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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
Jumanah nodded to the man behind the counter as she paid him for her meal making her way out of the building rather quickly but trying not to do so too suspiciously fast. She didn’t really currently have too much of an ability to travel out of the kingdom without risk of getting captured by bandits or slavers again. And In the kingdom was her old master who was actively seeking her out. She tried her best to stay in areas were ex slaves frequented knowing they would be far less likely to take her back to her owner. Right now she was in a bit of a rocky situation but if she could get stronger it would make things a bit more easier and simple.

Given if she could actually fight off the bandits or those who try to take her back to her owner she wouldn’t have to fear facing them anymore. So after a good night's rest and some time planning out some things in an inn she had decided to try and train her skills with magic for now knowing a decent place to practice. She even thought about working out her body too, maybe even find a decent beginner weapon later so she was ready in case they got too close as well. For now though she decided to focus just on the magic aspect of things since she already had ground to stand on there and to work with.

Juhanah stepped out onto the open sandy area just outside of a main civilized area where she could run to safety if needed but wouldn’t draw attention to herself by practicing. Today she was going to practice some defensive work with her Echo Image. If someone came at her from afar it would surely help prevent too many injuries. She had to work better at her cast time and execution before furthering any main aspect of its versatility. That and she had to get a feel for her staff again given its differences and the years off from using it or any real magic.

Alright first up basic execution to shake off the rust. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath in trying to focus as she brought her staff in front of her holding it just a few inches off the ground. She frowned her brows as she clenched her staff curling up her bottom lip holding the position. There were words that went with this spell…. Words which were made 4 years ago practiced for a month straight… Her hands started to shake as her brows rose in the fronts as the rest stayed down under her mask. “Oh god….” She mumbled sighing, lowering the staff to the ground as she looked up to the sky. “What kind of magician forgets one of the most basic spells? Sound breaker I get but Echo Image?”

She ranted to herself before sighing and looked down to the sand thoughtfully before starting to write out various phrases it could be or what she would have likely made the spell. When she was done she leaned on the staff resting her chin on the side of it staring down at the various combinations crossing some out after a moment before narrowing it down to a few. She nodded to herself before picking up her staff and focused as she tried each one a few times just in case until one worked making her smile before sighing a bit sweaty now from the suns beating down on her. She wiped off her lower half of her face reciting in her head the chant a few times to get the hang of it. When she did she smirked taking a deep breath of the fresh air before grinning and began practicing the spell over and over until she didn’t have to think twice about the execution. Before she could do more about practicing quick casts of it and more strengthened ones she could feel her magoi running low and decided to head back to the inn she had been staying at.

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It wasn’t too expensive of an inn but not one so cheap you could only pray for a good night's sleep. She got herself some food and went to her room laying down next to her staff thinking. She had quite a few offensive skills and a few that cause more effects than not. That and one dedicated to music…. She would have to practice them all but given her issues with the chanting today she likely would have the same issue with Ear Pound that also had a chant to it. She rested her hand on her stomach and one under her head as she looked to the ceiling of the room sighing. Alright save time now by thinking of chants so you can try them all out and then practice the spell. She though about different possible chants for a while coming up with almost 5 before falling asleep. In the morning after cleaning herself up from yesterday's dirt and grabbing a meal she set off once more to practice her spells.

Once there She cycled through the different possible chants before finding the right one. She then practiced the spell like she did that last one before stopping right when she was starting to get low on magoi this time she used up the rest or well all but the bare minimum so she wouldn’t hurt herself on a large version of the spell to practice a more charged up spell. When she finished that she steadied herself rubbing her ears a bit. The spell didn’t hurt her but she could still hear the general painless part of the screeching and after so many it started to hurt the ears.

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She though Smiled and made her way back in town once more this time to go shopping for some snacks while she worked on planning out more of her training since she still had a good bit of the day left. When she cleaned herself up again, she got a meal at the end of the day and though about what spell to practice next. Maybe Buzz, it didn't require any chanting but it did require focus to maintain so that could be a good one to practice form spell casting fundamentals again. Yeah that could be a good one. She thought to herself a bit more before falling asleep again.

The next morning she made her way out to the same area and began to steady her breath, closing her eyes as she held her staff in a ready battle pose she had been practicing. She began to let off the spell and focused on it and was alone trying to go on long sessions to practice maintaining focus while actively casting the spell. She slipped up a few times but kept going the best she could. She even stayed in the desert area for a while as she rested, eating some of her leftover snacks. After a short rest she practiced some more with a bit more of the magoi she regained though didn’t do much more after that not wanting to push herself too far.

Like usual she made her way back to the inn and did her usual routine. The next morning she made her way back out with a determined look she had decided upon the spell Roaring Wave given its requirement to aim much like the spell Sound Breaker. Sound breaker though was a far stronger spell with a heavier cost so she figured this would be a good warm up before going to that one. First up on this training day though was a basic cast to get a feel for it again and its distance and range. After that was a practice of casting it at various speeds and strengths the best she could. Once she finished like usual She returned to the Inn and returned the next day repeating the process to Sound Breaker.

This one being a bit more dangerous given its explosive style. She did her best not to damage anything in the surroundings too badly as she trained and soon returned to the Inn falling asleep pretty quickly from exhaustion. The next day she set off and just sat down at her training spot and focused herself and practiced her Music of the Rukn it still took a bit out of her given its difficulty level but she took this time to more or less have more of an enjoyable practice given this one was very music based. She practiced various songs and made some new ones for fun and spent the day having some fun with it before going back to the inn. The next day was the last day of magician focused heavy training for now before she would have to find some jobs to do locally to get some more cash on hand on the decision of staying in the area longer and needed inn money.

So this day she practiced running around and jumping between spells to practice a bit more her mobility in case she ever needed it in battle alongside practicing different strengths of her spells taking note of times on each so when the time came in battle she would know which path for each spell would likely be the most effective at the current time being. She practiced this for most of the day before returning to the inn for some food cleaning and prompt passing out shortly after arrival to her room. Tomorrow she’d have to go small job hunting.

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