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My Heart Draws a Dream! [Reim to Kou Travel]

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It was no easy adventure, no easy battle for his dream. Countless of trials and tribulations tested the young man who never stopped perfecting what life gifted him, a healthy body and strong will not willing to be broken by anyone. A rising sun would meet Trently's green shining blade he held up high, proud of his dream of wielding a King's power being realized. A brave face radiated brightly with the sunlight upon it. Lustrous metal shined with color upon this new day of the western side of the magical world. It was a great feeling. However, Trently would feel bad for an even braver warrior lost in Furcas' great but rigorous dungeon. He would fall in battle valiantly and as a great warrior. Trently knew that man was ballsy but did not know he would face so many generals of Sasan all at once. It was a shock for Trently, as he saw the tears his great and wonderful friends shed for his departure. Trently would know he was with a greater place again however, as it was said by Furcas all who die will return to a "Great Flow" of who is "God".

Trently would clasp his hands whilst looking upon a morning dawn, with metals shining in the rubble in the landscape. He would stand beside red haired Guaiwu, who wore a pair of silver magic knuckles from Furcas. Trently had come a long way. It was a shame in seeing a man as well come what a long way, yet meet his end. Trently would pay respects to a warrior of a man he was, facing Sasan valiantly.

Trently: "Your will of a kind brave warrior shall be remembered."

Trently said, feeling for him and sympathizing with his good friends. However, it was now to return home for young Trently, as a grand celebration was in order. Perhaps young Trently may write of a warrior with six arms known by an Asura who fell a warrior when he returns home. It sure ought be a good story back home in Imperial Kou. Trently had much to write, as he did not want any of what happened during his lifetime being lost. It had to be recorded.

Opening to a New Saga Music

Trently would unfurl his carpet, and board it with Guaiwu, who smiled excited. A new saga of Trently's was only now beginning. What new adventures lie upon Kou's horizon? Trently must return and find out at once for he finally now holds a King's power. He knew that grandpa and father would be more than proud. Trently all these years has yet seen his mother and grandma back home, it may be good in paying his family a visit after so many years. Trently would shower his mom and grandma in wealth, but likely receive a beating from having been gone for so long. Trently would need to inform his family however of what tragedy befell his father over a year ago.

..2 Months Later..

Trently would have regrouped with his men living off Reim's wild lands and having created a small settlement while he and Guaiwu were absent. Some had imagined Trently and Guaiwu were perhaps dead, however, Miracle's lead men had prevailed and conquered a dungeon at long last. Some others expected no less from Trently and his red haired right hand man. Despite great congratulations, Trently could not celebrate just yet with his men as first everyone must return now back home.

Then only after, would Miracle celebrate and have great fun. Trently and his men would grab a boat ride headed for a Magnostadt settlement where goi were allowed. There, Miracle began a few month long journey passing vast open plains and fields, until coming upon rigorous mountains which would be harsh for Miracle. However, Trently and his men would persevere and reach a vast stretch of eastern plains known by some as Tenzan Plateau, where many nomadic groups lived. Trently would ensure his men and him only crossed more empty lands, like previously. A small encounter would be had with some nomadic people, but be quite peaceful when Trently would give offerings of peace, leaving after chat.

After long grueling months, Trently had made his great and proud return back home. Trently set foot upon his guild's region of operations, and would smile. It was one stormy day in Kou, as storm child of Kou would return with a grand power of a King, like Yoshiro Zu himself. Trently rose his green blade up as rain pattered along Kou's grassy grounds and would shout a hurrah, for his conquest.

Trently: "HUUURAAAAH!"

A great new adventure begins here.


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