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Freak Show Themed Villainy Anyone?!

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Freak Show Themed Villainy Anyone?! Tumblr_n85vpnXsUN1r4n0roo1_500
Why hello there!

This thread is for a character I'll be making soon. I want to try and build a more active villainous group. The group would go under the guise of a travelling circus with people using their powers to entertain by day and terrorize by night. This will be a group for depraved characters. These will be character's whose Ruhk has gone pitch black for various reasons, and they will be villains to the core. Once I get some people interested/finish the character, I'll make a guild thread on the other board. It should be noted that this is a very rough draft that can be changed in the future.

Group Name: The Firefly's Den [Preforming Name] | Scelus Sceleris [Criminal Group Name, means "Evil Deed" in Latin]

Goal: For whatever reason, people in the group have been wronged. Fate has spat in their face and stomped on their hearts. The group's current goal is to show the world that the fate and hope they cling to so happily is just going to lead them to heartache and pain. They want to make sure everyone knows that bad things happen to good people. The group's ideal is to reverse the flow of the Ruhk in as many people as possible to start a revolution in thought and society. They believe no one will see the world for what it is until then.

The Firefly's Den, then named 'The Dusk Boutique,' was originally a show put together by a young woman with strange abilities in an attempt to show the world that the seemingly 'monstrous' powers she and others had were not evil or dangerous. She came from a background of persecution for her abilities, and the woman wanted to make everyone in the world try to understand. However, after a series of events and tragedies, the group was wrongfully attacked and many members were killed. This led to a depraved young woman remaking the group with the current ideals now in place.

RP You'd See:
RP for this group would be split between "day time" and "night time" RP. Basically, during the day, they would be a group of performers that travel from country to country. So, they'd be relatively well liked or kind of outcasted because of their gypsy status. Members are encouraged to be as "normal" as possible during the day. At night, members dawn masks and set about to kidnap children and other beloved community members to cause the town to feel depravity at it's core. Members of this group will be counted on to act as villains for jobs if requested as well. I hope to use this group to make special "versus" jobs where both groups with two different jobs opposing each other take place in the same thread. I'll be PMing staff about this later.

Characters Who Can Join:
Just about anyone! You could be a kidnapped person who's in the process of being brainwashed, maybe a performer who joined without realizing what the group truly was and is now in deep water. You can also be a black Ruhk aligned person who just really likes their goal and joined up. You can also be an original member of the circus who's out for blood against those who live happy lives. I'm up for anyone to join as long as they're willing to do some serious evil.

So if you're interested, post down below! I'll be requesting that all interested parties PM me their Skype. I want to be able to keep in contact with those who want to be members.

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