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The Prickly Pear's Gift [ Solo Job ]

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Job Name: A Requiem of the Ephraim
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt Academy
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang | 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In honor of Ephraim, the Chancellor of Magnostadt, the Academy's professors seek to present him with a little surprise as a token of their gratitude for founding Magnostadt. They have requested the students come up with some form of present for the chancellor. The best gift (judged by the professors) would then be given to the Chancellor. While it is an optional assignment, it does have a reward to whoever enters.

He stared at the assignment blankly. Slowly, he tilted his head in interest, yet his eyes remained passive and unexpressive. He could hardly believe he was considering this, but... There was a reward. Money. He needed money. No, he wasn't one of those, money-grubbing types, but as a student, any chance to earn money was much appreciated. Those student loans weren't going to pay themselves after all. Unless he roped a certain goodie-two-shoes to help. The younger goodie-two-shoes. But alas, his pride prevented him from committing the act. Yes, he needed money. But his pride preceded his basic need to eat. As such, he chased the idea into the trashbin.



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