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The Arrival Of Kokogarah [Solo/Job/D Rank]

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Kokogarah Letushraray

Kokogarah Letushraray
Job Name: Ruins and Language
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: In the desert surrounding Heliohapt are ruins of pyramids, temples, and lost societies. Visit one of these ruins and investigate for the Historical Society. Bring back at least one tome and one artifact and the Historical Society will reward you.

Kokogarah Letushraray sat on a horse as it walked through the desert along side a few others on horses that rose beside a caravan filled with a few other people who were riding to Heliohapt. She had wanted to travel to Heliohapt but she wanted to ride by animal  and not walk the entire way so she made a deal with a caravan that she would help protect them and in turn she could ride on the horses with them to the country.

So of course she decided to take them up on their deal since it fit what he wanted. As they neared the entrance they came to a stop by some ruins to take a rest and prepare for the entering of Heliohapt. Kokogarah climbed off her horse and gently pat it, it was strong, fast, and prove to be a wonderful animal to hunt... too bad it belonged to a caravan and 'hunting' it would cause many issues to arise.

As she dd so she over head a man rejecting an offer to go to the ruins of some temples to try to get an artifact for the historical society who sounded very upset about this news. Kokogarah smirked and walked from the caravan over to the man and the disappointed group. The caravan had made it to their location.... mostly.... so they would probably be fine without her.

She stood besides the man just barely towering over him, she was a bit short for most Imuchakk for her age but was still quite tall to non Imuchakk. She grinned down at the men as her wild and long light blue hair blew in the wind. "I'll take the job..." The group blinked still registering the sudden arrival of the woman as the leader focused. "You will?"

Kokogarah nodded "Yes... I over head what the job was, and I believe it will be quick money that could assist me during my travels. Will this be okay with you all?" she said in a calm and confident manner.  The man slowly nodded before registering that she actually said yes and nodded a bit quicker.

"That would be wonderful! Just bring it back here and we will reward you." She nodded and started to walk off "I shall return by the time the moon raises if not earlier." She said as she walked towards the ruins they were talking about that luckily were not too far off. She walked up the broken and sand coated steps of one of the ruins of a temple with a grin still painted on her face.

She walked into the dark and falling apart temple and looked around as she walked in between the broken pillars and made her way through a door way to a back room that seemed to being the old living quarters of the priest that had once lived here and taken care of the shrine. She wondered what he would think seeing the temple in such a state as she started to look through drawers and chests for anything that could be of use.

She paused though hearing something hit the small stone table in the corner of the room and grinned wider as she quickly rose to her feet and turned on her heels as she pointed her sword at the sound. She saw a small scorpion get up from having felling off a shelf and had landed by a statue that was halfway inside a small mound of sand. She walked closer as she stared at the scorpion curiously.

As her sword got closer the scorpion attacked the tip of her sword with its stinger. She smiled a twisted smile seeing this and swung her sword at it. As she left the temple holding the sandy statue she grinned looking over the singer that she had obtained shortly after 'playing' with the scorpion for a bit. She hadn't seen a creature like it before so she was rather pleased that she as able to take something away from the experience.

She walked up to the group as she sun was a little bit lower now than it was before but still hung at a decent level in the sky and handed them the statue. "This is just what we were looking for, thank you." He said grabbing some money for her and handing it to her with a pleased smile. She nodded "It was my pleasure."

She said calm yet happily as she walked past the man from before. "You lost out on some easy money." She said in a mocking manner to him as she started to walk in the direction her caravan had entered Heliohapt through.

((782/500 Words))

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