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Return of the chicken protector (job/solo)

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida

Job Name: Chicken Bandit: Part 2
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50xp | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Chicken Bandit, Pt I
Job Overview: Another bandit has taken up the theft of chickens! It turns out that the prior one had an allies. Defeat the allies of the bandit, and recover the 10 stolen chickens.


Enemy Name: Bandit x2
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: The bandit is capable of dealing D-tier damage.

The newly reformed assassin and magician combo had found himself once again walking along the road that was cutting through the countryside. It had been a couple of weeks since he was last in this particular area of the country of Balbadd and a lot has changed since then. For starters he had started a dream he had been wanting to start for the past couple of years. He was finally starting up the Zodiacs, a group that was kind of like a crime syndicate. The Zodiacs would be a group that gathers various people from the underworld society of this world, people such as murderers slavers and so on and so on. He hasn't made any progress there yet but he had plans on trying to recruit this group called the spiders that he has heard about. Another change for the old man was that he no longer had the body of an old man. Thanks to a shard that turned out to contain massive amounts of magic, he was able to regain the type of body that he figured he must of had during the prime of his life, if only he could remember any of his past life. With the new body Silva no longer felt the ache or slowness that would normally accompany a body of someone as old as him. With this new body he also gained something else that he would like to call his god form or the god mode. In this form he literally and physically transformed and in this muscular, god like form he was as fast as a cheetah and now strong enough to crush a man's skull using nothing but his bare hands  with this new body he was able to do things 3 time more efficient then in his old, frail and feeble body.

As for the reason he was back in the country, he had gotten a letter a couple of days ago. The letter came from a farmer that he had helped put a couple of weeks ago, the reason he was last in this area. The man had been have problems with a lone bandit who had been stealing several chicken s from the farmer. Turns out now that the bandit was actually a part of a small group. The past couple of days the farmer had noticed that chickens had been going missing and things around his place being destroyed, both acts of revenge from the bandits for the fact that their ally were killed.

Once Silva got to the farm he had to explain to the poor soul that he was in fact the elderly man t hay helped him out those several weeks ago. Once night fell Silva was waiting in the shadows when he saw two meager bandits carrying two sacks that were writhing and wiggling. He smiles deciding to take them out before they could even react. He breaths in as his body begins to grow and change as he become a small giant. He smiles as he runs towards the bandits catching up before the even knew he was there. He grabs the back of their heads slamming both of their faces into the ground crushing the skulls. once disposed, Silva grabs the chicken sacks and tossed them back into the chicken coop before collecting his money and heading back to the city.

WC 500+/500

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