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A Long Overdue Report Unity Corps (9)

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Sitting in a dimly lit tent by the waterfront, Lagi would mull over what he could say to his comrades back in Reim. It's been a while since he seen them,  but he had a feeling that it was going to be over soon. Lagi had a feeling that everything was going to be over, just as soon as he makes one last push against heliohapt.  Looking at the piece of paper silently, Lagi would staw the rukh compass insignia at the top left of the page as he began to write a letter to Kohai.

"Old friend, it's been a while. I've been busy, but a lot of things happened with my departure. El Drago is dead, in the midst of trying to find a way to counter clairvoyance magic, I poisoned myself. El Drago went to get help, and I woke up weeks later in the custody of the dark hand. They told me it was the brotherhood of ash that was located in heliohapt,  I made a deal with them to get my revenge. You know what this means for my clan with El Drago dying,  I can't let this go."

Taking in a deep breath, Lagi wondered if he should mention the fact that he paid a visit to  Kou.

"I assessed the situation in Kou, it seems as if the war is being led by Gao on the opposing force.  No real clue as to who or what was capable of bringing it back, but it has the smell of the contractor all over it. Either way, it's safe to say that Gao's losing this fight, which is good for Reim. I won't meddle any further, but in the event that Yoshino fails and Gao reclaims Kou, be ready for anything.  I wanted to keep this information between us, I wanted to at least be honest in the fact that I felt that with every nonreaction that Reim took towards Heliophapt's transgressions, they might even take bigger strides. It started when I was king, the council won't do anything about it. I have to do something, even if it means that I'll act completely alone. "

After that Lagi sealed the letter and whistled out to a Dark hand member that was more on Lagi's side than the organization itself.  It was to be sent out to Reim as quicky as possible.

"It's almost over, just bear with me for a little while longer, ok?"

The man nodded, but there was a look of worry on his face. They mostly knew of Lagi's past,  the king of ruin became quite the asset to the dark hand and their plans of bringing back the master. But what of when it was all said and done? What would happen as soon as the dark hand gets what they want?  What will become of Lagi? Or even worse, what will lay in the wake of the dragon emperor's rage when he finally makes his move against the brotherhood of ash?



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