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The gun show! (Solo/ job)

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1The gun show! (Solo/ job) Empty The gun show! (Solo/ job) on 13/04/20, 10:05 am

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Job Name: All Hands on Deck!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Help is wanted on the docks of Balbadd. It seems that a sickness similar to the flu has spread to a few of the dock hands causing them to not be able to come into work today. Some extra hands are needed to help take some cargo off a recently docked ship and then load that empty ship up with some spices and other trade items so that it can be on its way quickly and help our country flourish with riches

The aged magic assassin had decided he should put his body to some good use since it had been awhile since he had last gotten to try out his new ability that had quickly become one ofnhis favorites. He had gained the ability to increase his muscle mass and give himself increased strength when needed. This had Also helped get rid of the pains of his old body despite it not actually making him younger. He had used it a couple of times but had been inactive for a little while so he decided it was about time that he did something even if it wasn't assassination. He had been sitting in a tavern when he had seen a flyer about helping out the crew of a merchant shipbot seems like. Most of the crew was unable to work for some strange reason so they were looking for help. This is just what the wizened man was looking for. He wpuld gather his staff and start walking off after tossing a few coins on the table to pay for he meal he had.

A few hours later the seasoned dealer of death showed up meeting the foreman of the team that was loading and unloading today. The Foreman, who was a large muscular sailor, looked at this small frail old man with amusement in his eyes. Even tho he probably wouldnt be of any help the foreman rhought it would be at least nice for the boys to have some enjoyment watching him try as they do the actual work. The old man would smile to himself fully aware what the foreman and the other workers were thinking as they saw him. This was typical for the old man and he was happy with that. Most would never expect a elderly man to be a killer in the shadows. However his new body modification could very clearly prove most otherwise. He would grab a crate struggling to lift it and could hear the others as they laughed or chuckled at the spectacle. Showtime. The whole dock grew quiet as this small old man grew into a large beast like person. He was much taller than before but was still about on par with most of the sailors. However, the big difference between them and Silva was that Silva's body was covered in large glistening muscles that somehow did not seem to rip his clothes. They had seen muscular men before but not on this level or from an old man. He would grin as he lifts a crate in both hands unloading them with a never before seen speed and quickly loaded half of the ship back up himself. It was fairly easy for the man once he had entered his second form. Magicains were known for their week bodies but with this he was sure he would be on a whole other level than most magicians now with amazing magic, assassin skills(once he remembers all of them and hosnold spells) and now the perfect body for fighting. He would later take his pay and leave as the sailors still tried to grasp what had happened.

Wc 500+/500

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