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Merari's Profession [WIP]

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Primary Profession
Related Class: Assassin
Profession Title: Poison Master
Description: A poison master is an assassin who is a savant in the knowledge of the different types of poisons, their effects on organisms (mainly humans), and the combination and creation of poisons.
Profession Perks:

  • Poison Maker: Merari is capable of making his own poisons to either coat his weapons in or slip into the foods and drinks into others. The efficiency of a poison depends on its tier, with Merari only capable of making poisons up to his tier. To create a vial of a poison, Merari must pay for the materials (following Mundane Items prices) and actively create it either in a non-combat thread or in a rest area.
  • Watchful Eye: Merari can notice if a weapon has been coated in poison and tell if his food or drink has been poisoned. This means that it would be extremely difficult to poison him. This perk extends to animals as well, with Merari capable of identifying venomous species.
  • Antidote Maker: A poison master isn't only talented in the ways of creating poisons but in their antidotes as well. Following the rules of the Poison Maker perk, Merari can make antidotes that can stop the effects of toxins up to his tier.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Entertainer
Description: An entertainer is a person who preforms for others to provide them a break from boredom. From playing instruments to playing skits, these talented people are capable of holding a crowd.
Profession Perks:

  • Actor: Merari has learned the tricks of being a good actor and is now a fantastic liar. He can fabricate a story without holes and play a part seamlessly, allowing him to lie to NPCs without a hitch. This perk extends to PC characters with OOC permission.
  • People Pleaser: Merari is good at telling what a crowd wants and what to do to make a crowd happy. Because of this he can read the emotions of others and know with some accuracy what to say in order to achieve what he wants from others.


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