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Iktiyar Countdown![Job|Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Iktiyar Countdown!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Reward: 3k Huang | 50xp
Job Prerequisites: Zion
Job Overview: The day of the Iktiyar has come at last. Zion spent three months preparing and the time to see if it all bore fruit is nigh. However, as Zion goes to leave his room he quickly finds that a thick shell of ice had formed over his door and window! Zion's inherited enemies have resorted to a dirty trick in order to prevent him from attending the Iktiyar exam. He must find a way to break out of the ice shell before its too late!

The past three months had gone by in a flash, and yet Zion felt like he was an entirely new person. After all, three months was a span of time longer than Zion himself had been alive! Naturally he quickly began to change and develop based on his circumstances. Though his sleeping face was still that of a naive youth, once Zion woke and sat up his expression hardened into a confident gaze full of ambition and the invincibility of youth. The boys demeanor was now somewhat more befitting of the young man his vessel made him appear to be. Today was the day Zion had been preparing for all this time. The day of the Iktiyar exam!

Casvallion had strictly forbidden Zion from learning any more new spells during the three months. Instead he was to polish the spells he had in simulated combat against the golems. In addition Zion was to focus on his magoi control and output as well as his tuning. The Zion of today could now prevent himself from transforming by untuning as soon as the tuning begins.

But the biggest change of all was Zion's sense of people. His class had been engineered against him from the teacher to the students. Each day had been peppered with bullying and chores which would exclude Zion from actually practicing magic with the other students. By watching their faces he could sometimes intuit which students felt guilty about what was being done and which ones reveled in it. There were days when other teachers from the academy visited and things were quiet for the day. Zion took notice of these observing teachers and had suspected they were friends of his father.

"There are more people than just Casvallion expecting much from me be great...Father, I still don't know what that means yet. But I feel that if I fail them, I'll never know..."

Speaking a few words to himself the white haired magician looked down at his hands. He had unconsciously clenched them into fists and his legs were feeling a little shaky. SMACK! Zion shocked the anxiety and fears about failure out of his system and shook his head to cast off his doubts. Determination settled on his face once again and he stood with the Nightmare Rifle strapped to his back, grasping his Communion Rod in hand before heading for the door. There was to point to he and Casvallion meeting before the exam, Zion was to head straight to the exam site early in order to be one of the first to try their skill. But what he met was not the hallway towards glory.

Zion gave pause and then his face turned grim. Beyond his door was a solid wall of ice. Zion turned around and suddenly realized that it was abnormally cold in the room and that his shivering from before might not have even been a case of fear. Across the sea of books scattered about the room, Zion could see that the window was fully iced over as well. It played with the dawn light that poured in casting unusual lighting into the room. Someone had taken steps to ensure he didn't leave his room and there was little reason to do so unless that someone didn't want him to pass the exam.

The caged magician couldn't help but laugh to himself before shaking his head. "If you were just gonna do this anyways, why go through the trouble of making life difficult for me up til now?" The behavior of his father's enemies made no sense to Zion. They were too overbearing and other teachers in the academy were well aware of their bias. To do something as brazen as freezing over an entire room, they seemed to think they ran the academy. After this incident the faction Casvallion had been working with will have dealt with these enemies for Zion. Even so, he hoped to one day get the opportunity to return the favor to his aggressors. Breaking out of the ice box they had set up for him and upsetting their plans was the perfect start.

A mischievous grin came over Zion as he took a few steps back from the door and leveled his wand at the ice. "Bullet!" A flick and a tap saw air compress tightly into a sphere before launching towards the ice. The strength magic crashed into the wall of ice penetrating several inches but it failed to pierce all the way through. What's more, the ice that was broken immediately started to fill itself back in. The grin was wiped off Zion's face and he took a moment to watch they ice fully recover counting the seconds for all two that it took.

Even if he used larger bullets the ice would close shut before he could pass through. Getting stuck inside the ice wall would probably be even worse. "So, it isn't going to be that simple..." Zion considered his options and decided he would take a gamble. The Comunion Rod tapped the air four times in succession before swiping upwards. Four bullets stronger than before shot out aimed for different sections of the door way and a wall of strength magic sprung up place of the shattered ice. Three strength magic spells chained together to form a resonance which Zion tuned into immediately. The black film of light covered him and Zion's body began to grow.

The ice wall was already trying to repair the damage which caused stress on the strength magic wall, but it held long enough for the enlarged Zion to hug himself touching his body twice, once with each hand. Zion's body weight doubled twice making it difficult for him to move but he had already started charging at the ice wall! His momentum carried him crashing into the ice as Zion dispersed his own strength magic wall at the last second. With a loud crash, Zion burst through the outer layer of the ice wall and emerged out into the hallway. Zion fell to the ground as he untuned and returned to normal size with no more doubled gravity to weigh him down.

Zion landed with a roll and sprang to his feet before running off towards the Iktiyar exam grounds. As the snow haired doll ran off the ice wall that had been covering his dorm melted away before evaporating unnaturally fast. Outside the student dorms, a blue robed magician looked up in surprise. He was already outside the maximum range of his binding magic and couldn't see inside the hallway so there was nothing he could do about the fact that his mission had failed. The man reluctantly returned to his employer muttering under his breath.

"Guess this means we are going with plan B...Can't say I'm looking forward to it. Vandalism goes against my aesthetics."

[url=place holder]-To Be Continued-[/url]

[Job WC: 500+/500]
Magoi: 70/180

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short/Medium(3m-10m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The magician must gently wave their staff/wand before tapping the air or object with their staff/wand or fingertip. The size of the staff/wand/fingertip determines the size and range of the bullet.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    The caster gathers magoi at the tip of their staff/wand or fingertip. The rukh are given the command to gather at the origin point creating a lump of strength magic equal to the size of the medium up to a maximum of 10cm in diameter. The lump is created upon tapping the air or an object. The blob of strength magi will apply force in the direction of the tap sending compressed air or small objects flying. When using ones finger or wand with a tip smaller than 5cm the bullet will travel 10m. When using a staff that exceeds 5cm the range will be reduced to 5m. When using a staff that meets the max size of 10cm the range will drop to 3m. The force applied to the target will cause it to impact against anything in its effective range for D-tier damage or higher if scaled.

Bullet Attract
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium(5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: Each individual bullet is unable to recognize obstacles making them easily misled. The magician must gently wave their staff/wand and then tap the air with their fingertip or staff/wand.  
Scaling: Amount (2)
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 40(20 Base + Scaling Twice)

    The magician taps the air with their staff/wand or fingertip creating an extremely dense ball of magoi. Unlike the parent spell, this ball is the same size regardless of medium used to tap. The ball is 5cm in diameter before launching forward as a tightly compressed projectile of force. By tracking the target with their eyes, the user can command the bullet to chase them, however they cannot directly control the flight paths of the bullets. Each bullet fired can last for 2 posts but causing them to linger in order to chase a target costs and additional 5 magoi on top of normal upkeep costs. Each projectile deals C-tier damage and can travel up to 5m away from the magician before fading.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium(0m-5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The magician must swipe their staff/wand or hand in the direction the wall is being created while channeling magoi through their staff/wand. The wall always forms based on which way the magician swipes(I.E. Sweeping left to right causes the wall to start forming on the left before expanding rightward.)
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    The magician swipes through the air releasing a wave of magoi which commands rukh of the 7th type to form a solid wall of force. The wall isn't very large with a maximum possible size of 1.5mx2m with a thickness of 3cm. This wall can manifest up to 5m away. By scaling this spell the magician can create additional walls but only by swiping once more.

Trait Name: Advanced Magic Doll
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
b]Trait Requirement:[/b] SOS Trait
b]Trait Description:[/b] This person is a magical doll that was brought to life from the mighty magic of Solomon. The body being crafted from the 8 magic types with the shard fueling it have provided the body with special properties. Giving the user the ability to tune it's self with any of the 8 magic types. When done, the body will gain certain benefits from the magic it is attuned to.
b]Trait Effect:[/b] After using three spells of a single magic type the user will gain the tuning effect of it's retrospective magic type. When tuned to a certain magic type he can only use spells of that magic. In order to untune, or reset what magic the user is attuned to they must spend 50 magoi, this functions as a basic action.
[list][]Strength Tuning- The User gains a black tint, growing to nearly 2.5m tall. In this state whatever is touched by the user will have it's weight doubled. it only lasts for one post, yet multiple stacks can be applied per post multiplying by two each time.


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