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Re-Learning [Solo/Training]

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In the great deserts of Heliosept, sounds of a sparking blades between combatants could be heard from a distance. Sounds of the brushing leaves and moving trees washed out by the cries of running animals. A bandit being hunted by the silent giant of a man, Hiro. The battle went on for several hours until the hunter was able to finally take down his prey.

The silent warrior spun his elegant spear blade gracefully before lunging down and plunging them both into the chest of a blade who had fallen before him. The body let out a momentary cry, before passing, the bandit's went lifeless and stiff. Hiro saw it as doing him a favor, though he had offered to give him a chance to repentant for his deeds of killing many innocents, the raiding bandit was blinded by his own pride and so Hiro dispatched him quickly rather having that bandit suffer the horrors of what he could really bring to the table.

Serving a bandit lord of sort, it must have been a laborious task. Even the blade of the enemy was better than to listen rants of the quabble of a greedy man reminding everyone of their how great they must be, and how important they were. Hiro watched the life fade from the man, before releasing his force and relaxing his muscles. He took a knee and took the momento from the man and closed his eyes quietly as the bandit laid there peacefully.

"..Why do I even bother?" He muttered as he reflected his thoughts. He withdrew his spear blade from the mans chest, and he walked from the lifeless body letting it be taking in by the desert. There was still a large band of them, a raiding party not far from the nearby fishing village by the river. Primarily his movements were to draw the enemy out, and let the rest of the mercenary take care fo the rest. Something he learned from his past, what little be remembered from it.

With his job done and over with, he took a breath and cracked his neck and began training more. He stood up in his heavy armor and began skillfully shadow box. As a Fanalis he had unnatural strength compared to the average human. They were know for a their speed and martial skill. A reputation that he would not lower for the fanalis. Plus learning and becoming stronger....It seemed to be the key to getting his memory back. He latched stones around his arms and legs with lace and began to do 2000 punches and kicks to start as a warm-up.

He did a full body work out to strain his body to the limit. To strengthen his fist he began punching the sand. He then did full sprints going 15 m/s over a hundred times until he was completely to his limit and pushing it even further. He had to get stronger again, he had to remember who he was and this....This felt natural and right. So he kept pushing and pushing until nightfall and did the same thing for the next few days.


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