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Learning New Magics [Training/D-C]

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Sitting down in some hidden corner of the library, Merari sat with his knees up and propped his tome against his legs. The title of the old book was written in cursive, but thankfully the print within it was in a normal font.

Leaning back, Merari began to read through the book, taking careful note about how Wind Magic work. The author was rather descriptive and easily pointed out how to use the magic. They wrote about the capabilities of the magic and even pointed out tips for beginners.

An hour passed, and Merari was able to eat through half of the rather short tome. But it was time well spent, and feeling that it was time to apply what he learned, the Magician got to his feet and walked to the front desk. After officially checking out the book, Merari quickly left the library.

Days had passed since the day Merari had decided to officially start his training to learn Wind Magic. He was told that it would be significantly easier to learn Water Magic, he just shook his head and smiled at the person offering him advice as he informed them that he wanted to learn Wind Magic specifically.

But they were right about Water Magic being significantly easier to learn. On the starting day, he wasn't able to generate anything. He could have created a bigger gust by blowing air out of his mouth. The second wasn't much better. By the third, he finally manage to generate a gust weaker than a garlic eater's fart. By the seventh, waving Komori and focusing on the Wind Rukh was able to create a gust that could rustle a small paper wind chime.

Sitting down in his small training area, Merari pulled out the book he had checked out the week earlier and began reading. He was just shy of finishing the book when he heard a distant clock tower ring its bells.

Pursing his lips, Merari quickly leafed through the rest of the book before finishing it. He had a little bit of time left before he had to get to class, but he didn't intend to waste it.

Climbing to his feet, Merari pulled out Komori as he set balanced the book on the nearby fence, its pages opened. Taking a deep breath, the boy, holding Komori by its neck part, kept the staff in front of him before waving it. His eyes were narrowed in concentration, and he felt the familiar slight drain that came with coming Magic.

He intently watched the book, and a sly smile grew on his face as its pages flipped from the gust he managed to gesture. He waved his wand again, and another small gust blew to life, and it even almost knocked the book down.

Merari must have spent almost a half an hour practicing his magic before he finally relented and pocketed Komori. For once there was a genuine and confident smile on his face, and if one looked, the could see the skip in his step.

Two more weeks had passed, and Merari was proud to say that he could accurately say that he's a user of Wind Magic. Standing out in his training spot, the Magician pulled out his wand and took a deep breath. Concentrating on the wind chime he had set up (he long returned the book), Merari waved his wand as he used a generic Wind spell. Almost as if his wand created the wind itself, it burst to life and rushed against the chime, dragging it northward and only letting go after the breeze had lost its gusto.


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