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A Bit of Re-Learning [Solo/Training][Warrior C->B]

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Caelus Valeria

Caelus Valeria
Caelus woke up feeling sore.  A dull, chronic pain washed over his entire body.  He sat up and opened his eyes to see himself sitting in a modestly furnished room.  The walls were bare, save for the colored sliding doors that were typical in Kou, a simple table with a brush and inkwell, and a small backless chair to one side of it.  Sitting on that chair, was a rather small woman of old but otherwise indeterminate age, using the brush to draw something on paper.  Caelus got the feeling she knew immediately when he sat up, but that she either didn't care or that her work was too important to distract from.  When he reached to move the blanket out of his way, he was startled to notice that he was naked save for some bandages.  Quickly covering himself once again he sputtered, "W-w-why am i naked?!"  Blood rushed to his cheeks in a blush that rivaled his hair.

The woman answered but otherwise did not move from her task.  "Not only filthy, but thankless.  Not a good first impression, i must say."  Vague memories from the previous day brushed against Caelus' mind.  This is Ban!  He remembered, but she continued before he could apologize.  "I could not very well treat you through your clothes, so i removed them.  I assumed a bit of embarrassment would be preferable to death.  Was i mistaken?"  Ban finally looked back towards Caelus and shot him a cold stare.

Caelus shook his head slowly.  "No.  Thank you."

A small smile creased the sides of Ban's face.  "You are welcome.  At the foot of the bed are clothes.  Put them on and wait for me outside."  Caelus opened his mouth to protest getting dressed in front of a woman, but the feeling of Ban's icy gaze shut him up.

For almost thirty minutes, Caelus waited outside.  The cold wasn't as bad in the light of day, but it was still more than enough to chill him to the bone.  He performed light exercise and stretched in order to loosen himself up and to keep him warm.  The clothes that Ban had provided fit him well, as if they were tailor made for him.  They were slightly loose at the joints but tightened up around the waist, ankles, and wrists with interlacing straps.  He had seen this kind of attire at various training studios in Kou.  His however was black, while the others he'd seen had been white.  "Maybe its so i don't lose it in the snow?"  He wondered aloud.  Though, looking around the court there was hardly snow anywhere.  The tiles had been swept clean.

When Ban finally arrived, she had with her another person, a tall man with long black hair.  Caelus recognized him instantly.  "Shu!  I didn't know you were coming up as well.  When did you get here?"  He asked.  He wasn't entirely sure if he was happy to see Shu, but a familiar face was a bit better than a total stranger's.

"I arrived around midday yesterday.  I'll say you did about as well as i expected."  Shu smirked.

Ban held up her hand.  "I am going to have the two of you fight once again.  According to Shu, Caelus, you lost the fight, but succeeded in the test.  I expected this result, but now i would like to see you fight with my own eyes.  You will train until you can no longer stand, then you will eat and study with me before resting.  You will do this every day until i see fit to have you stop.  You are allowed to use any tools or weapons you see fit.  The same goes for you as well, Shu."  She looked Caelus and Shu directly in their eyes as she spoke to them, which was a bit unsettling for Caelus.  Shu however seemed not to care.  It was almost as if she was reading them like books.  Ban spoke up once again to issue a warning.  "You may not seriously harm each other.  I will be watching from this side, and if i see either of you move with intent to maim or kill, i will stop the fight.  Take a moment to prepare."

Despite now being able to use his weapons, Caelus was easily bested time and time again by Shu.  By the end of the first day, he was covered in bruises, and was rather sure he broke a rib.  Ban had stopped the fight twice to comment, each time questioning the tactics that Caelus had used.  She specifically questioned his use of Frost Mantle, a tool she said he was unsuited for.  When she taught him lessons later in the day, she noted that it was a tool of deception and misdirection, yet inherently different from his Mirror techniques.  The mantle, she claimed, was limiting his ability to grow, as he only used it to hide.  In the following days, it became clear to Caelus that she was correct, and after the sixth day he left it in his room when he fought.  The result was not immediate, but Caelus slowly began to see himself improve.  Ban explained that the mantle was indeed a powerful tool, but that he was an ill-suited user.  It would be made better for someone who preferred to slink in the shadows, and not fight head to head as he did.

Ten days in, Ripple shattered.  It was unable to hold up to the cold temperatures and strong repeated strikes that Caelus demanded from it.  He was sad, but Ban offered to have another weapon crafted for him.  One that would not only stand up to his strength, but flourish with it.  Caelus agreed, and Ban took Ripple with her.

After the thirteenth day, Ban stopped the sparring sessions.  "From now on, i will be teaching you the basics of Magoi Manipulation.  This technique will allow you to bypass your opponent's armor and strike their bodies with your own life energy.  It tends to be an exhausting ability to perform, but with time you will master it."  Ban then started to train with Caelus herself day after day.  The lessons consisted of extensive and exhaustive forms and meditative trainings whose purpose was to draw his Magoi out of his body to surround his palms or extend onto weapons he used.  Caelus wasn't exactly a natural, but after a rough couple of days, he was able to perform a basic attack while coating his weapon in Magoi.  He was amazed by the power this ability held, as Ban pointed out how his Magoi had broken down the training dummy from the inside.  It was another week of intensive training, and then another week of sparring with Shu again, before Ban stopped him.

As a reward, she presented him with his new weapon, a long sword/lance that she said would suit his fighting style better than the short sword he was using earlier.  It provided him more reach, and the weight of the weapon would ensure it stood up to even his strongest strikes.

~WC: 1206/1000~


A Bit of Re-Learning [Solo/Training][Warrior C->B] TEMcyWS

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