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Father's Gift[Job|Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Father's Gift
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Reward: 3k Huang | 50xp
Job Prerequisites: Zion
Job Overview: Among the legacy left behind that was intended for Zion was a powerful magic tool known as the Nightmare Rifle. A large portion of Mikael's fortune was spent acquiring the weapon in order to ensure Zion would be able to defend himself. Casvallion was entrusted with this gift so it would not be stolen, but before he will give it to Zion he must earn it by attending his first proper magic class with other students without causing an incident.

Upon seeing Zion's progress Casvallion nodded showing his approval. "To be honest I'm not fully convinced you'll be fine. But its not like we can delay much longer. I think it's time you attend your first class." Hearing these words Zion almost choked on the pastry he'd been eating as part of his breakfast. Real academy magic lessons in a class with fellow magicians? It was something Zion had been striving towards as the first step in reclaiming his father's home. Now his mentor finally determined that he was ready. "Don't get too excited. This is a life or death situation for you. If you can't hide your identity as a living magic doll its over for you." The masked man said solemnly making sure the youth didn't lose sight of the stakes involved.

Zion curbed his excitement understanding what Casvallion meant. "Yes, father's enemies won't make things easy for me." Seeing that Zion understood Casvallion smiled. "There is one more day until your allowed time for grieving is up. Use it to rest up and prepare yourself. You can practice your untuning a bit more but don't exhaust all your magoi. You need to be at your peak." With that Casvallion left Zion to get some rest. A day passed and then another night. Zion had spent most of his time reading knowing that getting absorbed into a book would pass the time faster.

The first lesson for the day Zion's assigned class had scheduled was a lecture on magic theory. Casvallion provided Zion with a uniform and gave him a map to where the class was being held, but other than that he was left on his own. Anticipation and nervousness flowed through the doll making him anxiously excited. Zion swallowed down his fears and opened the door to his borrowed room for the first time. Dressed in academy garb, Zion didn't stand out much as he made his way down a hall towards the student dorms before crossing over into the actual academy building. Only a handful of people noticed there was a new face but they didn't pay it much mind.

Arriving in front of the classroom, Zion adjusted his wide brimmed hat before gathering the courage to enter. He was not the first student to arrive, nor was he the last. As the students gathered among themselves near their seats Zion stood awkwardly by the side waiting. The teacher of the class was nowhere to be seen yet and he was too scared to approach the other students. Besides, Casvallion had instructed him to keep a low profile and not open up to his classmates as there was no telling which ones were in the pockets of their enemies.

Eventually the teacher entered and called the class to order. He was an old man with a large wart on his nose and a limp that made him rest heavily on his staff. He had a grumpy look and an unapproachable demeanor. Upon noticing Zion the teacher sneered briefly before returning to a sour frown. The old man took his place at the head of the class behind a podium and spoke.

"Alright, pay attention now!"

The class went silent, the students knowing full well that this teacher would not accept disobedience lightly. "There is a new student joining us today, he is recently "orphaned" and has come to learn magic with the rest of you after he managed to stop crying over his adopted father." The man immediately began using his position to take jabs at Zion to paint him into someone the class would be allowed to bully with him turning a blind eye.

"Hey, I saw him on my way to class this morning. He came from 'that' room. The one where everyone who stays there goes missing!"

"Are you sure it's a him? Look at that girly hair and face, it must be a girl!"

"My uncle told me about him, he's just some loser an old retired teacher of the academy took pity on. In his senility, that esteemed senior even adopted him and named him his successor. Who knows what lies he told to reap such benefits from a man on his death bed?"

Zion hadn't even introduced himself yet and the class was already buzzing with gossip ranging from innocent to venomous. The young magician clenched his fists as the teacher said, "Step forward, boy. Introduce yourself and then go take a the front row where I can keep an eye on you." Hearing this, Zion nodded and stepped up before bowing respectfully as he'd been taught.

"It's nice to meet all of you. My name is Zion Koval."

Not standing on any more ceremony than that, the young magician walked over to take his seat. The teacher snorted softly and then began his lesson starting with the basic theory on how to apply different magic types to accomplish similar goals. The underlying point being that there are several basics to magic which can be universally used across most magic types.

After a few hours of lecture the teacher announced a change in lesson plans while gazing at Zion with ill intent. A progress test to gauge the skill level of the class would be held. It was obviously set up to embarrass Zion however. He was made to go first and cast a single simple spell only to be followed up by the three top students in the class whom dazzled the students with their most advanced spells. There was talk of how Zion really didn't deserve his inheritance but he showed no signs of retorting. It was fine if they assumed his magical talent was poor. Zion didn't need their recognition, he needed to pass the Iktiyar.

Classes continued normally after the sudden test, the teacher liked the sound of his own voice so it was lectures for the rest of the day. Once it was finally over, Zion got up and hurried back to his room before anybody could approach him much to the class bullies disappointment. Once safely inside the room Zion let out a deep breath and leaned back against the door before falling to the ground slowly. It was a new experience for him to be the target of so much animosity. It made Zion feel sick to his stomach.

"That rough of a day?"

Casvallion was sitting at the window sill polishing a well crafted object of metal that looked somewhat like a staff. Zion didn't noticed the masked man when he came in but now that he knew his mentor was present the youth couldn't remain on his butt. Zion quickly stood up and reported. "As you suspected, the teacher was against me right from the start and there are students in the class with ties to fathers enemies. But my identity was kept secret and there weren't any tuning problems." Something about the boy seemed to have changed. He was a bit more serious than usual. Casvallion took this as a sign that he had responded well under the pressure of being in a class stacked against him.

"Well done keeping your calm and making it through the day. This is your reward."

Casvallion tossed the staff-like object to Zion whom caught it despite his surprise. "What's this? Another staff?" He asked not sure what the point in giving him another magic medium was. Casvallion laughed and shook his head, "That there is something far more special than a staff...It's a magic weapon. Mysterious artifacts which come from dungeons. The Academy is desperately researching a way to create magic tools and weapons." The words made Zion look up to Casvallion confused. "...Dungeon?..."

The masked man shook his head. "It's too soon for you to learn about those. Forget I said it. That is a weapon named the "Nightmare Rifle" which Mikael obtained for you using most of his fortune. It's an extremely powerful object. I will teach you how to use it later but for's yours." Casvallion smiled and gestured insisted Zion accept it. The boy looked down at the Nightmare Rifle in his hands and a sense of warmth came over him. Even after death, his father was still trying to protect him in some way. Zion smiled softly and didn't say a thing. He just nodded and then closed his eyes holding the rifle close to his body.

[Job WC: 500+/500]


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