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Return from the Sea. [Solo/Arrival]

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1Return from the Sea. [Solo/Arrival] Empty Return from the Sea. [Solo/Arrival] on 17/11/18, 07:07 pm

John Davis

John Davis
Ivory birds adorned with black-tipped wings remained adrift in the ocean breeze by the port of Reim. Their calls could be heard overhead; a mixture of high-pitched squeals and drawn-out bouts of what could be described as laughter. Some of the gulls took to resting on the docks themselves. A number of them were perched on wooden beams which had been blemished by barnacles. They paid no mind to the port workers and other passersby that entered their domain. certain members of the flock eyed the people with a glint of curiosity. Others with hunger when hauls of the fishing vessels rolled by.

It was not long before a galleon with sails as white as the clouds approached the port. Upon its arrival, the deckhands got right to work with securing the ship while furling the cloth that enabled its momentum. The black iron anchor released from its housing, its chains clattering along the wood followed by a splash from the briny water. A group of the sailors prepared the gangplank. One by one, the passengers stepped toward the docks so as to enter the Reim Empire after their journey.

No one of importance meandered with the group. Small families made up of mothers, fathers and children, hopeful merchants wishing to sell goods, and the occasional Reim soldier. That is, except for one man who separated himself from the gathering. Notable features upon observation would include is short golden-sand colored hair, eyes that appeared to hold the canvas of the ocean itself, and a fair complexion. A blue scabbard remained at his left hip which was fastened by a crimson cloth sash over his sailor's clothes.

The man's black bucket boots thumped lightly with each step against the wood of the dock while he made his way to the city. "To think it's been a few months," he breathed. "I need to tell mother that I made it home safe. She might be worried." He stopped himself and chuckled. "It's mother. Of course she'll be worried."


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