much better than you are. I've been watching you since you REACHED that fucking place. That half-breed you've gotten close to, the TWO metal vessel users you fought alongside, the emperor. ALL of it! I've been there watching you. And you've JUST now been able to catch on to it. Pathetic!"

Bahir scowled at the man and removed his cloak from him. The other fanalis looked at Bahir with a puzzled expression. Bahir just took a few steps back and unhooked his triple stick from his side and connected them to make one long bo staff. "Get up." The other fanalis grinned at the thought of what must have been going through Bahir's mind. "Oh yeah?! You sure kiddo? I'll end up killing you!" Without another word, Bahir was in a ready position.

The other fanalis drew his dagger and rushed Bahir. He swiped at the fanalis's hand, only to be met with nothing. Bahir hand lunged backwards, with the butt of his staff lined up with the man's chest. With a quick push from his back (right) hand, the butt of his triple stick crashed into the center of the man's chest. The man stumbled back a bit and put his dagger in his teeth. Bahir narrowed his eyes at this sight and discreetly twisted the ends of his triple stick, disconnecting the sanjiegun into its three different section. He held it in a way where it stayed together in one piece, however. Bahir watched as the fanalis pulled out his throwing knives and threw them. Of course. Bahir started spinning his sanjiegun with his stick spin, knocking the thrown knives away. All the while, Bahir kept his eyes on the other fanalis, a grin spreading on his face. "You call me pathetic, but this is all you can do?

The other fanalis was starting to lose his cool, Bahir knew this and relished in the fact. He threw his dagger down and picked up two swords that were buried in the sand. Bahir raised an eyebrow at this. Had he planned to be caught up to out here? Perhaps this man had planned on killing Bahir this whole time? "I know what you're thinking, Bahir! And you're RIGHT! I planned on killing you from the start! You don't deserve to be Hakim's successor!" Successor? Bahir's eyes widened as he was quickly met with the other man's sword. He brought the end of his stick in his right hand up to block the attack. He was then faced with another predicament, the man had two swords. The other blade started to come up from the bottom, so Bahir used the end of the stick in his left hand to block it. So far so goo-- Bahir's eyes widened as he was forced backwards. The cause of his sudden stumble backwards was the other man's foot in his stomach.

Bahir rolled backwards onto his feet and back into a ready position. It was just in time as the man was in the air, bringing his weapons downward towards Bahir's head. The assassin rolled forward this time, and spun around still crouched. While spinning, he threw one end of his stick outwards, towards the man's feet. The middle section hooked behind his ankles as Bahir caught the other end and pulled, rolling backwards at the same time. The U-hook that was made from Bahir's sanjiegun took the man's feet from under him, causing him to fall onto his face.

Bahir was up in a standing position as the other fanalis was scrambling to his feet. Being the first one up, Bahir took the advantage and reached for four of his poison coated throwing spikes and threw them into the man's back with his Sickly Sting. The man arched his back and let out a howl in pain as he felt the spikes dig into his back. The poison spread through the man's system quickly. He slowly got to his feet and picked up his swords again. At this point, Bahir had no actual competition from the man. He was slowed beyond belief from the poison and, at this current state, had no chance of besting Bahir. He groggily walked towards Bahir, raising his right sword. He let the weight of the weapon be the speed of the slash, but it was still slow enough that Bahir casually side stepped the weapon. The other fanalis continued to try this, until Bahir put his hand on the center of the man's chest and pushed. The force caused the man to fall onto his back, causing the spikes to be pushed in even further.

Another howl of pain came from the man and Bahir looked down at him, "Where is my father?" The man on the ground coughed up a bit of blood and started to get back to his feet. He used his swords as a crutch to regain his balance, but Bahir kicked one from under him, causing him to drop to one knee. "I'm tired of playing these games with you... where is my father?!" The other man just began to laugh as he stood from his knee. "He's everywhere! I'm not the only pair of eyes he has on you! He's been training plenty of us to watch you. To take over once he dies. Whoever is the last one standing will be his successor!" Bahir narrowed his eyes again at the man. "I'll kill you! And move to the front of the line!!" The man swung at Bahir once more and the assassin just sighed. He spun to the outside of the weapon, ending with the two men back to back. Bahir swung his triple stick outwards, the end of the middle section hitting the man in the shoulder and the shaft of the other end hitting him in the face.

The man fell as Bahir shook his head. He folded his triple stick and started heading back to Reim, letting the man wallow in his own thoughts, filled with poison. "The buzzards will have you. You're no competition for me."
Word Count (Spec Training): 1000+/1000
Word Count (Round About Bop Training): 1000/1000
Abilities Used:
Name: Stick spin!
Tier: C - Tier
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Triple Stick
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 Posts or Sustained + 1
Description: Bahir grips the middle section of his sanjiegun and spins it rapidly at 20 m/s to parry projectiles or weapons strikes that would equal up to B-tier damage. If wanted, Bahir can sustain the ability to continue his defense.

Name: Feather Foot
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: None
Class: Supplementary
Range: self
Duration: 2 posts or Sustain +1
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: When using Feather Foot, the user becomes extremely light on his/her feet, nullifying most revealing sounds that may be made on floors, leaves, and/or twigs. This is effective despite what level of speed the user decides to move at, and it is effective for up to 3m.

Name: Sickly Sting
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 | 15
Weapon Type: Throwing Spikes
Class: Supplementary
Range: 15 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts; Sustain + 1
Description: Bahir draws four of his spikes from the handle of his knife and throws it at 25m/s at his targets. Each spike deals D-Tier poisoning, allowing up to B-Tier poison status on a target hit with all four of the spikes.


The King's Shadow on the Job [Spec Training] XhmcID2The King's Shadow on the Job [Spec Training] ZvsP1Sc

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