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Grammy to the rescue [Job|Solo]

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Job info:

Job Name: A Peasant's Medicine
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Mainland / The Plains
Job Rewards: 50 Exp. and 3 000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: none
Job Overview: A small family made of two kids and their mother work in one of the smaller farms on the east coast of Magnostadt. One day however the mother of the two young children falls ill and the only one who can save her is you. One of the children appears to have basic knowledge of herbs but is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Can you save the peasant family?

"I don't see how this even qualifies as work? Aren't I supposed to be your librarian's assistant?" Aharon moaned as he and his employer the aging librarian Dorothy walked down a rough cobblestone path. He stretched his arms high, and shook his head side to side. Even though he was complaining Aharon was quite happy. It had been quite a long time since he had been able to stretch his legs. The day was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, and a gentle breeze rolled over the hills.

"Absolutely young man, and today you are assisting the Librarian in taking care of her daughter. If that upsets you I can always find another assistant. One who is actually allowed in the library." Dorothy was usually in an impish good mood, but today something was certainly off. She spoke in a much harsher and direct tone than normal, and her eyes looked as if they could bore hole straight through Aharon. She was taking none of his crap today, and he knew it the instant she spoke.

"I'm sorry mamn, that is not needed. I'd be glad to help you with your daughter and grandchildren." Aharon said more in the interest of preserving his position than being actually concerned. "So whats going on with her anyway?" the purple haired youth added this time truly curious as to the lady's condition.

"Anne has been sick for weeks, but she has never missed a day in the fields." Dorothy started with a heavy sigh. "But two days ago she just collapsed while she was working. Librarians don't make too much, and I know nothing of healing magic so we are going to stay with her until she recovers. In the mean time you can meet my wonderful granddaughters Cynthia, and Aggie. Have I ever told you about the time when...." Dorothy began to rattle on about various details on her granddaughters. Not particularly interested Aharon tuned her out but occasionally nodding or grunting to signify she still had his attention.

Aharon had been curious about why they were walking around the rural district of Magnostadt, and now it made perfect sense. The magician extended his arm directly forward pointing at a rather worn down looking farmhouse at the bottom of the hill they were on. A ramshackle grain silo, and a rather unimpressive barn flanked the house why fields of various vegetables, and barley brought up the rear. As they approached the constant "Bwuk bwuk bwuk" of hens cackling began to fill his ears. A wide smile stretched across Aharon's face.

"So thats your daughter's place huh?" He asked excitedly while animatedly pointing at the house repeatedly like a child pointing out toys to their parents in the store. "I love it! I've never visited a farm you know." Aharon admitted. He was an  animal lover (unless you count dogs that is), and was eager to see what creatures Anne kept on her little property.

"Yes dear, and please believe that this will not be a vacation. You are here to work, and ensure the happiness of my granddaughters." Dorothy smiled wickedly and somehow her gray and wrinkled visage made the gesture that much more intimidating.

"Yes mamn!" Aharon responded automatically. Next to cats those three little girls were the most loved things in Dorothy's life. It was at this point that the two came upon the front gate, and let themselves into the fenced in garden that made up their Anne's lawn.

An impressive selection of common and native herbs good for medicinal use, and more exotic plants used in all kinds of herbal concoctions were growing in carefully constructed wooden containers. Aharon was no expert in the medical field, but he had cracked a botany book or two out of interest. He knew that whomever had arranged the specific plants in this garden was a competent healer and that was puzzling him. If the people that live in this house were knowledgeable enough to assemble the array of herbs they had then there was no way that a simple illness had laid one of them out.

Aharon stopped right in front of the farmhouse's door, and knocked firmly three times. Dorothy however shoved Aharon to the side, and simply let herself in the house. Three little girls bounded down the stairs, and headed straight from the door. They were greeted warmly by Dorothy who wrapped them up tight in her arms, and bellowed "How are grammy's perfect little angels." After she spoke however she knew something was wrong. Both of the girls had tears in their eyes. One of them; with thick glasses, violently pink hair, and obviously the younger of the two broke away from the embrace.

"We don't have time for this Grammy. Mommy needs our help! I have all the herbs we need to make her feel better, but I cannot get to the last bit I need. There is a snake out in the back garden, and with Mommy not doing well I'm not sure how to handle it. Could you help me Grammy?" The pink haired youth inquired.

"No, but this young man right here will." Dorothy replied in a sweet and loving tone. "Aharon please go out into the back garden with Agatha here. She will show you what plants she needs. I don't need to remind you that if any harm come to her I'll be returning that pain to you a hundred fold." Her tone shifted when she addressed Aharon once again, forcing him to swallow hard. Unable to respond due to  how intimidated he was feeling the young magician simply forced a smile, and nodded.

Agatha then grabbed Aharon's left hand and dragged him with considerable force for her eleven year old frame out the rear door of the house and into the rear garden. If the front could be considered impressive the rear was doubly so. Aharon was well read and even he could not determine what half of the exotic varieties of plants carefully arranged here were. Agatha then released Aharon, and pointed to a single bush covered in bright red berries.

"I need a few handfuls of those berries over there, but as you can see..." Agatha trailed off. Coiled around the base of the bush was what Aharon could only describe as the cutest little snake he had ever seen. It was about a meter long all told, and solid black. The beast flicked it's tongue, and angled it's body up in a defensive posture as the two approached. Being of Heliohaptian descent Aharon was quite used to snakes. His relatives in the old country kept them as pets, and guardians. This beast would present no challenge.

"Aggie, this is just a common rat snake. It isn't even aggressive let alone venomous. Watch this" Aharon said confidently in attempt to reassure the youth. He then reached forward with his golden cobra headed staff, and leveraged it under the snake. With a quick flick of his wrist he sent the creature sailing over the rear fence, and out into the barley field behind it. "There you go sweetie, gather as many berries as you need. We'll get your mother feeling better in no time."

That in fact is exactly what happend. Agatha was able to produce an herbal concoction that stabilized her mother's fever, and bring her back to consciousness. Dorothy, and Aharon spent the next few days caring for her three little girls. After about a week all was right in the little farmhouse, and the two magicians took their leave to return to their work (and studies) at the academy.


Wordcount: 1274/500


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