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Name: Lysus Ellis
Country Affiliation: Wanderer.
Race: Halfling. [ Fanalis dominant / Human recessive ]
Tier: D-Tier.
Class: Warrior. [ Warrior primary ]
Age + Birthdate: Nineteen, october the fifth.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Demisexual.

Lysus appears to be a woman with many mysteries to those that have a first meeting with her, the actions that she provides often provide ambiguous context about her while it doesn't help that she isn't someone whom provide many expressions nor has an ability to talk. Her feelings are often kept in check, leaking them out often is seen by her as a symbol of weakness and something others can take advantage of. But that's merely an excuse used to hide the fact that she's a bit timid about people learning about her true self and what they would think about her. As such, you could expect that she does have a lot of troubles bottled in within her mind with her only source of releasing the stress that comes with it is from her current choice of profession but even that can cause a bit of troubles in its own ways without finding venues to participate at and places often discriminating her heritage or her lack of a voice.

When placed into a situation where others are attempting to socialize with her, she would often display a distant and cold demeanour along with body language which is to mask her uncomfortably with interaction. If she needs to get a message across, she'd show them a message that's eloquently written with paper and ink which is generally prepared in advance. While Lysus may often seem shy, if it comes to a moment where she strictly doesn't like something someone is doing- specifically to her or physically, she isn't scared in getting a little violent. But all things considered, she is relatively a kind person that can easily get emotionally hurt by words even if she doesn't show it and if she tried she can get deeply involved with relationships made with her. If she sees a person in need she'll likely help rather than being the one to look away, however this may either be done in secret or provided to them in a bashful manner. This extends largely to those whom are younger than her, seeing them as more vulnerable than herself and less likely to be able to help themselves on their own, in a way this could be viewed as her being motherly or sisterly.

[ Dancing ] The means to express one emotion through artistic movement, dancing isn't simply a way for her to have fun but acts as a means of relief from stress. Her mind is taken away from the stresses of life with each twist and turn and as the routine goes on, one may see that this is truly the moment where the woman appears to be alive.

[ Nightscape ] The view of the starry night skies has often enthralled her heart, beating to the twinkles of the stars that lurk above. There's simply something mesmerizing about the millions of lights that lurk above, hiding until the sun fades from view. The stars, the moon and the darkness that these features linger in often makes her remember that the world is a place filled with many wonders.

[ Confrontation ] Naturally a person who's secretly shy like herself is one that's a bit swayed away by the act of being confronted by others, even in a way that's non-aggressive. Being social has always been a problem with her and generally this is a topic which she least wants to deal with if she had a say about the matter. Unfortunately, in most cases she doesn't.

[ Discrimination ] Being often on the receiving end of this, it is something that she takes heavy offense to. If someone were to say something that could be obviously seen as this, it would automatically make the person placed straight onto somewhere high on her bad list and it won't be an easy thing to get off it after such an act.

[ To find her purpose in life ] It may be that she isn't special in regards to the multitude of people inhabiting the world, but it has left her without an ambition, at least nothing that's as lofty as ruling the world or becoming the best thing. For her, she just seeks to find a greater purpose in her own life. Something that only she can do. It may not come to be, but she can keep dreaming and holding on to the hope that she'll eventually find what it is that she seeks.

[ The dark side of people ] The thing that scares her about interacting with people is their dark side. She knows that people can spiral down a path of destruction and chaos, but what terrifies her is someone having that animosity aimed at her. Maybe this is the true reason why she can't ever decide to make ties with a person and keeps on the move, travelling around the world. There's too much fear of inducing hatred, scorn or even worse which would gravely hurt her emotions.

Face-Claim: Mumei - Kabaneri.
Hair Color: Dark brunette.
Eye Color: Rufous red.
Height: 149 cm. [ 4'11'' ]
Weight: 44 kg. [ 98 lbs ]
An oddly short female of Fanalis descent, something related to her father’s side of the family, with a body that’s unmistakably feminine when it comes to charm and figure. Helped by the fact that she’s constantly travelling and reinforced by her profession as a dancer, her form is somewhat on the slender athletic department more akin to olympic gymnasts. Her skin tone is a cross between a pale tone and an olive, with small scars acting as blemishes for her hands and feet. Lysus generally has her short brunette hair tied into a twin pigtails along with eyes that are almost unmistakably the same as those of her mother’s race. Unlike most Fanalis, she doesn’t have a piercing under her lip; however this choice is out of her own accord not wanting to stand out as a member of the race. Her outfit tends to be clothing that’s revealing enough to be somewhat inducing attention, but not too much as it helps with her profession. But as a meek person, she prefers to be clothed up heavily, but has grown accustomed to what these dresses becoming somewhat akin to a casual wear for her.

Rukh Alignment: White rukh.
Special Features: A sufferer of aphonia, resulting in the inability to produce voiced sound.
Being a dancer is something that had ran in the family, as her mother was one. Her allure had attracted the attention of her soon to be father, a man whom a wealthy merchant was offering a lot of money for them to have an intimate moment together. Their interaction together resulted in pregnancy, which had led to the swift departure of her father not wanting to be responsible for having to bring up a child. This resulted in her mother being subjected to the tough life of being a single parent, not wanting to even think of leaving her child alone. When she was born, she was showered in tender care and affection, despite the mother knowing that she couldn’t give the child a life that it deserved with the money that she made only being enough to provide a lower quality lifestyle.

Taking after her mother’s half when it came to her Fanalis genetics, Lysus came to share many things alike her mother. Other than the pure brute strength and looks, she was taught how to protect herself and often watched her mother dance as it acted as a subject that the two could often bond on. However, she never had took the child to her work as she knew that was a place that lured men with lecherous eyes and even told her child that not all people could be trusted. With the girl soon getting aware of discrimination that was provided to her about her race or to her mother about her profession, she started to develop fears when it came to interacting with people around her circle. This often resulted in her being secluded at home, her only means of entertainment being in replicating and mastering the art of dance but even that started to bore her, causing the girl to want to seek out the world beyond what she was restricted to.

Naturally this curiosity lingered upon growth, resulting in her setting off at her late teens with an optimistic viewpoint in mind and utilizing the artistic skills that she had developed from her mother. But eventually she came to learn the world wasn’t as bright and peachy that she had hoped, coming to witness several things going on in different countries that had only acts as a means to further boost the woman’s fears. Still, she didn’t let that stop her from travelling perhaps seeking something within life or within her. She didn’t know what drove her forward but perhaps it was a dream that somewhere, there was something more for her in life.

Role-Play Sample:
Teeth lightly gnawed against her digits, scarlet lights staring with a distant look to the view in front. It wasn’t as if it was her fault that the accident had happened, but she felt partially responsible as a mere bystander by not making an initiative to stop it once it had started. Fuelled by the guilt lingering in her heart, Lysus walked forward towards the fallen cart crouching down to grasp one of the many fallen boxes and hauled it upon her shoulder with many other following suit. This warranted a strange look by the owner, which later turned into one of gratitude as the female easily, placed the fallen cargo back into his cart. “Oh, thank you for your help.” The old bearded man said with a grin, “It appears age has been catching up with me recently, I’m not as strong as I used to be. It’s a pleasure to see that people would still help a merchant like me.” Lysus responded with only a short nod of her head, not quite making eye contact with the person, but mentally she was a little warmed by the small praise sent her way.


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  • Primary - Warrior. [D- Tier]
  • Secondary - None.
  • Tertiary - None.




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